My prep days before E! Bloggers Ball this year felt like an episode from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I enjoyed my dress from last years ball so I asked Atelier Erwin Flores again to make my dress this year. It was a rough experience. I wanted a simple gown that fits nicely on my body. Exactly like what Bella Hadid wore at Cannes Film Festival. But instead, I got a gown I almost couldn’t wear to the ball.

They had to make my dress twice cos the fabric used on the first dress was vibrant baby pink — different from the champagne pink I asked for and from the soft pink fabric photo the designer sent me prior to sewing the dress. The second dress had bad fitting. We agreed to make the “V” on neckline narrower and to add a V-wire for chest support, but the gown came with a wide “V” and had no V-wire so the bust area was rolling out, exposing my boobs. The waist was also loose and kept falling down. I asked the designer to fix it but he said “ganon talaga sya, we cant fix it anymore”. Lastly, the day before the event, an hour after I got the gown from him at midnight — the zipper broke! This is going to sound like a first-world-problem-meme, but guys, I ugly cried (Kim K style) lol! I’m laughing at this now but I really felt so bad that night.

Thankfully the kind ladies at Alteration Plus (you girls are the best!) rush repaired most of the problems in less than a day. They tightened and added more boning on the waist to keep it firm and up. And I don’t know what they did on the bust area but it stopped rolling forward too! I also found out from the repair that the person who made the dress didn’t add most of the boning and wire support I asked for, which was disappointing cos those were supposed to be reason why the dress was priced high.



I bought with me another red gown (I’m saving for Christmas) that night, just in case I need a back up gown if the blush gown falls apart and I accidentally flash someone at the ball. Luckily I didn’t have to change!




E Bloggers Ball | E! Philippines | Sponsors
(Clockwise : Aggy Nuguid, Nina Nuduid, Kas Perez, Kim Cruz, Angel Yeo)

Dress drama aside, I had fun at the ball meeting friends, new bloggers, and just looking at so many gorgeous outfits. So to follow after my E! Bloggers Ball Top 5 Best Dressed last year, here are my fave pastel outfits from this years ball. Congratulations to the organizers for hosting such an energetic ball this year!

Power Duo Aggy Nuguid and Nina Nuguid (Congrats Nina for winning Breakthrough Blogger of The Year!) wore dresses that looked like they came out straight from a fairytale. They looked like queens! These dreamy gowns are made by  designer Hannah Kong.  Kas Perez, aka my forever sexy-hips-goal wore a lace White Label Bridal dress with a gorgeous fur jacket. Kim Cruz who won Best Dressed (Congrats Kim!) was the most stunning hot girl that night. Saw her posted a photo of her dress by Rosenthal on Instagram right before I arrived a the ball and already had a hunch that she’d win best dressed that night. Angel Yeo‘s beautiful fun unique gown (also by Rosenthal) was one of the pieces that stood out for me that night.





E Bloggers Ball | E! Philippines | Sponsors
(Clockwise : Chesy Mirasol, Maxine Marcelino, Pia Padre, Janeena Chan, Raiza Contawi)

It’s bit late to update this post and add another round of “top 5 best…”. But I thought hair and makeup plays a big part in a everyone’s overall look in an event like this, and it deserves its own curtain call. So here are my favorite looks part two from E Bloggers Ball 2017.

I love Chesy Mirasol‘s intimidation-nation red lipstick, it goes so nicely with her mala-porcelana skin tone. Maxine Marcelino looked super pretty with her soft makeup that matched her blush gown. Pia Padre, same as last year, is still the star of the night, someone should’ve played a soundtrack just for her when she entered the ball — she looked so gorgeous! I love how Janeena Chan wore her hair up, it showcased how beautiful her makeup is. And last but definitely not the least, is foxy babe Raiza Contawi, I met her for the first time that night and saw her makeup up close guys — she looked flawless!

Who’s on your E Bloggers Ball favorites list?

Thank you Hershey of noink.ABSCBN.com and Gretch of GetasJunkyard.com for including me in your faves list. It helps relieve the stress I went through for my dress, ily!

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