How I Embarassed Myself At Project Vanity’s Anniversary Party



Shangrila Plaza, Manila

I lost pieces of my dignity at Project Vanity’s “Tenacious” 10th anniversary celebration. It started off as soon as I stepped out of my car. I felt that the right side of the parking lot’s floor was higher than the left side. I told Bae “omg the floor is not pantay!”. I laughed at the thought of it pa! A few cars passed us by. Bae glanced at me like he thought I didn’t make any sense. Then I looked down to the floor and saw why it felt irregular. I was wearing two different shoes hahaha! I had my brown thick FitFlops on my right foot… and my beige Aerosoles flats on my left foot! I rushed back to the car to change shoes. 

It doesn’t end there friends! I took the elevator seven floors down, and an escalator (note, full of strangers) to find the venue. I greeted the PV girls at the reception, went straight inside the hall said hi to my blogger friends, “Missed you babe!” (with matching tili). Suddenly, PV girl / hero-of-my-life Iris, approached me “Hi, your skirt’s zipper is open at the back, let me zip it up”. I died of shame. I immediately thanked her, but all I could think of after that was Imagine how many people I flashed on my way to the party! Kristel asked “were you wearing a G-string?!”, OMG buti nalang hindii!!”. I thought “buti nalang I wore my fancier Victoria’s Secret underwear today! It’s pink so it matches Liz’s party color theme so baka nagblend in siya” (Hahaha what is this logic!).


Above: Beauty bloggers, Katsy Faustino – Obra, yours truly, and Nina Singanon.
Below: Project Vanity team



A Community That Cultivates Kindness

Just when you think it can’t get any worse. I zoned myself back into the event and interacted with as many girls as I could. Super social butterfly mode on. I took OOTD photos of my friends while bending over like theres no tomorrow to get the best angle… till I felt Katsy or Nina’s hand tucking in a tag at the bottom back part of my tube top. “Babe, wait lang nakalabas ung tag ng outfit mo sa likod”. I whispered “OMG baliktad ung tube top ko” and sneakily went to the comfort room to fix it. Not only was my black tube top worn up side down, it was also inside out pa! Hahaha ayoko na guys!

Even though this was an embarrassing day for me, I have to say, it’s also one of my favorite events I’ve been to ‘cos the community was kind. What Iris, Katsy, and Niña did for me reminded me of what Project Vanity’s community has built through out the years… a group of people that have each other’s back. Whether it’s over an unzipped skirt or over picking the right foundation. Imagine if these girls didn’t go out of their way to warn me, or imagine if Liz didn’t warn us that this makeup doesn’t work for oily skin types. Their reviews, stories, comments, and recommendations truly help other girls out.

And coming from a PV reader since before I started my own blog, I want to say Thank you to everyone at Project Vanity, the readers, contributors, and of course to PV’s founder, Liz Lanuzo. Congratulations, I wish you more success this 2018!



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