It’s interesting how most Pinoys want their skin tone lighter and most caucasians prefer to be tan. Ako naman, I used to want to be really tan… as in Jenny-From-The-Block golden tan level, so instead of opting for whitening products I went after bronzers, tanning lotions etc… but ever since I’ve started trying whitening products for beauty blogging purposes (which is not so long ago) I’ve grown to like having lighter skin. I get it now guys, to have a Korean novela porcelain skin tone is also now a part of my #goals.





Thanks to Sample Room I got to try three whitening products that I’ve grown to like over the past weeks from Belo. Sample Room is a free product sampling website that lets you try products first before you buy to avoid the risk of buying products that don’t work for you. Plus, they’re also a fun and friendly community of beauty babes that help each other out by sharing their product reviews and recommendations online.

Basically, when you register online, you immediately get 100 points which you’ll use to get the product samples of your choice. After this, all you’re going to have to pay for is the shipping fee and SR will ship the products directly to your house. If you want to earn more points to try out more samples which btw sometimes come in full sizes, you can either buy the points or share a review of the product you got at their website in exchange for more points. So it’s like a cycle. Other perks of being a Sample “Roomate” (nickname so cute) are getting invited to events, winning contests, and getting featured on their website.





I knew about Belo ‘cos most celebs and bloggers that I love have skin that “only Belo touches.” So you could say that I was excited to also be touched by Belo for the first time lol! I’ve come to like their Belo Intensive Whitening Bar (P59.75) which has Kojic and Tranexamic acid. My skin reacts nicely to Kojic acid — its an organic ingredient that boost the production of melanin and lightens my skin after using the soap for three days. Even though most Kojic products come in intimidatingly bright orange color, it’s not harsh at all guys. The skin lightening change is subtle but still noticeable.

If you want to have an even lighter skin tone and you need it done asap you can use the soap together with their BB cream and BB cream (body) spray, both with SPF50 and PA++++. To me these products are very much alike. They are both light weight, non sticky, it whitens and evens out your skin tone lightly (natural looking), it dries looking fresh matte, and, most of all, the shade is more suitable for Pinoy skintone (unlike some asian BB creams that makes my face look like natapunan ng baby powder -yikes!). It also has the same Kojic and Tranexamic acid that lightens your skin as you use it.

The only big difference is that Belo Intensive Whitening BB cream (349.75) is made mainly to target the face, while Belo Intensive Whitening BB cream (body) Spray (399.75) is for the arms, legs, and body that comes in a spray bottle. I’m really fascinated at that BB cream body spray. I wish i had known about it sooner. My friends and i could’ve used it back in the days when we were so insecure of our scars on our legs. We could’ve skipped our wear-stockings-to-school insecure phase lol!

Have you tried these Belo products?
What’s the most effective product you discovered from Sample Room?

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  • Diana says:

    I never heard about this brand but I am really curious about their sun block!! Summer is coming and I seriously need to think about getting one!

  • Michele de Guia Ereño says:

    I’ve only tried the Belo Intensive Whitening bar it was okay for me. But it I didn’t use it for a long time so I don’t really know if it works.
    I haven’t tried any products from Sample Room, I’ve registered from them about 2 years ago I think. But sad to say my first experience was bad so it was also my last. My first 100 pts. was used to purchased 2 body sprays. Sad to say I didn’t get my package eventhough I’ve followed up from them. I know it was not them but I just don’t like to try it again.

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