Penthouse By The Bay Review – The Perfect Place For A Luxurious Party In Manila

I feel like I found the place I’d like to celebrate my upcoming birthday month at. Well, that is, if my busy-Ber-Months schedule falls into place — If it does, Penthouse By The Bay, which is located at the rooftop of my favorite Rizal Park Hotel, would be one of my top choices for it. As soon as I entered the hotel, went up to the rooftop bar with an overlooking view of the Manila Bay, and lounged right into Penthouse By The Bay’s posh indoor dining hall, it all felt like I was transported back into the Gatsby Era.

The guests arrived dolled up for the party. Men, or shall I say the gentlemen, wore tux, cute hats, and suits. And the ladies were beautiful in sparkly dresses, pearls, and fur accessories. We went there following a dress code, but even without it there was something about the vibe of the place that I’m sure will inspire just about anyone to dress up for the occasion, whether it’s for a romantic date, a family dinner, birthday party, or to celebrate a launch event.

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Penthouse By The Bay Review - Indoor Dining Hall

Penthouse By The Bay Indoor Dinning Hall

Penthouse By The Bay Review - Rizal Park Hotel
Penthouse By The Bay Review - Rizal Park Hotel
Penthouse By The Bay Review - Rizal Park Hotel


Now let me tell you about my top three food recommendations when you visit Penthouse By The Bay. You have to try their crispy Asian Nachos from their appetizers, they really are as delicious as they look. Their little Crab Cakes were so tasty. I would’ve had more than just a small bite if I wasn’t allergic to crabs. And lastly for the main dish, be prepared to order a bunch of Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese Pizza). It’s served with honey you can pour on top of the pizza.

You guys, the pizza is so addicting! I was scheduled to attend the E! Bloggers Ball in an unforgivingly-tight-thin-gown the next day (you can view it here). I went to the party with a self-imposed rule not to overeat so I could fit in nicely in my gown. But the pizza was too good to say no to. It was a crowd favorite! We ordered it thrice (or maybe four times) on our table.

For anyone planning a party, Penthouse By The Bay can cater up to a maximum of 500pax (standing) or 270pax seated for big events / parties.

Penthouse By The Bay Review - Rizal Park Hotel
Penthouse By The Bay Review - Rizal Park Hotel

With the lovely Shari Poquiz, The Misty Mom

Penthouse By The Bay Rizal Park Hotel Review 07

Asian Nachos – Price P410.00

Penthouse By The Bay Rizal Park Hotel Review 08

Quattro Formaggi Pizza – Price P670.00

Shayne Naidas Penthouse By The Bay Rizal Park Hotel Review 02c
Penthouse By The Bay Rizal Park Hotel Review 09b


Majority of people that know me knows I follow a no-alcohol diet now, but I used to drink. I wouldn’t say I drank a lot because a single margarita would be enough to get me woozy and I don’t always enjoy the feeling of getting drunk, but I did it quite often cos’ I liked the tastes of liquor (selected cocktails, no beers please!).

Like with any cheat meal, I knew that if I were to break my no-alcohol diet it has to be for something special. And I couldn’t find a better time to do it to try a rare Berry Bros & Rudd Whiskey, honoured to hold two royal warrant seals from Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. I was told it came from the private cellars of the royal family. And it ended up being one of the best whiskeys I’ve ever tasted.

I had a lot of fun at the party even if though had to leave early to rest for a ball the next day. Can’t wait to visit this place agin!

Penthouse By The Bay Rizal Park Hotel Review 03b

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