Beauty On A Budget : Sleek Blushes

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Anyway, today I’d like you to show you some of my best bargain finds. Sleek makes super pigmented, high-end quality blushes and sells them for just the right price. Not too cheap and not nearly as expensive as the MAC blushes. And what’s fascinating about it is that some Sleek Blushes are even better than some MAC ones.

Beauty On A Budget

I started out with three shades; there’s Flamingo a.k.a. the brightest pink blush I’ve ever owned. It can be applied lightly but even then the shade still stands out. This was my fix for a certain Tarte blush craving (I think it was with the shade Amused). I knew I wouldn’t use such a bright color often but I wanted one in my drawer just in case, so I made a money-saving move and went after the cheaper dupe instead.

Mirrored Pink is an iridescent fairy pink blush. If I was my 10-year-old self I’d probably smother this all over my face… arms… and legs (I actually did this with art glitters back in preschool cause I wanted to be Tink! Way too much imagination going on there). I just wish it lasted longer on my cheeks like the other shades, which practically stays put for an entire day. BTW this is a limited edition blush, but I know a shop that still sells it, will link below!

Pomegranate is surprisingly my favorite among all of them. It’s too purple and darker than what I’m used to on the pan, but it turns into this beautiful burgundy shade with purple micro shimmers in it when applied. Quite unique if you ask me! Plus it looks similar to a blush Miranda Kerr (favorite model) wore on some red carpet events.

Where To Find Sleek Makeup

What do you think? Have you seen the other shades? I’ve heard mostly of Rosegold, which is known to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm. I got these blushes online at Beauty Corner PH for P450 (shipping fee not included, they have Mirrored Pink in stock), and at Luxola for P390 to P520 (free shipping).

And guys check out Luxola if you haven’t. I’ve saved more or less P2500 from shopping there lately. It’s a Singaporean shop but they have free door-to-door shipping to the Philippines (they ship to other countries as well). They also offer a good reward point system for loyal shoppers, affiliate program, and practically have 15% to 30% discount promos every week!

  • Wow! Never heard of this brand before, but if they're cheaper than MAC blushes, then I'll give it a go! LOL. The pomegranate shade looks so lovely <3 I love how pigmented they are.

  • u have such a nice blush collection , i loved flamingo
    Keep in touch

  • I love the blush shades you picked. Pomegranate is soooooooo pretty. I haven't tried any products from Sleek and tempted to try.

  • I love love love Sleek blushes! I don't own any MAC ones, but from what I've experienced and other blog reviews, I'm convinced I don't need to splurge on a MAC one at all (unless they come out with a special limited edition, in which case…..). I have two Blush By 3 blushers and I use them everyday. Loving the Mirrored Pink one, I think I might have to grab that if I see it on Luxola, and also Rosegold. ^^

  • I have Pixie Pink and Life's a Peach! I agree that they are great quality, and lasts a long time! :)

  • Yay couldn't be happier to have come across this post at this time! Haha. I'm starting to get into blushes and I'm a bit stumped as to where to start. Of course you come along and save me. Hahaha!

  • craving for that pomegranate…writing this down (together with collection concealer, im on a skincare and makeup ban) luxola seems like a nice store (abd sneaky too for people like us?)

  • I'm scared to try these blushes from Sleek. I don't think I like very pigmented blushes.

    Btw, have you tried their lipsticks? They look opaque on swatches I've seen online.

  • Is that one of your new brushes? :P Looks really nice :o
    Sadly sleek never stocks their single blushes in stock here :/ Only their trios…there are a few colours that I would love to get but I end up forgetting – 'cause me and online shopping aren't besties you know and since sleek is sold at sephora here I tend to want their things here and not checking their site or other places…I guess I should do it more often. I mean, Mirrored Pink and Pomegranate are totally something that I would wear – even in school – without problems. I guess I need to check them :P

    As for the “related posts” thing, I tested it and it worked without problems .__. at least I opened a tab about your kiehls night eye cream and the “how to deep clean your brushes” post. Anyway, I'm missing your posts <3
    Take care*

  • I LOOOOVEE Sleek MakeUp, they're so affordable and the quality of their formulation are so amazing! Love these blushes sis, they're actually amazing dupes for a couple of high-end blushes. I'm really loving Flamingo! I can't wait to try their Blush by 3 palettes, so handy to have 3 blushes in one palette hehe.. I'm just obsessed with their color selections! And you know sis, I realized ang mahal ng international makeup in Philippines, they add such a high profit for makeup, even here.. all international makeup brands are double the prices compare to US & UK (before $ conversion).. so crazy!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • Pomegranate, grabe! <3 I've always wanted to try out Sleek blushes, but a tiny part of me is really scared of super pigmented blushes, lol.

  • Thanks for sharing! x

    Eggs royale on a saturday

  • Woahh!! OMG! they look really pretty Shayne!!! and what's good they're affordable compared to MAC's blushes! I really love the one in Flamingo,how pretty is that?! pero you know, ang tamad ko mag apply ng blush sis ahahahha lol I think blushes are one of my most forgettable beauty products in my kit hahaha

    love lots,

  • go get! <3 its cheap lang esp if you get it from luxola during their sales

  • thanks jackie!

  • thanks pooja!

  • it is! quite unique too cause of the hint of purple. you might like the shade rosegold, a lot of girls love it, plus i know you have a thing for that color :)

  • ah yes! i go gaga over their limitted edition collections hehe. although i dont always get them cause they are quite similar to some of their regular products. what are the blush by 3 blushes you have? i only got one so far, its called lace :)

  • oooh! maganda ung lifes a peach? not too orange? :)

  • woohoo! luxola is singapore based pa! note lang with the blushes czar their quite pigmented so use very light hands when using it. i think you'll like pixie pink and rosegold. let me know if you get one ha <3

  • yes sis! esp collection conealer :) until when is your ban? kakatapos lang nung akin. first thing i did after was to shop at luxola cause of the big discount. if ever youre buying from luxola wait till the promo reaches 25% or 30% para sulit.

  • ay i havent tried their lipsticks, but diana gave me three of their paint tubes (ala OCC lip tar) and those are also really pigmented. i guess thats their theme for all their products kelangan super pigmented lahat lol.

  • it is it is! hahaha ^^ they are nice diana, i think its better to get this set than sigma… esp if they make one in rosegold! — and I WILL CRY if they do.
    i hope you can still find mirrored pink, i found out about it through zoella :D but i can always get it from you in case, consider me your middle person to asian products online shopping!
    and thanks for testing the widget <3 i think its fine now, i wish it could be more specific with the tags tho!

  • thats so true, specifically nars! have you seen the new blush by 3 sets?
    ay true sis, its so mahal here :( especially when you buy it from the mall, its a lot cheaper if you buy them from online sellers even if you need to pay for shipping fee. is it the same with the online stores there?

  • ah yes almost all of their blushes are very pigmented nga lang — i dont think ill ever hit pan on it, a little goes a long long way — but kaya naman to fix it by applying it super lightly :)

  • thanks for reading! <3

  • hahaha waiii! sayang, ganda pa naman ng cheekbones mo for blushes sis! <3

  • it seems to be working now! (the related post widget)
    i keep wanting to try these but i keep having to pass them up due to the crazy amt of blushes i have. on my list is rose gold for sure.
    A Beautiful Zen

  • My first one was Lace (hehe) and then later on I grabbed Sweet Cheeks when it was in stock on Luxola. :)

  • This is a really nice collection. Aren't you interested in the Sleek face kits? Since you highlight and contour on a daily basis, I thought you'd love them more :)

  • Pomegranate looks so dark in the pan but I like how it swatches. I skipped trying it out on my arm back when I went to a bazaar. Sayang! As for Rosegold, I think those who are frustrated with Orgasm (like me because it barely shows up on my face) will love it. It's definitely more pigmented!

  • I want to try a lot of Sleek makeup products and their blushes are definitely at the top of my list! Grabe. Tagal ko ng gustong bumili hanggang ngayon wala pa ring nangyayari. Hahaha

  • i have the same palette, GMTA hihi! And I'm also eyeing sweet cheeks.. and a lot of their eye shadow palettes in luxola (those things are always sold out). have you tried their eye shadows?

  • thanks jenn! <3 i thought you had some of their blushes already along with the dreamy nars blush set everyone loves - i regret not buying it.

  • i bought that for my mom, she loves it! id buy one for myself too but i already have a good dupe for the bronzer & blush already. The highlighter tho is something i lack .do you have it? :)

  • the dark color on the pan is a bit of a turn off right! i actually bought it half thinking that i wouldn't like the shade or that it'll go under my avant garde makeup collection :D
    btw good selling point with the rosegold blush, you should be sleek's brand ambassador!

  • hahaha, baka you're not a big blush person? cause i noticed most of the things you love are lipsticks and foundations :)

  • Wow ! The Colors are very nice Ate Shayne, I would love to try it !!
    btw ATE SHAYNEE Am I following u now ? on your blog like idk I really can't find the place wherein bloggers put their followers badge


  • I'm not really the type of person who puts on makeup but I don't deprive myself with the basic ones especially blushes. I love your picks and the mirrored pink is my favorite! Thanks for posting this since I never heard about this brand before. Now I'd surely go get one! Haha

    Janine | Lime Life

  • Ive never used sleek blushes before but i love how affordable they are and seems to be as good as mac, haaay will try this one soon!

    Visit my blog:

  • this september up to 2nd week of october ban muna ako..sige i'll wait for sale bago magshopping (rubbing my palms together in anticiaption)

  • Your widget seems to be working now! At least it is when I look at it :D
    And oh my goodness, these blushes are all gorgeous!!! Pomegrante looks dark, but I love those darker colors for the fall/winter. :)

  • Mirrored pink looks superb. I never thought Sleek has such amazing blushes. I am surely gonna try them after your review :-)

  • SLEEEEEEEK. If I had enough money, I'd buy out all their blushes….or maybe not, since I doubt I'd ever use them up in my lifetime. For reals. If anyone manages to hit pan on one of these, THEY NEED TO BE WORSHIPPED, SERIOUSLY. I was swatching a bunch of MAC blushes the other day and I'm on the fence about their quality though. I do like their cream blushes, but the formula for their powder blushes are 'meh'. I do have my eyes on a few of the MAC shades though, so we'll see how that works out.

    Also, I wouldn't say Rose Gold is a dupe for Orgasm–Rose Gold is seriously pink, with a gold glow to it, while Orgasm just has shimmers.

  • I am a huge fan of Sleek. It is the budget brand with great and heavily pigmented products! I have one blush so far by Sleek and it's a beauty. I went for a more brown-toned color because I already have so many pink-toned ones.. but they're all so pretty, so life is hard. Out of these three I love “Mirrored Pink” so much because of the glitter! I also want to get “Rose Gold” :)

  • I'm a true lover sa Pomegranate shade! It looks stunning on light to medium skin tones. I used it on a bride client last year… you can check it here

  • haha good luck sis! every holiday naman they have big promos :)

  • hi molly! yup i think you are in bloglovin, thank you thank you! <3 i think youre going to like mirrored pink the most, i bet itll look good on you while youre skating!

  • thanks janine! based on your makeup philosophy i think youll like this brand cause of their affordable prices. they also sell good eyeshadow palettes that you might also like :)

  • ay youll like these sarah! esp the pink blush i feel like it fits your personality, when you do get one let me know what you think of it!

  • thanks for testing it melissaa! <3 i think it fits most medium skin tones most cause its a bit dark, but my skin is a little lighter right now and it still looks pretty, just need to apply it with a lighter hand :)

  • thanks belle! :)

  • a lot of the MAC blushes are disappointing imo, cause of the price and low quality. but there are some shades that i REALLY like too. most of them are limited edition lol.
    and omg i agree, i dont think ill ever hit pan on these, they are too pigmented!
    you think rosegold is similar to deep throat? (since nars deep throat is like a pink version of orgasm)

  • ah yes i think rose gold will compliment your skintone the most :) what brown shade did you get tho? im curious about those!

  • GMTA! <3 ang ganda on her ha! tbh it reminds a little of benefit rockateur, what do you think?
    sis do you have their blush by three palettes?

  • really informative post! i don't like using blush ons because i'm afraid that i'd end up looking all silly. but this is really helpful. hehe :)

    missed being here on your blog!

  • sleek products are amazing and affordable for its quality :) thanks for sharing! I'll check Luxola out <3

  • The shades are so pretty! Buying blushes is my weakness and it's nice to find some that are budget friendly!

  • I have those three shades and many more from them! I freaking love sleek's blushes, you get sooo much product, the quality is amazing and a nice compact with a mirror. I honestly can say that I have too many blushes from them!

  • I really love the pomegranate and the mirrored pink. I am a little scared of highly pigmented brushes so I would really have to use a light hand with these.

  • the colors are so pretty.
    i love beauty on a budget
    because most of us are on a tight budget.

    Ms. Kei

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  • hi jhanz! so nice naman to hear from you again! <3 im glad you liked the post! you might want to start with the lesser pigmented blushes then, my first barely there blush was mac mocha, ive used that for many years :)

  • thanks angel! <3

  • thanks andrea! so nice to hear from you! <3

  • hahah agree agree, i dont think ill ever hit pan on any of these (at least until they expire). btw i have a vague memory of reading a review on a luxola brush (stippling brush, which i ended up purchasing) from you :)

  • hi vee! they are quite pigmented, hmm you might like the nars / some mac blushes since those arent as pigmented as these :)

  • thanks kei! :)

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  • All of theses pink make-up make me want to wear them, lol ^^



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  • I love pink blushes. I must try them. Nice suggestions.