DIY Glitter Heart Bookmark

It’s finally the weekend and it is raining where I am. I’ve just been told that there is a storm coming tonight, so for those who are reading this that are from the Philippines, take extra extra care :) Here’s a little messy DIY craft that I just worked on a few hours ago. I learned how to make it from  Pinterest. Working with the glitters was a pain in the ass but it came out really nice, I enjoyed playing with my camera, and editing the pictures.

To create a glitter heart bookmark you are going to need the following ; an envelope, glitters, double stick tape, glue, and paper. First, you are going to cut little triangles from the corners of the envelop, as shown below. You will then use this triangle to trace the lower part of your heart on a paper. Follow the guide shown below to draw an almost perfect heart.

If you have glitter paper, you can skip this part, and you won’t have to deal with the mess the glitters can create. But since I do not have a glitter paper I had to make one myself. I used double stick tape to stick the glitters on my cut out heart. You can also use glue, whichever you are more comfortable with :)

After you’re done bedazzling your heart, use a double stick tape to connect the heart and the triangle you cut out from the envelop earlier.

Slip it on the corner of the pages of your favorite book, and you have your own glitter heart bookmark. It’s really pretty and sparkly. This bookmark will probably distract me from reading. I’ll stare at it for hours like a lunatic. I hope you like this quick and easy DIY! :)

Photography by Shayne Naidas


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