I come bearing great news guys, thanks to Johnson and Johnson, Aveeno — the number one body lotion formula sold in the US — has officially launched in the Philippines. Woohoo! I’ve been a HUGE Aveeno lotion fan way before the launch so I’m extra excited to share this with you. This means no more scouting the internet for (sometimes way overpriced) online stores that specifically ships Aveeno products into the country. As of August 24, 2016 some of their products are available in our leading supermarkets, and at a reasonable price. 


aveeno philippine launch review price where to buy



You know how we always hear the words “this product is highly recommended by dermatologist” — in Aveeno’s case this phrase is very true. I occasionally get skin irritations whenever the weather changes so I’ve visited several dermatologists and a couple of them swear by Aveeno being hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free.

It didn’t interest me at first cos i know how expensive and hard it is to get a hold of this product before. But one day, out of desperation plus I was scared that my skin irritation would invade my body, i caved in and bought two large bottles of Aveeno lotions. Aside from the fact that my skin really feels like “baby soft skin” (as my friend Anton describes it, he loves this brand as well) it really helped calm the skin irritations down. I haven’t stopped using it since then. I use and love it so much that i even bought a designated fancy gold lotion pump (from H&M, it’s very pretty) to display it on my desk. 


aveeno philippine launch review price where to buy

Aveeno’s ambassadors : Jennifer Aniston, Nikki Gil-Albert, Christine Jacob – Sandehas, Jaymie Pizzaro shared their #naturallybeautiful skin story

aveeno philippine launch review price where to buy aveeno philippine launch review price where to buy


The secret behind these products is the Active Naturals called Colloidal Oats  — which is basically a finely milled oatmeal clinically proven to relieve dry skin. Their products are also known to treat skin conditions like exzema and sun burn. So far i’ve tried four of their products — Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion and body wash, Aveeno skin relief lotion and body wash.

Their daily moisturizing line moisturizes for visibly healthier looking skin, while skin relief aids for extra dry skin and can relieve flaking, roughness, and itchiness. I personality didn’t notice a lot of difference between the two sets but I swear by all of these products guys, and I highly recommend you try them too if you haven’t. It’s one of the best and the most moisturizing lotion and body wash i’ve ever used and I’ve collected and use tons of those from different brands, so that says a lot about how good Aveeno is :) 


SRP: Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Body Wash 354ml P459.75 | Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Lotion 354ml P649.75 | Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion 354ml P812.25 | Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash 354ml P547.75


aveeno philippine launch review price where to buy

Aveeno Philippines | Facebook | InstagramDisclaimer: These products were sent to me to test out and review. All my opinion and experiences stated here are 100% honest and true. 


  • Maria Victoria Polinar says:

    Ok lang to in any types of skin? Mahal talaga siya… :)

  • ~Jona~ says:

    My student from Korean gave me Aveeno Lotion last December. I have a dry and flaky skin. It really helps. Plus the “baby soft skin” feeling, I love it! It’s just pricey. I had to switch to Vaseline because it’s way cheaper than Aveeno.

  • So happy you can now purchase Aveeno products where you are (and save some money at the same time!)! They make some of my favorite skincare items. I love the daily exfoliating facial pads, if you can find those. They work wonders! :)

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  • Diana says:

    I think we have a small selection of Aveeno products here.
    I tend to be a little lazy in terms of moisturising my body ( I shouldn’t I know). But whenever it’s a lotion and has a pump I tend to use it more – I guess it’s more convenient ?

    I’m so sorry for the late comment, but I’ve been working at my faculty since the beginning of the month so…reading + blogging has been non-existing (but I’m managing on getting back on track)

    Take care*

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