Pretty Little Things : July Favorites

Yes that’s right. I just posted an overly excited selfie pic to try make you laugh today. I have a confidence issue and my blog is my way of conquering my fear of judgment. Most people don’t believe this because I can sometimes appear stable, but inside I am struggling with a lot of insecurities. Wasn’t born confident, need to fight for it! :) Anyway, today I am going to list down the pretty little things I love for the month of June. I hope you find it useful :

1. Nars Blush in Orgasm – My holy grail pink blush. review here.
2. Sleek Blush in Flamingo – Most of you recommended this brand in your comments under the Nars Orgasm review. And thank you so much for those who suggested it because I am very happy with it and its not very expensive :) will post a review soon.
3. Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Cashmere – I pair this color with Half Baked eye shadow from UD Naked Palette.
4. Forever21 Floral Pouch – Love its dainty pattern :)
5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Necklace – This was a gift to me and it is one of my favorite necklaces. You can slide open the daisy pendant and inside is a perfume you can dab your fingers in. . . or maybe it’s lip gloss? If it is lip gloss then I am using it the wrong way haha.

6. Queen Bee Headband by The Royalty Shop – One of my favorite designs from my shop before. It was inspired by Blair Waldorf’s (or i think it was Jenny Humprey) Jennifer Behr headband in Gossip Girl.
7. Forever21 Lace Back Top – I recently bought clothes from Forever21. I wanted to post a haul entry but I don’t know how to photograph clothes properly yet :D

8. Nail Polish : Flirt by Revlon review here & Etude House Purple Ice Cream review here – pastels
9. Towelettes – These are cheap little towels I bought for Bentley‘s (my dog) food dish because he is a messy eater.

10. Ariana Grande’s Baby I – a girly song that will put you in a good mood (if you like girly songs)
11. Despicable me 2 – Is it still playing in the cinemas? Watch it if you haven’t. The minions are epic! :)
12. Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt – i am owning and encrypting this quote in my brain this month. I hope it will inspire you to do things that you are afraid to do. Courage

pictures that are not mine :ariana grande, despicable me minions, eleanor roosevelt quote 


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