Femme Luxe Haul, Review, and Tips For Ordering Online

My first impressions and review of Femme Luxe.

It’s 2020 in just a few days and it’s usually the time when I shop for a new wardrobe. I get into the “new year – new me” trend pretty intensely. Sometimes I’m an early bird and start online shopping two months before the year ends (hello Black Friday Sale!) and end in January after the semi-annual sale. I usually go for stores I’m familiar with so I’m glad I got the chance to try a new fashion brand called  Femme Luxe before 2019 ended. They’re based in Manchester but thankfully offer shipping worldwide. Let me start off by saying their shipping to the Philippines went smoothly.

Shipping to our country can be quite tricky. It’s different per brand and the customs office usually takes time before they release the package to you. Some packages arrive at my doorstep and some I had to pick up at the post office. For those of you who are wondering about the international shipping process of Femme Luxe — when my package arrived at the customs office, I had to wait for them to send me a notice through snail mail that my package was there. I picked up the package at the post office and paid PHP 112 for customs fee. It does take a while like most standard international shipments. I think I waited a bit more than a month which is already pretty fast since it was the holiday season.

Femme Luxe Camel Satin Padded Cup Dress Amalia Size Small Review Ootd Shayne Naidas Luna 02b

Amalia satin dress


The wait was quite worth it. I love that each piece I got from them had lady boss vibes. Looking at my OOTDs now, I feel like I was channeling the girls of Sex and the City when I picked these outfits. Samantha Jones for the bold glitter dress, Carrie Bradshaw for the playful satin bodycon dress. Miranda Hobbes for the sophisticated black jumpsuit, and Charlotte York (she’s my favorite) for the girl next door white mini dress.

Left their links here for you!


Evelyn Black Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit – size small 8
Amalia Camel Satin Padded Cup Dress Gold – size small 8

Grace Grey Sparkly Corset Mini Dress – size small 8
Maryam White Ribbed V Neck Mini Dress – size small 8

Femme Luxe White Ribbed V Neck Mini Dress Maryam Size 8 Review Ootd Shayne Naidas 01

Maryam white dress


Even though Charlotte was my favorite SATC girl. The piece I like to wear the most from this haul is the  Black Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit aka. the “Single Ladies” jumpsuit. It reminds me so much of Beyonce’s iconic asymmetrical bodysuit in her music video! And I love it so much for that. The jumpsuit is quite long, I’m 5’3.5″ and I had to cut a few inches off the pant bottoms.


The Amalia Camel Satin Padded Cup Dress is the sexiest piece from the bunch. It has a flattering deep V cleavage neckline. If you’re planning to order this dress I recommend considering ordering a size down smaller. It’s chest felt extra spacious for me. I had to wear a push up bra to fill it in nicely. Also, quick tip, it’s best to wear this dress with a body shaper since the satin fabric can expose underwear lines very easily.


I feel like the Grey Sparkly Corset Mini Dress is something a pop star would wear as a party dress to a concert, or a music video. It’s very eye-catching and you’ll stand out when you wear this. I love the corset design it has cos it definitely made my waist appear tinier with this dress on. The dress is longer in person that it is in my photos here. I had to fold the ends to make it work for my height since I’m quite short.


This White Ribbed V Neck Mini Dress will definitely enhance any girl’s hourglass figure. The thick strap that crosses along the waist is so flattering! I consider this one of my favorite casual dresses in my closet. You can dress it up or down with your accessories. I like to wear it with white sneakers to the mall.

Femme Luxe Camel Satin Padded Cup Dress Amalia Size Small Review Ootd Shayne Naidas Luna 01

Amalia satin dress


Here are some tips when ordering at Femme Luxe; # 1 always wait for a promo, they’re generous with their sales, keep an eye out for discount coupon codes, and sign up for their newsletter for updates. # 2 check their Instagram for OOTDs from their customers and other #LUXEGAL bloggers, this helped me a lot in picking outfits that would work best with my body type.

Lastly, # 3 sizing can be quite tricky. I’m normally a size small with most clothing pieces so I ordered all of these pieces in size UK 8 (small). They are a bit loose on me, which still looks good and I know other girls that prefer their clothes fitted this way. But if you’re someone who likes your clothes snug and super body fitting, I feel like a size UK 6 (extra small) could also work since all of these clothes are stretchy. You can view their size guide here.

I might try to size down for my next orders at Femme Luxe to check on this. When I do, I’ll report back with another blog post haul review. Hope you guys find this useful! Let me know which of these outfits is your fave?

Femme Luxe Grey Sparkly Corset Mini Dress Size 8 Review Ootd Shayne Naidas 01

Grace sparkly dress

Femme Luxe Black Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit Evelyn Review Ootd Shayne Naidas Girasol 01b

Evelyn jumpsuit

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