Natural “No Makeup” Look

mini blog makeover

Here I go again guys, I changed the banners, the add-ons, and the colors (more peachy, less pink) on my blog… for the millionth time. Okay exaggerating, although my boyfriend would probably nod his head to that statement, since all I did was beg him in the middle of his work to encode my designs. Thank goodness he’s patient and didn’t hold my blog’s password ransom till I promise to leave him alone.

It’s not much of a difference but I hope you noticed. The goal was to make you feel like you’ve entered a clean cozy little room. Emphasis on clean, since I’m almost near my 100th published post (and 50 drafts, someone is procrastinating a lot), which means I finally have enough entries to organize in my archives.

PS: Is the font too small and difficult to read on your screen?

keeping it simple

I thought I would quickly show you the products I use for a natural makeup look (a.k.a. my go-to makeup for lazy days). I carefully collected them for months and made sure that they were all products I could call my holy grail. So I didn’t mind spending more, for as long as they were something I would use ’til it hits pan. Of course, nothing still beats the hype of finding inexpensive treasures in the drugstore department, like this most raved about Collection Concealer.

I’m quite proud to share these with you because together they do an amazing job at fooling some of my friends (and even a few acquaintances) into thinking that I’m not wearing any makeup, and that my face is naturally clear. Oh if only they knew the amount of concealer sitting underneath my eyes.

I won’t go into details with each one anymore because I’ve mentioned these countless time on my old entries. I tend to be loyal to certain products and really stick with them I even have some old bronzers tucked away in a box for keepsake (here’s what I call attachment issues). So instead I’m going to just list them down here and link a few of their detailed reviews. If you’re looking for something worth saving your allowance for, this iz it.

FACE : Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation | Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer | Nars Laguna Bronzer | Hourglass Ambient Light Palette | Burberry Peony Blush. EYES & LIPS : Urban Decay Naked Palette | Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Fiend | Lancome Hypnose Mascara | K-Palette Eyeliner.


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