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Every now and then a product comes along that inspires me to take my selfies to the next level and pose ferociously in front of the camera haha! (totally out of my character BTW! I’m quite shy with photos)  ― the lip cream responsible for my ala-Beyonce pose above is Sleek Shabby Chic, which I’ll get more into in awhile. Lets talk about its formula first.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams are unscented, light-as-a-feather liquid lipsticks that dries super matte on the lips very quickly. The three shades I have now are all nicely pigmented. Although you’re going to need at least two coats to get a solid even coverage, which I think no one would really mind. I personally have fun using it’s doe foot applicator to “paint” it on my lips.

These are surprisingly not drying and do not transfer unless of course you eat an oily burrito. It’s mega long lasting, as in it’s not easy to get this off with makeup remover. I used Bioderma, Avene Micellar, and Maybelline makeup remover and it-is-hard you guys. Its color fades a bit after seven hours but it leaves a pigmented stain so you don’t really have to keep retouching. Like with most Sleek products, these lip creams have outstanding quality especially for its affordable price of P450 / $9.5.


sleek birthday suit shabby chic matte me lip cream review swatch photo fotd price sleek birthday suit matte me lip cream review swatch photo fotd price sleek shabby chic matte me lip cream review swatch photo fotd price



Birthday Suit is the queen-of-all-matte-me-lip-creams, it’s Sleek’s most popular shade and let me warn you guys now that this sells out fast. I can’t speak highly enough about it. This is such a perfect, and I’m not exaggerating here, MLBB (my lips but better) shade. I’ve been looking for something like it for the longest time. It’s a muted medium warm rosey brown color we could all wear everyday with or without other makeup (aka foundation or a full eye makeup look). 

A sultry mauve, and a tad shade darker version of Birthday Suit is Shabby chic. I love this as well. It appears lighter on my ferocious-intro-pic cos of how bright my light was, so imagine that shade but slightly darker. If you like lipsticks such as MAC Mehr or Happy Skin Girl Boss then your going to enjoy Shabby Chic.

Fired up is for the sophisticated lot who like to wear vampy “intimidation nation” deep red lip shades. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of this worn but I do have a swatch for you below and it reminds me of a darker MAC Viva Glam I. This shade is quite hard to work with cos it’s very intense that a tiny imperfection is noticeable. If you don’t have super steady hands then you need to use a lip liner with it to smoothen it out the edges. 


sleek birthday suit shabby chic matte me lip cream review swatch photo fotd price sleek birthday suit shabby chic matte me lip cream review swatch photo fotd price vs kylie lip kits



Generally speaking Sleek M.M.L.P.’s are not completely identical ― color-wise ― to the Kylie Jenner lip kits, but they are close. Actually, I do love the fact that they aren’t identical, because Sleek brought something uniquely beautiful into the liquid lipstick table. Quality-wise, Kylie Lip Kits are better (as it should be ‘cos they are waayyy more expensive). I’m not saying Sleek M.M.L.P.’s are bad ‘cos they are good, just that Kylie added a couple of extra things like cupcake scents, full on color opaqueness, and fluffier doe foot applicator to justify their prices.

Birthday suit is Koko K with a drop of Candy K, or in short a warmer Koko K. It’s how i wanted Candy K to look on me, but… is it just me or does Candy K oxidize and turn a bit darker and browner from its original shade in say 30mins? Shabby chic is a mauve-ier and cool toned Posie K (Posie is pinker). Fired up I believe is nothing similar to Mary Jo K, which BTW keeps selling out on me so i don’t have a swatch of it for you.

If you could only get one Matte Me shade to try out first then definitely… definitely (repeat twice to emphasize LOL) grab Birthday Suit while it’s still available. You’re going to love it! My friends bought some from Zalora and they are super pleased with it! What’s your top favorite Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams?


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Disclaimer: These products were given to me to test out and review. All my opinion and experiences stated here are 100% honest and true. 


  • Funny how now I am more interested in getting the Sleek Matte liquid lipsticks rather than the Kylie lipsticks.
    I’ve been loving shades like this as well ( I tend to wear my Mauve from sephora or Magick from Kat von D )

    I really want to get more MLBB shades like Birthday Suit ( funny how I have a cream shadow from Benefit with this name) and Shabby Chic. My next order from Maquillalia is going to be full of liquid lipsticks!

    Take care*

    • youre gonna love birthday suit di :) :) and yes actually remembered your fave benefit shadow when i saw the name ^^ i hope you get one of these (birthday suit to be exact) :)

  • Gaaaaah. Shabby Chic is looooove! I really like it.

    • thanks sis! may nabili ka na ba uli na shade? ^^

  • Jackie Harrison

    The shades are stunning great post.

  • You’re so pretty sis! Kahit anong lipstick ata bagay sayo.. ;)

  • Tine Despares

    I do wanna try Birthday Suit din sis! you’re so right, perfect cya for everyday wear! I love din Shabby Chic and when I read the post and saw the pic na, I was like Beyonce nga!!!! hahaha actually when I saw your fierce/beautiful pic above sis naisip ko agad Victoria Secret model and Beyonce All the Single Ladies hahaha ewan ko lol but love love love the peg sis! So pretty! Considering its affordable price na 450 I think it’s a real must have lalo na that its quality is so good.

    love lots,

    • ano beeeyyy nakakakilig naman ung words of encouragements mo sis hahaha. thank you. pangarap kong maging beyonce lol. youre going to like birthday suit talagapromise sana you can get lagi daw sold out eh :(

  • you look gorgeous! I wish I can also rock those colors

    • thank you! feeling ko bagay sayo sis esp birthday suit :)

  • Looks gorgeous on you! I don’t really care much about the Kylie Lip Kits so I’d probably opt for these ^^ but i can certainly appreciate opaqueness and cupcake scents haha! Love the pics, btw, as always.

    • thanks natasja ^^ i think youll like the shade velvet slipper, i feel like its the kind of shade you usually wear on your motds :)

      • Velvet Slipper looks gorgeous! I’ll have a looksie :D thanks for he recommendation!

  • Gellie N.

    Super gaganda ng shades nila Ms. Shayne :) Love ko din yung Birthday suit and yung Old Hollywood nila. :)

  • Personally, I think the Kylie lip kit’s are just way too overpriced for what they are. glad you were able to find an awesom dupe for it. really interested in trying out those Sleek Lippies now..hehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    • I agree. Maybe it’s the brand name that made it so expensive. But how it is when used does not make much of a difference with other lippies.

      • yup they are taking advantage of kylies rep :(

    • kylie lipkits are expensive :( although if youre into lip liners you might find her kit useful. ung liners actually ung fave ko sa kits nya. they are really good liners ^^ sis go get birthday suit bagay sayo yun <3

  • Steph gods

    Love the first photo! Where do you nut your Kylie Lip Kits?

  • Michelle Mojar

    Hi, have you tried using the new formulation of sleek birthday suit? Is there any difference from the version you used during this review?

  • Mary Chua

    Hi! I just bought the Sleek lippies and tried one kanina. Do you find that the Sleek lippies oxidize and get darker after wearing them? I think mine did. I tried Bittersweet (corally, peachy shade) but then after I wore it for maybe an hour the color turned a bit darker so it kind of was a warm and a bit brownish peach na? Was wondering if you had the same experience or if it was just me. Thanks!