I’m a home person at heart. I used to be an extrovert who’s always out of the house but now I’ve grown to appreciate the comfort of just staying in, relaxing in my bedroom, with my dog Luna. She’s our little Yorkshire Terrier who I sense wants to be a fashion blogger. No kidding guys as in I got so excited to find out that she actually likes bags and clothes! I’ll kwento (share) more in a bit.

Some of you may already know about my beloved Yorkie slash bestfriend Bentley He passed away last year and while we’re still mourning his loss up until today, one of my blogging regrets with him was I didn’t get to do an introductory post of him on the blog when he was still a puppy. So i thought I’d do one with Luna asap. We’re at that getting-to-know-each-other stage and so far these are a few of the many things i discovered and love about her.

*Update; I just found a short post I did for Bentley years ago.
It was set as a private blog, I almost forgot I had it. I published it here :)*





people call her luna, luna bear, or
luna aunor – her newest nickname I hate lol!

She’s pro at playing hide and seek.
 I can’t remember how many times I panicked cos I thought I lost her at home! One morning I had to search the kitchen, living room, bathroom (lahat na guys!) only to find out that she was tucked in a small corner of my bed! Part of my comforter fell at the foot of my bed and she found a way to turn it into her little bedroom cave. She also likes to hang out underneath pillows, or a pile of laundry clothes. She’s very tiny so from time to time I get mini cardiac arrest thinking someone might have accidentally sat on her on the bed.

She loves fashion. As in as soon as i drop a bag on the bed she jumps right into it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big leather travel bag from Anello (video here) or a small Victorias Secret makeup bag. If its a bag she can fit in she will be in it! She also has a thing for comfy clothes. I know many dogs hate dressing up, with Luna though, you can tell she feels cozy once her clothes are on. Guys, I finally have a pet who loves dressing up as much as I do! So I glady bought her some cute dresses which is now stored in her “wardrobe bag”. She also doesn’t mind wearing hair ties, and rhinestone necklaces. We even have matching rhinestone chokers (kami na ang cheesy!).

She cuddles… way too much. I’ve never had a dog before that cuddles this much. Probably cos most of the dogs we’ve had were males and female dogs are known to be more malambing (sweeter). She will sleep on top of my chest, back, lay on my lap, rest her little head on my arms… thats afer she’s done kissing my face and licking my hands nonstop. We’re still teaching her to dial it down so she won’t scare our guests away hehe! If you ever bump into us now at the park, be warned, she’s a notorious kisser!





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  • I think she fits well in your world who loves fashion and blogging.
    She’s so adorable. How i wish i can have one like her. ^_^

  • Nicole Dery says:

    I have seen that IG story and I thought Luna is adorable. Even though she is tiny, she sure scoops a lot of hearts already. ❤

  • Lupe says:

    Luna is adorable! I wish my dog would let me cuddle her. She’s not really into that lol.

  • Deborah says:

    Aww I’m so glad that you have another dog to love. Luna is adorable!

  • Jhake o. says:

    Sorry ngayon lang ako nagkaron ng time to read the blog post, last week ko pa yta nkita yun teaser nito sa IG. Anyway, i’mnso happy for you. I felt devastated when my Chloe passed away and it took me almost 5 years until i finally had the courage to love a furbaby again. My daughter keeps asking for a puppy so ayun, wala na ako magawa. Si daughter ko daw ang mommy ni Mia kaya ako ang lola! She’s also sweet and she likes to be cuddled, too! Selosa nga lang kpag magkayakap kmi ng baby girl ko. At hanggang ngayon inaagawan nya parin ng unan si husband ko.
    Haay, dogs. Blessing talaga sila sa atin and source of happiness.

  • Michele de Guia Ereño says:

    Luna is such adorable just like you! After all she is a princess! She knows what will make you happy and for sure happy din naman sya saattention and care mo!

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