My best friend Annie collects tons of bags. As soon as you enter her old room, you’ll find bags of different shapes (she had one that looked like a lunch box that i REALLY wanted), colors, sizes, and a bag for every occasion — I’m quite the opposite. I only own a handful of bags. I gravitate to bags that are either very useful or classic… something basic that has a timeless look. Anyone here like me… or like Annie? :) These are my three most used black casual bags at the moment;


gym bag

Meet my first ever Long Champ Le Pliage Neo Bag (in medium and black). I gotta admit I bought this ‘cos I wanted to channel Kate Middleton lol! (she looked so humble and elegant with her black nylon Long Champ). I got mine on sale at Rustan’s a few months ago and haven’t stopped using it as a gym bag since then. The best part about it guys, is that it’s made of a water resistant neoprene fabric. It hasn’t stopped raining in Manila for weeks (it’s making everyone extra lazy!) and this bag has been a life saver! I feel confident to rush through the rain with my iPhone, iPad, and other gadgets safety stored in this bag. Long Champs are also known to last a very long time before you start seeing signs of bag ageing. 


oh my bag review philippines carry all tote



shopping tote

Oh My Bag is an online store based in the Philippines that sells bag accessories like satin handle wrapsbag shapers, and bag stuffers — aka the pillow I’m holding in the photo below which keeps my other bags in shape while in storage— they also sell a few other bags as well. I’m currently using their Versatile Weekender black bag as a shopping / grocery tote which I keep in the car in case I need to buy groceries, or bedsheets, and kitchen bowls. It’s a simple, no-fuss, sturdy bag that can hold a lot of things inside it — size and weight size. 


oh my bag review philippines carry all tote



stylish casual bag

One of my favorite bags of all time guys — the Rebecca Minkoff love crossbody bag in black with black hardware. I grab this on the days where I just have to bring my “basics” with me. It can hold my iphone 6, my long and stuffy Kate Spade wallet, a portable camera, and my makeup essentials. It’s made of genuine leather that feels very well-made and expensive. And for some reason this leather feels and looks better as the bag ages. Someone always compliments this bag when i use it, some even thought it was a Chanel Le Boy bag, made me even more proud of it!

PS. Just wanted to say thanks again tho those who sympathized and mourned with me during this time of loss. I still miss and cry for Bentley everyday. And although it’s still hard for me to function and be productive, I feel comforted knowing that our little Yorkie is also loved you even if it’s just on social media. I really appreciate it.

What are your top three most used casual bags at the moment? :)



  • Lupe says:

    That crossbody is so cute! I’ve been wanting a Rebecca Minkoff purse, but I haven’t convinced myself to splurge yet.

  • Natasja says:

    I get why you love the Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag. I would too! I got a small (not the mini) Selma bag in salmon pink by Michael Kors. I’m so in love with it :D but my casual bags.. or everyday bags usually are more inexpensive bags that I don’t have to think about ^^ Often crossbody bags! They’re so convenient.

  • Kathy says:

    I’ve always wanted to get myself a longchamp bag because of how versatile it is!! Lovely post :)
    Kathy x

  • Andreia Santos says:

    I’m the kind of girl who only likes small and crossbody bags. Currently, I’m totally in love with Selma in dust pink with some metal details by Michael Kors and one black bag by Bimba Y Lola that I recieved on my birthday. I love your Longchamp Neo btw! :P xx

  • I’ve got a Longchamp Neo in black (and medium), too! It’s my default bag lol

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