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Hi, my name Shayne and I’m a chocoholic (*waves excitedly*). It honestly makes my life a bit harder ‘cos I follow a strict diet for my health and to help deal with some medical conditions I face. But from time to time I like to indulge on chocolates. And since that’s a rare occasion for me, I make sure the sweets I eat are worth the wait and the cheat meal.

Which leads us now to why I’m so happy to find out and announce that a premium chocolatier and cafe called Rocky Mountain just opened at Molito Alabang. This is their second shop in the Philippines, but Rocky Mountain already has hundreds of chocolate shops throughout the US, Canada, Middle East, and now Asia-Pacific.




Rocky Mountain basically makes high-quality mouth-watering desserts. And five desserts that caught my attention the most are; (1) Hand-dipped Caramel Apples — I had three of these and all of them were heavenly good! I instantly associate it with one of my favorite movies, Enchanted where they had caramel apples in New York. (2) Signature Chocolate Shots — this is only available on weekends and it’s made with a rich Rocky Mountain chocolate “shot glass” filled with light cream and strawberry. It tastes as good and as fancy as it looks. I got to take home one of their (3) Rocky Mountain S’mores that had marshmallow and chocolate covered crackers. These are so cozy and fun to eat while watching my favorite shows on Netflix. I have a feeling kids will go crazy over this dessert.

And lastly two of the things I haven’t tried but would definitely order on my next visit there are; (4) Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, which I know could sound odd at first but salty and sweet foods are so darn delicious. And of course their (5) Truffles, cos these are hands down one of my fave types of desserts of all time, and they are such cute holiday treat to give out. I’ll report back once I get to try more of their products and tell you what else I think you should get when you visit their cozy cafe.

Have you tried any of their desserts and chocolates?



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