Some of you may have noticed the sudden increase in fashion posts on my blog this past months. I’ve decided to finally share my online shopping addiction with you! I was concerned at first that you guys might prefer just having beauty posts, which is why I’m pleasantly surprised at the good feedback the fashion posts have been getting. Thanks guys!

I love shopping online and 80% of the time it’s from an international websites. This has been made easy for us in the Philippines since Customs stopped randomly charging us with a high unreasonable fee. Now were just required to pay P100 or P120 per package. So it’s now easier to online shop abroad.

All you have to do is place the order, and wait patiently, emphasise on the word patience cos shipping takes time. But i promise you it’s worth it (I even have gotten used to it), especially with shops like Yoins who sells beautiful affordable trendy pieces that you’ll hardly find in the Philippines. You just need to know what to look for. Here are their fancy fashion pieces that I absolutely love and recommend. 



Yoins white lace body suit (link)


Rosegold sequin dress (link)




white sexy v-neck lace design bodysuit : direct link

It’s a beautiful white lace lingerie and bodysuit in one. It’s a bit see thru but still workable enough to wear a nude colored bra under it. You can wear it as a lingerie, as a bodysuit for night parties, turn it into a top to wear under a blazer in the morning. This comes in black too.



black sexy strappy lace bralette top : direct link

Bralettes are trending this season. Lots of people who went for Coachella and other festival music parties wore them.  And while they are also borderline lingerie, you can wear this on top of a bra and a thin cover up for festival parties or the beach. This comes in white too.



rosegold seuin v-neck sleevesless open back mini dress : direct link

If you like the color rose gold (aka the color of the season), blush and nude tones clothes then you’re going to love this dress. It’s a pretty sparkly and girly formal dress for a special events. This reminds me of the show Gossip Girl.



above: Black strappy bralette (link)

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