Edit October 5, 2017

Just a few minutes ago, I was crying over how much I miss my dog, my bestfriend, Bentley (he passed away last year). I was just about to write a private blog on how much I love him and how much it hurts to miss him, when I stumbled onto this post I did many years ago. I forgot I had this. Whenever I try to blog about Bentley, after he passed away, I always end up in tears, unable to form proper sentences… It’s happening again now, so let me just end this post here and share his old photos here with you.

Bentley I miss you so much, life is incomplete with out you here. I hope you are doing great in heaven. I’m looking forward to see you and hug you once again when I get there, love you.



Original Post
Meet my little baby, Bentley ♥
(wrote this blog post many years ago)

Happy Wednesday girls! I want you to meet my little pet, Bentley. I love him so much. He’s a two year old Yorkshire Terrier and I named him after the luxury car brand that I like. He’s really really cute and tiny. I tell him everyday that for me, he’s the cutest dog in the world! When he’s not sleepy, he’s extremely playful. . .

He likes : vanilla ice cream, salty foods, and lots of attention. He dislikes : banana (which is sad cause it’s one of my favorite fruits) , hot weather, and his hairbrush. I’ll be posting more about him in the future, and most probably the products and things that he uses, that I can recomend to those of you who have pets too :)

Do you have a pet dog too? If not what kind of pet or breed would you like to have?


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  • AWW! Super cute ni Bentley!!!

  • thanks! ^^ on that last picture he was looking at mama cause she was also taking pictures of him. But she was so noisy going “aww ang cute!” so Bentley kept looking at her haha.

  • Bentley, you're so adorable!
    I never had a pet, but I will keep one when I see the opportunity!
    I always liked terriers or big dogs, west highland white terriers seem really cute these days :D

  • west highland terriers <3 i love em! they are so so white and fluffy. but original i like big dogs too. we used to have Labradors and Dalmatians :D

  • aww what a cutie!! bentley is adorable!! no jojo is a lhasa apso.. i have another doggie too named napoleon he's a shit-zu :)

  • thanks! ^^ i also like those breeds, they all kinda look alike imo. you have really cute dogs as well :) take care lisa!

  • Mariz Padua

    Awe! Adorbs baby boy.

  • Oh Shayne!! It’s normal that you miss him and that it still hurts. You loved him <3 Actually you love him. Because you still do! <3