Tips & Tricks : Flower Decor Arrangement

I mentioned on my previous post that I have been working on a mini room makeover. Sometime soon I’ll share an entry of the little new things I collected for it. In the meantime, I want to show you quick and easy tips I used in fixing my new flower decor.

You’re going to need ; your flowers, choice of vase, a pair of scissors, and invisible adhesive tape. I chose pinky peach colored artificial hydrangea flowers. Originally I was going to get white flowers, but I had to change it to add more contrast between my white curtains and the flowers.

I bought a couple of crystal clear glass goblets for the hydrangeas. They look really romantic and elegant when put together. My room isn’t very spacious and it has low natural light coming in so I wanted to use shiny things that can reflect light to make my room seem a little bit bigger and brighter.

Before you start arranging it, make sure that the vase and flowers are already cleaned. Secure the vase on a table, and use the adhesive tape to create a crisscross pattern on the top opening of the vase. This will serve as a net to keep the flowers and leaves in place.

Cut the flower stems into your desired height and place them in between the adhesive tape pattern.
There you go, quick and easy ways of making your own flower decor arrangement. Those two little goblets are for my room, and the big “chalice of destiny” as my boyfriend calls it, will be placed in the living room.

Have a nice day!


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