Lusting Over Lush Body Soaps

Do you prefer using a bar of soap over liquid body wash? If I were to answer this question months ago, I would have said liquid body wash right away. But after using a couple of Lush’s handmade natural soaps, I might have to change my mind. I used to literally run away from Lush store every time I walk pass by it in the mall. The scent of the soaps all together are overwhelming and the sight of soap openly stacked like a blocks of cheese was strange for me. Then I saw a lot of good reviews about their products and wondered what I was missing. I went to Lush and gave some of their soaps a try.


Honey I Washed The Kids is their best selling soap. It smells amazing! I love love love this soap. The scent is a sweet and soft mixture of honey and toffee. It glides through your skin, it lathers well, and it feels luxurious even after you shower. Not only does it cleanse well but it also gives you a good shower experience. It leaves your bathroom smelling amazing. This is by far my favorite daily luxury soap. However, if you are looking for something that has more moisturizing properties, then I would recommend using Sultana Of Soaps.

Sultana Of Soap
(small slice from the actual soap bar)

Unlike Honey I Washed The Kids, I wasn’t a huge fan of this scent. It has a good fresh fruity scent, just not my preference. What I really love about Sultana is its deep moisturizing properties. When you touch the soap before shower you immediately feel its luxurious creamy texture and it glides on your skin during shower. I’ve been using it for months now and it really has a distinct effect on  my skin. My skin feels moisturized for a long time. I find that it also gives out a healthier glow.

The only thing I didn’t like about Sultana is it has some fall outs. The soap has a chunk of natural organic fruits on top of it for decorative purposes. It does make the soap look cute but I cut this part out of the soap that I use in the shower to avoid clogging my drain. It melts a bit faster than a regular soap, but because of its benefits it didn’t feel like I am wasting soap at all.

Buffy Body Butter

Buffy is their famous body butter. It has tiny grains in it that exfoliates well. I did not find the grains too abrasive. It is also deeply moisturizing since its a body butter. When you rinse, it feels oilier than I expected. The oil covers and sticks to your skin for a long time even after shower. I suggest only using it at night when your just staying home. It feels amazingly smooth and sexy in a cold room, but it can be too oily and sticky in a hot humid room. The one big thing that I didn’t like with Buffy is it’s herbal scent. It is too medicinal for me. The scent amplifies and lingers on your skin overnight. I was disappointed because it was one of their expensive soaps and I like how Buffy made my skin feel, but I just couldn’t live with the scent.

Honey I Washed The Kids
PHP245.00 / 100g minimum
I love this soap so much! It’s a great luxury everyday soap and it smells amazing. I also think that it is a great gift to give. Not everyone like splurging on soaps but we all deserve a good shower experience especially if you want a break from a stressful day.

Sultana of Soap
PHP275.00 / 100g minimum
Sultana is one of the most moisturizing soaps I have ever tried. It also gives my skin a healthier glow and the moisture lasts almost an entire day. It’s good for people who have dry skin like me. I’ll definitely buy this soap again and include it on my essential skincare products.

Buffy Body Butter
PHP425.00 each
Buffy did a great job in exfoliating and moisturizing my skin but I didn’t like its herbal scent that sticks on your body for hours and it’s too oily. But a lot of people like this product too. If you are looking for a good exfoliating soap that’s highly moisturizing and you don’t mind herbal scent, this can be a good soap for you.

Lush Soap Container
PHP125.00 each
The silver lush tin cans are sold separately. They come in different shapes and sizes. It’s not really a necessity especially if you already have a good soap container, but its cute and its good to carry around with you when you travel.


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