Hello Again Blogging World!

A few months ago I decided to stop blogging for awhile. I had to prioritize working on something, my laptop broke, and i had a mini room makeover. Now that I have the opportunity and time, I am back and looking forward to blogging again. As for my come back post, I’d like to properly introduce my blog to you and tell you how I got the name Queen Of All You See.

The first impression of that name may sound a bit ballsy, arrogant, and narcissistic. People may raise their eyebrows and  think “who on earth does she think she is declaring that she is queen”. When I was younger, I was taught that each girl is uniquely special and set apart among the rest. Each one of them should feel and be treated like a royalties. I thought that it was such a sweet thought that I took it to heart. I even named the store I had before The Royalty Shop. I wanted to make hair accessories that resemble crowns. And when worn, hopefully make a girl feel extra special on her important occasion or even on a casual day.

I’d like the same thing for my blog as well. Write about things and thoughts that I acquire, that makes me feel good, and hopeful whoever reads it will gain something from it and sees herself more as the queen of all she sees :)


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