Pink Marble
with Rosegold Details

I’m not the type to want to have the latest gadget. I get attached to a phone and dread the whole relocate-all-photos-and-contacts process. So, I’ve always waited until my phone crashes and dies before upgrading lol! But I’ve started doing more work on my phone this year and now want a bigger screen. I’ve been debating (for months) if I should finally upgrade to the latest iPhone, until this phone case came along in the mail. The upgrade will just now have to wait ‘cos my current phone’s new case is so-damn-pretty.

This beautiful rose gold pink marble iPhone case is from Richmond & Finch. It’s a luxury brand founded by Richmond & Finch in Stockholm, Sweden, back in 2014. Their high-fashion designs, with their signature wide metal band on the case, truly stand out (even my gym trainer who, by default, doesn’t care about such things noticed it). I love their glossy marble cases that come in black, white, gray, and pink. And my favorite from the bunch is this pink marble iPhone case with rose gold detailing that I recommend to anyone who’s into luxurious things.

#RichmondFinch ships worldwide. Shipment from Europe to the Philippines took about a month which is the standard shipping time for most products I get sent from abroad. Part of the waiting time is also usually taken by the Customs and Post Office and the time it take them to process the package and sent notice.



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richmond-finch-pink-marble-rosegold-iphone-case-review-ootd richmond-finch-pink-marble-rosegold-iphone-case-review-ootd


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