Oh Finally Real Techniques Brushes – Core Collection

I finally decided to push this up on my priority of things to buy. The Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set is by Samanthat Chapman of Pixiwoo (one of my favorite beauty guru). This has been raved over a lot online and rightly so because they are good brushes and the price is just right – it’s not too expensive nor too cheap.

The brushes are stored inside a nice panoramic brush case which turns into a stand when you tighten out the attached string. I don’t think I’m going to be using this feature a lot but I do appreciate that they provided us with that option. There are two extra brush holders on the other side of the case if you want to add your other brushes and the case is very compact and perfect for travel.

“It includes 4 full-size brushes :

detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition

pointed foundation brush: Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage

buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation

contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish”

The bristles of the brushes are extremely soft. They can also be multifunctional. The Contour Brush I’d use with my matte bronzer or highlighter, the Pointed Foundation Brush would usually be used to apply liquid foundation but I’d rather use it for my concealer, the Detailer Brush as a concealer or lipstick brush, and my favorite brush among them all, the Buffing Brush to apply foundation, setting powder, bronzer, or blush.

Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with one of my brushes. The brushes arrived in my house fine. There were no scratches or any defects aside from something that appeared to be a tiny clump of dirt on the brush handle. I gently rubbed it off and it turned out to not be dirt but  was actually part of the handle covering that clumped up somehow. I ended up scraping off a line of the handle covering, which I am a little disappointed at. Anybody else who experienced the same thing? If you have these brushes just be careful with the handles because as you can see from the picture they are quite fragile.

Real Technique’s Core Collection Brush Set
Price is around PHP1000.00 | Available on Philippine online stores only 
I would have given it a full five star rating if it wasn’t for the clump on the handle. But aside from that, I actually really like it. For a good price you get four quality brushes and a two in one make up case that turns into a stand. It’s a very useful set if you are still starting on your make up kit, Samantha provides several videos that will teach you how to properly use them. I also like it that each brush is labeled on its handle according to its purpose. It is also good even if you already have brushes and you just want to add a few to your collection like me.


Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set
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