Hello friends! I’m back with yet another Nude Pink fashion haul. Nude Pink #ootds are all over Instgram and Youtube. It’s such a beautiful and classic color that I feel would look good on all skin tones. It’s also youthful and at the same time sophisticated, which is why I’ve been shopping a lot  of nude pink pieces from Zaful lately. You guys, they have very trendy and affordable clothes. These are my absolute fave Nude Pink pieces from the brand. I included the links below so you can also check them out.

Philippine Shipment : A lot of you have been asking me how the shipment works with Zaful. The shipment transit time is unpredictable. If the products are ready for dispatch I usually get the items within 2 to 4 weeks. If the products are unavailable, shipping could take longer. The longest I had to wait was about 2.5 months. So just be ready for this, I promise you the clothes are worth the wait. Tip : always select the extra insurance fee for your shipments.

I’ve had Zaful shipments that was delivered straight to my house. But most of the deliveries passed through our Customs. The Customs take a long time to process and mail us the notice that the package is now ready for pick up at the office. Once you the “notice / invoice”, you can now pick up the package at their office. Tax fee is P112 per package (maximum of P10000 worth of products).



Zaful Floral Embroidered Belted Duster Coat Pink (one size)

zaful try on haul bestseller pink clothes bra

Zaful Plunge Bralette Top Pink (small)
On intro photo : Zaful Fluffy Faux Fur Coat Light Pink (small) 

shayne naidas zaful try on haul bestseller pink clotheszaful try on haul bestseller pink clothes shayne naidaszaful try on haul bestseller pink clothes

Zaful Ladder Cut Out Crop Top Pink (small)

shayne naidas zaful try on haul bestseller pink clothes

Zaful Elastic Waist Casual Velvet Shorts (small), Appilique Sheer Mesh,

shayne naidas zaful try on haul bestseller pink clothes velvet shorts



Floral Embroidered Belted Duster Coat Pink (one size) – This kimono inspired robe has gotten a lot of compliments from my friends. It’s a long mauve pink coat with some words embroidered on the sleeves. You can’t really see it so much from my photos, but it makes the jacket look more edgy. You can dress it up or down. I like to wear it as a lounge coat with a neutral colored top and pink shorts. Make sure to wear your hair up in a clean bun to go along with the Japenese look vibe and so people can see it’s beautiful embroidery at the back.

Plunge Bralette Top Pink (small) – This Pink bralette is so pretty! You can wear it by itself indoors or wear it with a top that will let some of its lace details peek out. Its lace detail on the straps can be adjusted high enough to show them off on tops like a spaghetti strap cami.

Fluffy Faux Fur Coat Light Pink (small) – This fluffy pink coat looks a lot more expensive than its actual price. It’s so photogenic I got it even though we don’t have winter where I am at the moment. I could only wear it on formal events paired with a cute dress.

Ladder Cut Out Crop Top Pink (small) – This cut out crop top is one of the most gorgeous Zaful pieces I own. It’s well made and very flattering to wear on a night out. I like to pair it with a simple bottom to make the top stand out.

Elastic Waist Casual Velvet Shorts (small), Appilique Sheer Mesh – I love how comfortable and soft this velvet lounge shorts are. I’d love to get it in every color. I paired it with a similar looking velvet top for a cute lounge wear vibe. You can wear this indoors or dress it up with a satin bomber jacket and wear it outside.


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  • Absolutely love the bralette! I have a kind of similar one from Bershka <3

    | |

  • Vanessa says:

    (Came here because I swiped on your IG story and DAMN SHAYNE, THOSE BRALETTE SHOTS. I FEEL LIKE YOU JUST CAME OUT FROM A MARIAH CAREY MUSIC VIDEO DAMN FIRE EMOJIS)(Definitely checking Zaful after this so I can ogle at pretty clothes I can’t afford because I’m #br0ke)

  • Diana says:

    that braw IS GORGEEEEEOUUUS! And the top!!! OMG!!!!

  • Yya Valencia says:

    I know that you are aware how grateful I am that I was able to know you babe. i also told you how much i admire you. you really have the kind-est heart and prettiest face ever!!! Sending all my warm hugs!!! Love you! :*

  • Ana Liza Benetua says:

    Yeah pink is a lovely color. It looks good on you. Thanks for these awesome suggestion! It’s awesome

  • Irish Mae Barredo says:

    Grabe miss Shayne.. you2so effortlessly gorgeous talaga. From the hair to the smile every inch of skin screams classy sexy. Really love your style but I know I can’t pull it off like you do. Just wow!

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