Crafty Weekend : Prep Up Your Notebook

Am I too old fashioned that I prefer writing my agendas on a notebook instead of using lets say a tablet or other gadgets? For those of you who use planner, journals, notebooks, here are couple of ideas you can do to personalized them. I thought it would be a nice weekend back-to-school craft project since its June and classes will start in a few days (pat all students on shoulders).

I’m using a Beauty Bar 2013 planner. The original cover of this notebook is a dark moss green color. It’s not a good shade to look at everyday, so instead of buying another planner, I decided to get crafty and cover it with my favorite polka dot fabric.

You’re going to need a hard bound covered notebook, your favorite fabric,pair of scissors, and a lot of double stick tape. Pick fabrics that are a little stiff and easy to work with. Avoid fabrics that are soft and flowly because they create a lot of wrinkles. It’s the same process as covering a book with plastic wrapping paper, only in this project you are going to use a lot of double stick tape to make sure that the fabric sticks to your notebook. Do not use glue gun in doing this because it can create ugly bulges.

You can add other details and accessories like gems, stickers, and pictures. For my planner I decided to add little envelops to make it more functional, using more double stick tapes. :)

It stores my shopping tags, laundry receipts, and random little notes. I also added another bigger envelope at the back of the notebook for more storage.

I hope you gain something from this post! Have a nice weekend! :)
What other ideas do you have in mind to personalize your notebooks? 


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