Review : Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte

I wanted to make this review post extra extra special to honor Chanel. Then I realize I just couldn’t  do justice to this elite brand. All I can do is take beautiful pictures (i hope you like em, im rather proud of it) and tell you how I feel about it. Most girls who are very much into fashion love Chanel. I was interested in fashion far before I started exploring make up, which is not so long ago. I grew fond of buying blushes, bronzers, lipsticks… and neglected to get a hold of that one simple thing a girl with an oily T-zone needs most – a natural face powder.

Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder in 30 Naturel

“Imparts a translucent, natural matte finish when applied over makeup in the morning or as an anytime touch-up. Ultra-fine lightweight formula with light-reflecting pigments and luxuriously soft feel creates a flattering, halo-like look. ” – Chanel

Originally I was going to buy a lesser expensive pressed powder, then I decided to amused myself and buy Chanel as a personal gift. Like a reward / retail therapy. I bought it three weeks ago. As expected, the packaging is simple yet very elegant. It’s a sleek black compact container with the iconic Chanel logo embossed on it. It comes with a cute little black velvet bag, a mirror, with a white make up sponge inside. I’m a sucker for good packaging :)

I use a separate brush to apply the powder on my face, to set my liquid foundation, but after that, it stays in my purse to go with me whenever I leave the house. I don’t usually like to bring big brushes with me all the time so I appreciate the tiny sponge that comes with it.

The powder has a soft floral scent. I like that the texture is less powdery (even though it’s a powder) and more silky. It’s also very light and it feels extremely soft on your skin. It does not give any coverage, as it is suppose to be natural and translucent, which is what I exactly need. It mattifies and eliminates shine very well, and leaves your skin with a gentle radiant glow. If you have oily skin like I do, this is a really good product to have. It’s finely milled and does not leave a dusty look on the face like most powders do.

The only downside I could find on this product is its expensive for a compact powder. People usually don’t spend too much for this kind of item. It is definitely a luxury purchase. However, I love Chanel, its a really good product, and it’s always nice to have little luxurious items waiting for you in your purse, for me, it was worth splurging on.

Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder in 30 Naturel

Cost : PHP2450.00 each
I really like it. It’s a perfect powder to set your liquid foundation with, and to carry with you on the go for touch ups whenever you need it. It doesn’t have coverage, it mattifies shine nicely, and gives a radiant glow. It’s expensive for a powder and you are also paying for the brand name, so it is definitely not a practical choice but a luxury purchase.

Philippine Branches : Available at Rustan’s Alabang, Makati
Pictures by Shayne Naidas. Chanel Logo from their website


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