How To Celebrate Your Own Style When Others Judge You

I’ve received tons of criticisms with the way I dress. Some of them were constructive, others were judgement that were meant to be insults, and some are a mix of both. Your clothes are too girly-girl, too pretentious”. “Her outfit is too showy”. “Too much makeup”. “That dress makes her look like a banana…. It came to a point that whenever I want to wear big fancy earrings, bikini, red lipstick, or anything that is outspoken and could make my outfit stand out I felt scared of people’s judgment.

So I learned to feel ashamed to wear some clothes and accessories I love cos’ I was afraid it’s too much for others. I mostly settled and wore pieces that are widely acceptable by my peers. I was hoping that if I fit into their expectations I’d no longer have to deal with the hurtful judgments and uninvited criticism. But in time I realized that it would never happen. 

People are always going to talk about and judge my style, no matter what i wear. So I might as well wear whatever that makes me look good outside and feel good inside.

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I’ve started the habit of consciously celebrating my own unique style first, by accepting that I can’t simply please everybody’s standards. And not get taken aback every time I face disapproval. Sure, there will always be people that will look at me, or watch my Instagram stories that will not approve of my fashion choices. But that’s just a part of life because we all have unique tastes and style. Ignore the judge-y comments, and just focus on having fun styling yourself. Instead of bringing each other down, let’s build a community that respects each other’s unique personality and style.

I got inspired to share this message after I received this beautiful statement earrings & necklace from Happiness Boutique. I wanted to style them with a fancy fur jacket, which is uncommon in the Philippines and had raised a couple of eyebrows when I wore it before. I remembered how I would’ve been ashamed to go for it. I’m glad that not the case anymore and I get to enjoy these jewelry. These are very cute in person, dense, sturdy. I especially love the necklace the most! It made me feel like I’m in the Princess Diaries movie. I attached the links below for you to check. You can use my 10% discount code “queenofallyousee” when you order.

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