Tools Of The Trade : Zoeva Luxe Complete Brush Set

Hello hello! I feel like I haven’t written anything for centuries. I just spent hours mind blank in front of my laptop, trying to come up with a decent introduction lol. Anyway, how has everyone been doing?

If you recall, a year ago Sigma was the reigning brand for makeup brushes. I was set on getting their Bunny Kit but then I found a cheaper alternative with the same quality ― Zoeva’s Luxe Complete Brush Set. It is still almost as expensive as Sigma, but Zoeva offers (3) more brushes and a bad ass looking leather pouch, it won my heart over

Thanks to Juvy, Tellie, and Liz for your recommendations! :)

To start with, it’s a really good makeup brush set. I wish I knew I’d enjoy makeup this much years ago. I would’ve loved if I had invested on these brushes right away. Here’s a quick run down on them!


The Face Brushes

Do you remember Real Technique’s buffing brush we all love? Silk Finish is a much better version of it. Zoeva should’ve included three of this in the set! It’s very multi-purpose. I mostly use it for a fuller foundation coverage or to apply my bronzer. Concealer Buffer is like a mini version of Silk Finish. What I like most about this brush is that it’s soft enough to dab concealer with, and it blends better than the usual flat concealer brush.

Face Definer goes along well with the Hourglass Dim Light powder. It’s slightly pointed tip makes it easier to apply makeup on the little corners of my face (btw this brush gets fluffier after the first wash). I use Luxe Highlight to apply highlighter on the temples of my cheeks, while Luxe Cheek Finish is a flat-ish blush brush which I personally prefer more than a those really fluffy ones because it gives me more control of how much and where I want to apply the blush.


The Eye Brushes

Ok so Zoeva decided we need more crease brushes in our lives. Probably because they know we don’t wash our brushes regularly, so they gave us extras for the times we need a clean one to blend in eye colors. Personally I wish they changed Defined Crease (I use this the least) and gave us a Stippling brush instead (I had to buy it separately).

Smoky Shader is one of my lid brushes, Soft Crease is my designated clean blending brush, while I use Soft Definer and Petit Crease for a more detailed eye look. But my ultimate favorite and the best eye brush from the bunch, would have to be the black pointed Crease Brush. It blends nicely and fits perfectly in my crease.

Two brushes that I haven’t used that much yet is their Fine Liner and Wing Liner. But I’ll be experimenting with these as soon as my first ever gel eyeliner arrives. Meantime I’m happily stuck with my liquid liners and this Luxe Pencil I use for softly lining eyeshadow near my waterline. Lastly, their Brow Liner, which I use to fill in my brows.


Good Deals For Zoeva Brushes

I got a whooping PHP1600 (USD35) discount off this brush set from Luxola. Try using the code LX-LIZ (25% off, code from Liz) and LUCKY30 (30% off). It should apply to other products as well, and If these codes don’t work anymore you can always wait for their weekly discount promos :)

And guys they have the Zoeva Rosegold Brush Set! I ALMOST DIED. It only has 8 brushes so I didn’t get the set, but hey it’s good enough for some girls. If Zoeva releases a complete Rosegold set this holiday (which i have a feeling that they would) I might just burst into tears.

PS: Any suggestions where I can find a good brush cup holder?


  • no you didn't!!!!! ahahaha, i need alot of self control after reading this. seriously, the only brush i need now is for blush (since my last blush brush is showing some sign of giving up on me). great set and the pouch is really a bad ass, even if turned into purse it will still look badasssss

  • You should have gotten the rose gold set :> But what can we do? You already got this.. Oh well. Guess you just have to buy it as additional :))

  • Beautiful set of makeup brushes nice review.

  • If they launch this set in rose gold it will be my Christmas gift for sure! I've been thinking about getting their rose gold set, specially because I need more eye brushes and a nice concealer brush. And the face brushes they have look really nice – and I don't really fell in Love with Natural bristles brushes…if only they did a full collection like this with rose gold synthetic brushes XD

    Anyway, this brush set is still a bit expensive here but it's still cheaper than the sigma set. I might end up getting the rose gold set and a few extra eye brushes (With luck they might do good discounts during the Black Friday? Who knows!)

    And I'm glad everything is okay with you! I got really worried when I saw that news about the floods in Manila!
    Take care, can't wait for your next post <3

  • These brushes look AMAZING. So luxurious!

    I always thought Zoeva was an expensive brand! Also, extra brushes are always welcomed by me; an extra brush = extra day of getting away without doing brush laundry! :D

  • Yay! I bought a brush cup holder from Suesh. Less than 500, I think. It looks like Sigma brush cup holder. :-)

  • This looks like a great set! I have way too many brushes as it is though… <3

  • Oh gosh, everyone has been raving about Zoeva brushes! I need to get my hands on them! They look so stunning, and the quality sounds amazing! I think I may just have to opt for the rose gold set though because omg ROSE GOLD.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • They're beautiful, but I don't think I can buy a brush set again anytime soon. I spent so much time building up a collection of assorted brushes, so I'm all set now. These look so Pro, though. :)

  • Oh great! I am a big fan of Zoeva's brushes and I currently own the Bamboo Set! It consists of brushes for your whole face.. foundation to eye products and a nice one for your lips. So far the best thing I have tried. Once these brushes get old.. I might just try that (complete) rose gold set! What a beauty!

  • these look so great!!!! i mean, even in the photo they look plush and soft!
    i just use a glass to hold my brushes. or an empty out candle.
    A Beautiful Zen

  • Looks like an amazing collection of brushes! I really need to get myself a new set soon. I love how complete yours is!

  • Wooww, so many brushes!! If I'd buy them, I'm sure I won't know what to do with them. LOL

  • I'm always looking for new brushes. These are way out of my price range at the moment, but they do look really well made. Haha, I don't wash the crease brush enough for sure. :P

  • Woah! that's a new one sis!!! I love how it looks like! so sleek! You really scored a lot sis,since it's a complete package and very useful!!! Just bought a new set of brushes too sis,ibang brand nga lng yun hehhe <3 so gladd you've found a really good one sis! :))

    love lots,

  • I am drooling over this right now. OMGGGGGG I want them all huhuhu whyyy

  • Ahh I just want to reach into your post and grab that Face Definer brush! The hair looks SO soft and fluffy!! These brushes scream quality, too, and the pouch it comes with is nice. I'll definitely be looking into it!

  • What a gorgeous brush collection. I just clicked on the rosegold collection, the rose gold really makes a difference!! Goodness, I'm looking forward to my brushes dying and getting my hands on these ones now!

  • hi honey!
    great post and photos.

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    here comes ma facebook page, please join it.

  • Hello Ate Shayne !! I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award , Check it out :)


  • A complete Rosegold set this holiday?! That would be going on my holiday wishlist right away! They look (and sound) amazing

    x Aurélie

  • Can you please do me a favor and teach me how to properly use all these brushes? Haha! I love reading all your reviews, but I'm no make up guru and I have no idea how to properly use everything. Hehe!

  • These brushes look beautiful! <3 They look so soft. I especially love the rose gold set. Even if it only has 8 brushes...I still think I'd go for that set just because of how pretty it looks. Haha!

  • hahaha. natawa talaga ako sa reply mom sis! made my day after reading it! <3 btw you can get them separately at Luxola, just make sure to wait for the sale para sulit :D

  • hahaha! i like how youre thinking! after i got this i had the same thought at the back of my head… “what could be a good excuse to buy extra brushes??” go get na the mother ship set! <3

  • thanks jackie!

  • wait for the holiday deee, i have a very strong feeling theyre gonna release a complete rosegold set! *cross fingers & cry* lol. and in case they dont there is always the black friday sale yes! i think youll like it better than sigma esp for the price. and zoeva has shorter handles better for personal use too <3

  • thanks shannon!

  • hahaha thank you! tbh the lighting was so bad i had to edit out a lot of shadows lol. true true… spoken like a true lazy person, like me! <3

  • nakita ko yesterday sis! but the one there was around 550? kasya na the entire set in one cup? :)

  • it is :) oh you can get them separately just in case youll need to replace one <3

  • ah yes wait for the rosegold set. they are just too pretty! im still trying to convince myself & my wallet with more excuses and lies to get one as well lol

  • thanks pooja!

  • they do they do, very profesh :3 i know where youre coming from now that i have a set that im satisfied with, pero i cant deny that i still really want to get the rosegold set lol

  • ah yes the bamboo set! thought it was nice of zoeva to come up with different varieties, also a lot more inexpensive. i recommended that to my friend who ended up liking it a lot :D

  • the brushes really look so classy when displayed like that but they collect dust :S trying to find something that has a cover and that i can bring anywhere with my in my bag. like sigma's cup but a lot cheaper… or maybe a glass container that has a lid :)

  • thanks kylie! :)

  • hahah sanayan lang sis ^^ tbh sometimes i dont even follow the label on each brushes and just go with whatever that feels right lol

  • hahaha we all do! :P btw bethany they have another set thats also has a very good reputation, its much cheaper, you might like it :)

  • sis whered you buy your set? review review :)

  • ganda vee! youll like it! :)

  • its even fluffier after i had it washed for the first time! im a little worried that the second time will kill its shape tho, well see haha. check out the rosegold set too :)

  • hahaha! thats a funny way to look at it! ^^ it really does stand out imo, wish i can get those too :)

  • thanks!

  • aw thanks molly! will check it out soon! <3

  • i hope so! i really hope so hahaha! itll be on mine as well <3

  • ahaha nako sis im also no makeup expert but nasanay lang :P when you get a set they mostly all have a label on each brush. tapos sabayan mo ng youtube tutorial and then youre all set <3 and thank you jhanz i appreciate the <3!

  • i thought you'd like that one melissa! if and when you get the set let me know :D

  • These Zoeva brushes look so luxurious. I'd never heard of them, but I wouldn't mind picking up more brushes. Washing mine is such a chore lol Great, in depth review & info!!

  • waaaa I'm now dying with ENVY!!! I soooo want to own this brush set talaga! Ever since ms Julia of Bless my Bag reviewed this early this year, I can't seem to get it off my mind! I hope they still have stocks left sa rose gold version. though it's just 8pcs, I feel it's enough for my personal use na. hehe BTW, ang ganda ng photos mo sis! pang magazine talaga ang level! hehe

  • Omg, the brushes look so soft and lovely like I just want to sweep it across my face. AHAHA
    I want to get the rosegold set because it looks so pretty!:DD
    YAY! you're getting a gel liner, I can't wait for you to try one since they're my favorite type of liners.

    ❤ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • Wow happy for you sis! Zoeva brushes are so pretty and the pouch looks classy noh? I recently bought a brush set from a local online shop (IG: @beautyunlimitedph), looks the same with Zoeva's rose gold but student budget friendly. So far so good naman, soft and no shedding. :)

  • Sometimes we really want something but we do need to see if it's the better option. Those brushes look gorgeous and seem very high quality. It's always ablisswhen get more good stuff at a better price. The Zoeva Rosegold Brush set looks so incredible!!!!!

    Hope you're doing well and lots of kissses.
    Take care.

  • Shayne! This is an awesome brush set! I can't stop drooling!! Haha! :P I saw the rose gold set and it's so beautiful! I might save up for this one and buy my own set when I have enough makeup skills. Hehe :)

  • Oh-em-gee!!! Be still my beating heart, I've wanted this for the longest time but I already have a Sigma brush set that I got early this year. I didn't know about Zoeva until later. Thanks for doing a review. Will definitely get this next year siguro. Haha :)

  • Jo

    The brushes sond really good. Thank you for this in depth review. I hope that the busyness dust at home would settle down soon so that you would have more time for yourself!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  • hahaha same here same here, maybe i should finally get one of those spot brush cleansers. does it make the cleaning process easier?

  • aye sis youll love it! <3 the rosegold set is ok esp if you already have brushes that you like to begin with, nice addition or upgrade lang to your collection. ako kasi i wanted an entire new set so i opt for this. its unavailable now which is ok na din cuz Luxola might have bigger sales for you during the holiday :)
    thank you hihi!

  • chaarrmms i luv the gel liner! i actually thought i would hate it cause itll be difficult to apply vs my trusty kpalette eyeliner pen but its actually easier and prettier cause its more matte. im joining the club! ^^

  • OMG nanlaki mata ko sis. hope you posted it on your blog na so i could seee :3

  • missed hearing from you xana! and yiz im glad i found a better alternative <3

  • hahaha youre so funny sis! i think youre going to love the rosegold set just make sure to wait for a good promo sale before buying it para sulit :)

  • hehehe ako din i get mini palpitations whenever i see the rosegold set! maganda din yung sigma set actually, if only they were cheaper. oh and have you seen the copper versions of their brushes parang rosegold! :D

  • thanks jo! i hope so too, or at least find time to relax in between the busy holiday happenings :D

  • Zoeva has some awesome brushes for sure! I have a foundation brush, a powder brush and a blending brush from the brand and I am hungry for more. What a nice set this is.

  • Sweet! Good recommendation :) btw.. I nominated you for the sunshine and VIB award on my blog!x

  • Wow!! what a splurge at least for me.. hehe. the photos look really nice as well. grabe ang rose gold set I'l addt that to my insanely long wish list :)

  • Oh wow, the brushes look really professional sis, I love how they created it! It's really great finding brushes that are not too expensive but doesn't look tacky. I'm really loving the sleek and polished look.. and yes, the shapes are very comparable to Sigma. I wanted the Extravaganza 18k Complete Kit from Sigma but it's like USD $539.00, so heeell noooo! haha. Love the little pouch of that brush set! Thanks for the review sis. =D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • Rae

    Finally got to try Zoeva a few weeks ago. Wow, the quality is AMAZING. Almost everyone is all about sigma but the ones I tried from them were quire scratchy. Zoeva is so soft and it feels expensive. It also has a good weight to it. I was going to get a set but I rarely ever get to use brushes from a set so I just bought individual eye brushes that I'll get a lot of use from, the all over shader, crease brush, and the petite crease brush.

  • Hi! Which foundation brush did you get? :)

  • nako sis let me know when you get it so i can die of jealousy! ^^

  • OMG sis thats really expensive! good move to skip on that and if youre still looking for a huge brush set Zoeva has one too. a little more expensive lang than this one but it looks really good. plus the brushes come in a small bag youll like it <3

  • thank you katsy <3 ah i know that set youre talking about, i wanted to get it too and it was alsso unavailable at that time haha. have you seen the rosegold set?

  • True true, plus the sigma brushes are longer pa. I personally like Zoeva's handle length but i guess the longer ones are for MUA. How are you liking the crease brush so far? I use that brush a lot :D

  • ahahahaha, palaging sold out my goodness sign ata na magtempe ako

  • True madame lagi sold out and their wait list feature doesnt seem to work all the time :( minsan lang may alert sa email

  • Such a great review hun and the rose gold colour brushes are gorgeous!
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  • Thanks rain! <3

  • Lovely review! I'm in need of some new brushes and have been eying this brand.

  • Thanks lupe! And so nice to hear from you again. Zoeva just released new sets of brushes that you might like :)

  • I was so lucky to get a hold of this before they decided not to include this in their discounted products,lol. I got mine at 30% discount as well. :)

  • Ay sis, buti nalang you got it on time. I heard about that sad news! sayang talaga for those who planned to get it with the discount. I wanted to get the rosegold set pa naman.even during Luxola's recent sale Zoeva brushes weren't included :(

  • That brow line brush, ohhhh that's calling my name!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  • its a good brush :) a little to thin for my eyebrows but still good nonetheless!

  • Anonymous

    how could we know about their weekly discounts ?

  • Hi! if you sign up for Luxola's newsletter they'll update you via email (or sometimes through sms) whenever they have a promo :)