November Favorites ♥

Have you ever used your blog as an excuse to buy something? Perhaps an item you don’t really need but since it’s something that you can put on your blog you get it anyway. So I bought this Santa hat and went crazy with it. I might have taken hundreds of pictures with it. That’s not the only thing I am crazy about lately. To make up for the lack of beauty products post on my blog for the past few weeks, here are the other items that I have been loving this past month.




The first item on my list is the Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick in Pink Amber. Their Lip Velvet line basically consists of their matte collection. If you are a matte lipstick junkie like me, I would recommened that you look this up online when you have the time because I believe that this is by far one of the best matte lipstick formulas that I have ever tried and they have a wide range of extremely wearable everyday lipstick colors. They do however have one downside which I will discuss further on the product review next week.




Did you notice that there’s a color theme going on in this picture? This wasn’t at all planned. I guess I’m inclined to the softer neutrals this season. The only thing missing in this group is the new Pink toned Naked Palette 3 that just came out! I bet that would make my whole year favorites list! :)

On the other side of the spectrum, one of my favorite drugstore finds is NYX beige eyeshadow base. I already expected it to perform well since Temptalia spoke highly of it in her review of the product. I however didn’t expected it to be so excellent that I removed a high-end eyeshadow base from my need-to-buy basic make-up product list. The EOS lip balm in strawberry flavor, and Rockstar soap from LUSH are my two favorite pink beauty knickknacks that smell incredible. The egg shaped packaging of the balm makes it more fun to apply, not to mention to display on your dresser. The LUSH soap smells very much like their holiday exclusive scent Snow Fairy. This was an unexpected generous gift from a good friend of mine that really brightened up my day. This Wet n Wild Nail Polish in color Private Viewing, is almost used up and it has served me well. It’s a nice shade that you can wear everyday, it’s extremely easy to apply because of its flat brush, and the formula didn’t turn bad after months of wear and tear. It is your perfect everyday nude nail polish.



This is probably a very nosey question but I wonder, how big are your wallets? Am I the only one who only needs a coin purse this small as an everyday wallet? This tiny quilted leather pouch from Mango can fit all my money, ID’s, and cards that I need. You might want to check it next time you visit Mango because it is probably on sale now. Another small thing that can fit in my small everyday bag is my new iPad Mini. I got it shortly after I posted my Christmas Wishlist and I’ve been addicted to using it since.


I didn’t get to post the unboxing of my first ever BDJ Box last November, I am however posting my top favorite items from that box now. It is The Cream Factory Bath Cream and Oil of Argan hair spray. The bath cream that I got is in goat’s milk & avocado flavor, which has a luxurious fruity scent, and it feels extremely smooth in the shower. My first impression of the oil of argan wasn’t very good. I didn’t know that you only needed a tiny bit of the product to make your hair smooth and frizz free.

You probably noticed it by now that I put a lot of effort into decorating my room. When I saw this Yorkshire Terrier coin bank from Forever 21 I just had to get it. It reminded me of my little dog, Bentley. He’s a yorkshire Terrier and I love him so much. They also have other dainty room accessories that I think you girls will like, so do check them out online when you have the time.


My two favorite snacks that I would like to recommend for you to try the next time you are grocery shopping are the Fitbar fruits fiber snack and McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives. Both of them taste really good and are rich in fiber. I especially like the Fitbar more because it only has 110 Calories! I try my best to not use this fact as an excuse to eat the entire box in one sitting.

I feel like every month I share at least one TV Show with you. This month I’ve been watching an old TV series named “Greek”. It’s about the lives of this group of friends that are in a sorority and fraternity. I’ve always wanted to be in a sorority like Elle Woods. The TV series Greek focuses more on sisterhood and brotherhood, which I quite like and the characters in the story are adorable, even the ones that are suppose to be annoying.

Before I end this post I would like to invite you to join my holiday giveaway if you haven’t yet. That is it for now, happy holidays everyone and have a great day ahead of you! :)


  • ncboodah says:

    That burberry lipstick looks amazing!

  • So true I been really good due to holidays trying to get for others. Your items doll love NYX also I enjoy esos lip balm had you try the pomegranate? I pad mini its cute so crazy now they have ipad air I wonder what will be next. You look beautiful with Santa Hat.

  • Judith says:

    Nice post, and you're not the only one for the coin purse I like them small too or I accumulate too much junk in it.

    I also love the eos lipbalm. I like a ticker more waxy lip balm instead of a silicone laden one.

  • I might check that wallet soon, might give me a reason not to lose such cutesy wallet.

  • I wish they sold EOS lip balms in the UK! They look so good!

  • Deborah says:

    Ahh I love the EOS lip balm! I have it it Strawberry (like you) and also pomegranite. It smells so good and the packaging is cute!
    Great favorites!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • Diana says:

    That lipstick is sooooo amazing!
    I have yet to find the perfect eyeshadow primer. I've tried the Urban Decay primer potion (the tiny one from my Naked 1 ) but it's not really good for me. I haven't decided between the The Balm primer and the NARS primer (both amazing and with a 10 euros difference…and yet I'm not sure about what should I pick)

    I only carry a wallet as well. Mine is slim. And pink xD (with sheep's from NICI because I'm a huge fan of their sheep collection ;__; <3 ) Yours is so classic <3
    I don't a tablet…I'm not a huge fan of Apple (with the exception of their big MAC computers, because they are amazing to work in terms of photoshop and videos) but I've been thinking about getting a small Samsung Galaxy Note, specially for carry on my bag with books and school notes. (and to play with instagram <3 )

    I love your favourites!
    Take care, have a nice day <3

  • Hey Shayne! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog!
    Oh, dear~ I'm gonna dream about those Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick!!! I just saw the advertorials in the magazine and would love to try it soon! Can't wait for your review on that!
    xx, Mira |
    I'm still waiting for Naked 3 to arrive in Malaysia so yeah. Will definitely going to get to get it once it's in!

  • Pooja Mittal says:

    I use my blog as an excuse to buy something which others feel are senseless or useless.. :)
    I want an iPad mini too
    Have a great week

  • Rae A. says:

    Such a pretty girl. Love the dewyness of your skin in this photo.

    PS. Share your room-after look :D

  • I saw the same coin bank and thought it was super cute! I also have a Yorkshire terrier named lily, that I thought of when I saw it in the store.

  • I should check that Burberry Lipstick. I love matte lipsticks too! I actually have a similar purse like the one you have and it usually keeps everything I need but most of the time, I still bring a bag whenever I go out. Hehe.

  • Lupe says:

    Great post! That Wet N Wild polish is nice! I've been into nude polishes lately. That wallet is cute! I have a small wallet. It's enough for my ids & money. :)

  • Naaj Rona says:

    I am typing this message from my iPad mini that was gifted to mrpe by my brother(last Christmas) since then, everybody is addicted to it :P

    I love the EOS packaging. After my lip balm disaster, I made one myself at home. I may post it on my blog.

    The chocolate digestives are yummy but I can eat only 2 maximum.

  • Iqra says:

    Shayne you look absolutely beautiful in that santa hat!
    gah, I always look forwards to reading your favourites posts and I probably say this each and every time, but the beautiful photos and variety, and info and just everything awesome about it make me so excited! I have a huge purse actually, because I'm one of those lazy types of people who leaves receipts and vouchers in their purse for months on end! I'm thinking of getting a separate one for coins and tickets, perhaps that'll help organise me somewhat?!
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  • Natasja says:

    Oehh, the NYX eyeshadow base looks good. Gotta love the Ipad :D and I need to try Argan oil myself :)… love your picture, btw!

  • You look so darn cute with the Santa hat!! =D Awesome favourites, Shayne. I've been dying to try Burberry make-up, they have such amazing formulation and the packaging is really elegant! EOS Lip Balm is one monthly faves too, so amazing on the lips! :)

    Oh btw, can I ask what camera do you use to take photos? I really love the quality. :)


  • Shayne says:

    the texture and quality are nice, will post a more detailed review soon! :)

  • Shayne says:

    i haven't tried pomegranate but since you and another reader mentioned you have it, i might try it next time im shopping for a lip balm :) i know, its so crazy how they quickly come up with so many different variations of pretty much the same thing :P thank you jackie <3

  • Shayne says:

    thats actually a good way to put it! it forces me to clean up my bag of all old receipts and what not :) // and i like how it doesnt leave a white cast over your lips after using it over and over again!

  • Shayne says:

    it's also not as expensive as most of their wallets, which i believe are triple its price. and i bet its a lot cheaper now that they are on a 50% off discount sale :)

  • Shayne says:

    they actually do not sell it here in the Philippines too ^^ i had to buy it from an online seller that ships them here. i hope you can find one in the UK too. btw thank you so much for the sunshine award beki :) will be checking it later when i get back home <3

  • Shayne says:

    now i want to try pomegranite since its the second time someone mentioned it here :) thank you deborah!

  • Shayne says:

    i also have the same primer sample size from UD. it is good at keeping the eye shadows together but it doesnt neutralize my lids and helps the color pop out. i was actually suppose to get the nars primer but i wont now bec of the NYX one, will post a review maybe you can find it useful while your still deciding on what to buy :)

    ooo i researched the brand, they have cutesy wallets! i agree with you on the mac products, the really big ones have nice resolutions and good for graphic designing / photography stuff. but in terms of laptops i had to change into a non-mac brand this year. my old macbook wasnt that good ^^ thank you diana! <3

  • Shayne says:

    thank you pooja! :)

  • Shayne says:

    thank you sis! they key is to put highlighter and blast a strong light on your face :D might take awhile for me to do that sis kase i want it to be a bit more presentable hehe but i plan to! :)

  • Shayne says:

    ooooo i want to meet lily, i love yorkies i think they are the most adorable breed of dogs in the universe <3

  • Shayne says:

    sis its so nice! ^^ will write a more detailed review so you can learn more about it before you order :)

  • Shayne says:

    i've learned that im more into neutral / bridal colors when it comes to nail polishes hehe :) thank you lupe!

  • Shayne says:

    naaj lets play my little pony together haha! ^^ that game is quite addicting, well for me because i did like watching the cartoon show :) will look forward to your lip balm DIY post naaj :)

  • Shayne says:

    aw thank you for your kind words iqra, i dont mind it at all that you mention the same thing everytime hehe :) it is actually my favorite thing to do when i blog, i consume a lot of time taking pictures. i bet you have a huge everyday bag that comes with your big wallet? it was the same for me back in college :P

  • Shayne says:

    thank you natasja! <3

  • Shayne says:

    aw thank you sis! the best thing about the packaging of the burberry lipstick is it has a magnet in it ^^ it secures the tube and its quite cool to play with it haha. I use NIKON D5100 im glad you like the photos , i put a little extra effort whenever i take them :)

  • Shin Esque says:

    I love your photos, something very stylish and elegant about them xD
    The mango quilted pouch is so cute!
    Sadly I dont even carry my wallet around these days I just use cards that I fit into the bulky phone case that I have T-T

  • Shayne says:

    it will never arrive here in the Philippines :( at least officially , will have to order it through an online seller :) i did try to order it last week but its already sold out. cant wait to have it though :) and welcome to my blog <3 will post the review soon, the shade worn by the model in their ad is actually the next shade on my list <3

  • Romila Marie says:

    Pink Amber!! Yay! <3

  • Rae says:

    Btw, did you know that there's no more wnw in sm and watsons. Shocked!

  • Lovely list! I have that nail polish and I agree, it's a really perfect nude. I also watched Greek a while back… it's silly but I really enjoyed it. And the nice thing about that hat is that it will be in style for a little while every year. ;)

  • I prefer to have a small purse than to have a big one, for me that size can fit what I need.

  • Naaj Rona says:

    I'm the opposite, hate cartoons. When I was small, I use to lock the cartoon channels because my brother watched them like whole day and I got fed up with it so locked them :)

  • Rubie Osorio says:

    We have the same purse :) I only have small purse for everyday use. :) Btw, great picture shots as always.

  • Love your list Gotta try that Fitbar. You look great in Santa, sis. :)

  • aw i love your santa hat!so cute!yes i sometimes so buy thing cos I'm like ooh i could totally write about that!hehe!im now following your blog lovely!:)x

  • Shayne says:

    whhyyyyyy =( they have really good nail polishes pa naman and eye shadows!

  • Shayne says:

    hahaha! :P i wish i knew how to lock channels back then. my brother and I also fight over the remote control when watching TV ^^

  • Shayne says:

    thank you sis! from what i know they have 2 available flavors atm but try this first, i like it better than the other flavor :)

  • Shayne says:

    i used to have that phone case that has little compartments! it sure does makes you forget about your wallet cause it pretty much carries all your stuff. thank you shin, im glad you like the photos! means a lot :)

  • Shayne says:

    you were right about the color sis! iluvitsomuch <3

  • Shayne says:

    yay someone who watches the same show with me! i think im about to finish the entire series haha, its addicting :) you even have the same name as one of my fave characters in the show! <3 thanks rebecca!

  • Shayne says:

    nice to know someone shares the same opinion with me :) thanks for dropping by!

  • Shayne says:

    hahaha it happens to me a lot i end up buying so many things that i dont really need :) thank you and welcome to my blog! <3

  • Janet says:

    u look so adorable with the santa hat ^_^~ very cute cute cute ;) inggit me as i want an ipad mini too!!!! ;)

  • Hello gorgeous! I am a more pink and beige girl myself! Oh and congrats on your new ipad mini. I got mine this year and have been addicted to it. Did you get yourself a case for the ipad mini?

  • P.S. you look so pretty in that photo with the Christmas hat. And I just super love your skin. What product are you using? I love how you have that certain glow! Ganda! =)

  • Czarina Mae says:

    You look so so pretty in that photo! <3 hahaha. I love the items you posted here. Especially those snacks you recommended. Hopefully I can find those here in Singapore cos I've been having crazy snack cravings!

  • Jenn says:

    I love this favorites post! :) I don't like matte lipsticks because they are very drying. Is the Burberry also drying? I will wait for your product review! I also have quite a small wallet. More often than not, I just carry a coin purse. It is more convenient and saves space in my bag.

    Rose Wholesale Giveaway
    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  • Shayne says:

    thanks sis! :) i hope you get one this Christmas! ^^

  • Shayne says:

    thanks sis! i did! ^^ i got one from lilly pulitzer online, hopefully it will arrive before Christmas. you know any local shops that sells good cases? :)

  • Shayne says:

    thank you hihi :) i think the products that contribute most to the glow are olay regenerist moisturizer, lancome foundation, highlighters from mac & elf, and years of drinking lots of water :P

  • Shayne says:

    thank you czarina! ^^ im not sure if its a local brand, i hope you find it though it taste really good :) ah i really wish i can visit SG soon!

  • Shayne says:

    its different than most matte lipsticks that I've tried and own :) will post the review soon para its more detailed hopefully it can give you more info that you are looking for. thank you! :)

  • Fifi ♥ says:

    I'm dying to try the EOS lip balms, everyone online is always taking about how great they are but i still haven't got my hands on them yet! You look absolutely gorgeous in the Santa outfit :)
    And btw i really love your blog design, it looks really pretty!


  • This was a really interesting post. I enjoy seeing what products other people love. I have the same EOS lip balm and love it. I realllly want the new Naked palette as well!!

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  • Mindy Fan says:

    I did notice the whole pink/ pastel theme going on in your picture, hehe I thought you did it on purpose! I really love that burberry lipstick and your coin purse. I usually carry a tiny coin purse type thing for everyday ( I don't really need much for school) but when I go out and I want to carry my camera or something like that, I will bring a bag or my bigger wallet (which can fit my camera!)
    I am so jealous of your ipad mini!! I have a samsung and it works really well, but I just really want an ipad or an iphone !

  • Stephanie L says:

    Ah you're so pretty! And I've always wanted to try Burberry makeup. My friend loves their stuff!

  • Shayne says:

    aw thanks fifi! :) and welcome to my blog! i feel like the EOS lip balms are popular because of its unique packaging and the flavors are really nice. i hope you can get to try one soon perhaps someone will give it to you this Christmas ^^

  • Shayne says:

    hi sarah! i heard the naked palette is now available again. if i am not mistaken it was out of stock a couple of days ago. i asked my friend to order one for me since we dont really have UD here in my country i have to get it online :) i cant wait to have it! ^^

  • Shayne says:

    i should be more like that with my camera. im lazy to bring it with me whenever i leave the house because its a bit big hehe, which will require me to bring a bigger bag and i dont have many of those :P but its in my resolution to bring it more often and take more everyday pictures like most bloggers i follow :)

  • Shayne says:

    aw thank you stephanie :) it is quite good, im wonderng if the blushes are as good as the quality of this lipstick too. its too bad we dont have burberry here in my country so i could try them out in the counter first

  • Karen says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post! So jealous, I want an ipad :P I just purchased some EOS balms and I really like how it is round, it really does make it fun to apply, although mine broke :( I think I need to try the NYX eyeshadow base after hearing how good it is! I like a larger sized wallet because I just don't like folding up my money notes and I have a Prada wallet :P

  • Momodicted says:

    Such cute and lovely goodies! You look good in a Santa hat. I should look for mine, it should be somewhere around the house… Our decorations are up so all that's missing now is the Christmas spirit.

  • Jo says:

    I love the accidental theme here. Really like hues of pink and neautrals.

    The Burberry lipstick sounds promising!

  • Sally Mae says:

    you look lovely in that photo sis! and i also have eos lip balms given by my generous officemates. i love the smell of the pink one :)

  • Shayne says:

    post a pic of you wearing it too! ^^ thank you <3

  • Shayne says:

    thank you karen! im glad you like the stuff here, the shape and scent of the lip balm makes me want to eat it ^^ how did yours break? :(

  • Shayne says:

    its just so calming and girly ^^ thanks jo!

  • Shayne says:

    aw thank you sis <3

  • I have that eos lip balm!:D It's the cutest little thing. Your pictures are always so lovely, with a little bit of pink rose in the background and the baby pink towel and plate. Ahaha, it makes me so happy to pictures of soft pink things. It tickles my girly heart. AHAHA

    You're so beautiful. & your makeup always looks so flawless and fresh. Why can't I look like that? HAHAHA

    ♥ Charms | my ∞ fashion confession

  • Shayne says:

    whaat you always look flawless on your OOTDs! :) im glad you like the pics charmaine <3

  • So cute photos!!!
    Want to try Burberry lipstick after your review! Definitely!!

  • Shayne says:

    thanks! its a really good matte lipstick :)

  • I am such a fan of matte lipstick. I would definitely look for this one. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You're a Filipina too. That's great, seldom bump into one. :p

  • Shayne says:

    hi ellie! :) theres quite a big community of beauty bloggers from PH here, its always nice to meet a fellow Filipina <3

  • Nix Sayo says:

    I carry with me a big wallet from Charles & Keith because I bring with me several cards (a Timezone card included because I am a kid at heart <3), calling cards, IDs, etc. I don't know but I feel like I'm being held back when I carry a small wallet. But that Mango purse looks so classy. :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i miss my timezone card! aaah nostalgia :) is that the wallet that you posted on your Christmas entry? the big pretty blue one? :)

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