DIY Dainty Twinkle Lights

I haven’t been feeling well lately to get up and write on my laptop, so I thought a pick me up crafting project would cheer me up a bit. Today’s DIY project is very fitting for bloggers and vloggers because it’s a nice piece of decor to have in the background of a blog picture or Youtube video. Two of my favorite Youtube vloggers, Tanya Burr and Zoella, used twinkle lights in some of their videos. I thought it was such a lovely touch and it made those videos stand out for me. So I decided to create one for me and added flowers to make it look shabby chic.

I must warn you though, this project, although the procedures aren’t that hard, will take time. But I promise you the end result is very beautiful. So if you have time come make this DIY project with me :) Here are the procedures.



1. Cut square pieces from any fabric that you like. I got mine from an old tank top, and some tulle fabric (tulle is optional) to add dimension to the flowers. These squares have the width of approximately 2.5 inches.
2. Draw and cut out a template of a flower on any paper. I made this by searching “flower template” on Google image and lightly tracing the pattern on top of my laptop screen. This part can be a bit challenging, using one or two paper clips to hold the flower template and the fabrics together will help.



3. Get two to three pieces of the cut out fabric flowers and arrange them irregularly on top of each other.
4. Fold the gathered flowers into halves.
5. Fold it again into halves forming a shape of a cone



6. Sew the bottom point of the cone.
7. Unfold some petals and arrange it to your liking.
8. Cut a rectangular piece of double-sided adhesive tape and apply it to the same fabric you used to create the flowers. Some fabrics will not work well with adhesive tapes in which case you can carefully use hot glue instead. I haven’t tried this procedure but I would think it’s important to avoid having the hot glue touch the wire of your twinkle lights.



9. Sandwich the wire of the twinkle lights in between the fabric flower and the fabric with the tape or hot glue. Press both fabrics together.
10. Just repeat the same procedures and keep attaching flowers to your twinkle lights. Now is a good time to play cheerful Christmas songs in the background as you repeat these steps. Good luck :)



That is it for today girls, I hope you enjoy this :) If you recreate this project please don’t forget to share it with me, I would love to see it. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!


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