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Hey guys! I’m alive and semi-well. After being sick for weeks, today is the first day I feel human again. I’ve been mostly just in bed so I have a lot of catching up to do starting with the launch of Anello Philippines (I thought I felt better that week so I attended a few events — and got sick again after!). Anello is known for making high quality bags in Japan. I knew people who shop Anello bags in bulk when they visit Japan cos they don’t want to risk buying counterfeit products from some online stores here in the Philippines. Which btw isn’t a problem anymore since Anello has now opened at BGC Up Town Mall.

Their sturdy bags come in different fabrics — canvas, nylon, leather, different styles — shoulder bag, tote bag, backpack, different colors and sizes. My favorite piece among all the bags in the store would have to be their huge shoulder bag with laptop sleeves and detachable straps in a dark manly brown leather. I feel like it’s  more of a bag for men but I personally like big masculine bags like this so I gladly took it home with me. Which Anello Bag is your favorite?



Bonded over which Anello bags to get with Rochelle, fashion blogger with supermodel legs that goes on forever. As in we stood by the mirror choosing between bags for what felt like forever!

anello-philippines-up-town-bgc-bags-review-ootd-price-07 anello-philippines-up-town-bgc-bags-review-ootd-price-08

So happy to finally met Shari in person! Love her!


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