Dorothy’s Ruby Pumps Nail Polish by China Glaze

If Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz had a nail polish, this would be it. It’s Ruby Pumps by China Glaze under their Wizard of Ohh Ahz Collection. The collection has six shades that portray different characters in the story : Ruby Pumps, The Ten Man, Cowardly Lyin, C-C-Courage, and Dorothy Who? I love fairy tales and I like associating colors to a story, which makes this nail polish color extra special for me (big nail polish geek here).

It’s a gorgeous crimson red nail polish with loads of tiny ruby glitters in it. I tried my best to capture its enchanting color in picture and this is the closest I got. Trust me it is even prettier in person. It is also very festive. It makes the nail polish perfect for Christmas, Valentines Day, and even Halloween.

I actually waited months for this nail polish to be available because it’s always sold out. When I saw it yesterday I just had to get it ASAP, before it disappears again. I told myself, if I can’t have magical ruby slippers then I shall have ruby nail polish instead! A nice excuse to impulse buy another nail polish right?

The consistency of the nail polish is thick and nice, a bit like jelly for me. In one swipe you get a nice amount of  color and a lot of glitters. It can get messy when you apply it on your nails, especially if you are not used to it. But don’t worry because you can always clean up the excess polish on your skin later on. I honestly cannot say anything about how long it lasts and if it chips on your nails because I’ve only worn it for a day but I’ll post an update when I find out.


Ruby Pumps Nail Polish by CHina Glaze
Price is PHP350.00 from PCX
If you like dark nail polishes, red shades, and fairy tales, you are going to adore this nail polish. If you are not very much into dark colored nail polishes, like I am, you will still adore this nail polish :) it turns your nails into jewels. <3 I highly recommend you try it.

China Glaze website
logo from China Glaze website, picture of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, other pics by Shayne Naidas


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