DIY : My First Nail Art With Etude House

I documented my first ever attempt to do a nail art using Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish. I am very late on trying out this brand. It has been around for months, and as my punishment for being late, I only had very few colors to choose from. Most of them are sold out, and now I’m sad because I don’t know where to find the other colors. I really really want to buy them all.

I learned this trick from Pinterest. It is very basic. Even the clumsiest girl can do it, with of course the help of adhesive tape. I used Etudes House’s Ice Cream Nail Polish in purple as my color base. I used their Sweet Dot Stick to draw the artsy details on my nails with my old metallic nail polish that i reviewed here.

Just follow the guide shown above. After you apply your base color, make sure that it is dry before doing anything else with it. Cut two pieces of invisible adhesive tape. Use them to form an inverted ” V ” / triangle shape on your nails. It is very important that they are sealed so lock it down tightly. This will serve as your guide in painting the triangle. Cover the area with the silver metallic nail polish. Let it dry and carefully remove the adhesive tape. This was the part where I felt like a kindargareten in art school. It was like a huge accomplishment haha.

Glide the tip of your sweet dot stick over the silver metallic nail polish brush to get a nice amount of color. Use the tip to draw a nice dot at the end of the triangle. I realized that the last picture above doesn’t really show the dot, but you can see it clearly on the pictures below. I only did the artsy details on my thumb and ring finger because I didn’t want the design to be too overwhelming, and partially because I was lazy to do it on all my nails, hope you like it though :)

My first impression on Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish
This is the most adorable nail polish I have ever seen. It’s a beautiful pale purple / lavender color, which actually resembles the color of my bedroom wall, like it was painted with it. The consistency of the product is very nice. You get a nice amount of color with each stroke. Two coats were enough to produce an even color on my nails. I honestly cannot say anything about it’s durability and lasting power yet, because I just used it for the first time a few hours ago. But I’ll update this post when I find out.


Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish  ( Purple )
Cost : PHP 128.00
The most adorable nail polish I have ever purchased. The packaging is enough reason for me to buy it. The nail polish itself is very rich in color and has a nice consistency. I love it so much, it made my first nail art memorable.

Etude House Sweet Dot Stick
Cost : PHP 128.00
I had a hard time finding a nail art tool like this at the malls. I searched for weeks and I was very happy to discover this sweet dot stick in Etude House. It does its job nicely, it’s easy to clean after each use, and it’s affordable.


Etude House Philippines
Stores here

Etude House logo from their website
pictures by Shayne Naidas


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