Natural “No Makeup” Look

mini blog makeover

Here I go again guys, I changed the banners, the add-ons, and the colors (more peachy, less pink) on my blog… for the millionth time. Okay exaggerating, although my boyfriend would probably nod his head to that statement, since all I did was beg him in the middle of his work to encode my designs. Thank goodness he’s patient and didn’t hold my blog’s password ransom till I promise to leave him alone.

It’s not much of a difference but I hope you noticed. The goal was to make you feel like you’ve entered a clean cozy little room. Emphasis on clean, since I’m almost near my 100th published post (and 50 drafts, someone is procrastinating a lot), which means I finally have enough entries to organize in my archives.

PS: Is the font too small and difficult to read on your screen?

keeping it simple

I thought I would quickly show you the products I use for a natural makeup look (a.k.a. my go-to makeup for lazy days). I carefully collected them for months and made sure that they were all products I could call my holy grail. So I didn’t mind spending more, for as long as they were something I would use ’til it hits pan. Of course, nothing still beats the hype of finding inexpensive treasures in the drugstore department, like this most raved about Collection Concealer.

I’m quite proud to share these with you because together they do an amazing job at fooling some of my friends (and even a few acquaintances) into thinking that I’m not wearing any makeup, and that my face is naturally clear. Oh if only they knew the amount of concealer sitting underneath my eyes.

I won’t go into details with each one anymore because I’ve mentioned these countless time on my old entries. I tend to be loyal to certain products and really stick with them I even have some old bronzers tucked away in a box for keepsake (here’s what I call attachment issues). So instead I’m going to just list them down here and link a few of their detailed reviews. If you’re looking for something worth saving your allowance for, this iz it.

FACE : Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation | Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer | Nars Laguna Bronzer | Hourglass Ambient Light Palette | Burberry Peony Blush. EYES & LIPS : Urban Decay Naked Palette | Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Fiend | Lancome Hypnose Mascara | K-Palette Eyeliner.

  • You're not the only one procrastinating XD I have many photos and posts to do but…I always end up doing something else (like playing at pottermore <3 )
    I love the Look <3 I wish I could take photos like you TwT I have many looks to share and present on my blog but I never have good shoots of myself. I'm really curious about that eyeliner, lipstick and concealer! I've also heard amazing raves about the Houglass powders.

    And you converted my to laguna :P

    Take care*

  • I like the makeup selection you have and the blog looks great.

  • really great makeup collection, shayne! and I love the favorites slide and how the banner is mich bigger now. I think the font just have the right size…must really try that collection concealer para mahide ko din ang dark circles ko hehe

  • The natural look is the best, you look lovely. I love your lipstick!

  • Love the new blog layout dear! I think the font size is perfect! Love your natural makeup, a lot of products you have featured here are also my favs! Always loving the Lancome Teint Miracle, its such a fantastic light weight foundation! So need to pick up the Hourglass Palette! It's a bit expensive…so I'm probably going to save it for a special occassion!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  • i do notice the difference and i like the banner more now , and no font is not small , its the right size and easy to read
    ur boyfriend really is patient :)
    i like the no makeup makeup look, will have to give lancome foundation a shot
    keep in touch

  • Nars Laguna is awesome! So happy you liked the Hourglass powder :)

  • I am jealous about your spending habit, and keeping your stash small. I wish to be the same, but I feel like I am. I am trying to restrict myself from buying a lot like I used to. I am also running out of space! Anyway, I LOVEEEE your photos! You always take beautiful portraits. Share the secret to a noob like me! Hehe. :-)

  • The makeup looks great! I keep meaning to re-do my blog but that falls somewhere behind “re-organizing my music library” and “replay FFVIII.” ._.;;;

  • I love this! My favorite out of all your looks that I've seen. <3
    And wait, whuttt? I'd go bonkers with even just 5 items on my draft. #OCforever

  • I'm liking this new layout. It's clean and simple.

  • You look absolutely beautiful :) this is definitely one of my favourite no makeup makeup look. you're glowing!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  • Oooh what is pottermore?
    Trouble with the lighting? :S thats usually my problem when i do a face shot. the shadows are just everywhere on my face.
    im glad you like laguna, it's one of the best bronzer ever! <3

  • thanks jackie! :)

  • ay thanks for noticing the banner! over the year it grew from being around 450px to 800px, although i think the font is a lot smaller now, im glad to know its readable pa din. ganda sis buy it! <3

  • thanks linderella! its urban decay fiend <3

  • hi pauline! i think for the hourglass palette you should get them separately, esp since you have a lot of HG products in your collection already. if i had a chance to try the powders before buying them, ill probably just get dim light and the bronzer. the middle shade is okay but can easily be replaced by other much cheaper highlighters.
    thank you thank you! :)

  • hehe he is! esp since i've done this same “pls edit blog” routine at least once a month. thank you pooja! and yes go try the lancome foundation, its really really nice! <3

  • agree! :) i like the two powders a lot sis but the one in the middle is okay lang. i usually just skip it :S

  • hahaha ako naman i wish i had a huge collection like you! but my shopping money is usually divided into so many things kaya i have to budget it carefully :(
    thank you thank you! i might write about it in the future ^^

  • hahaha! you're too cute audrey! i want to find time to fix my music library too and also create awesome spotify playlist but have no time for it :(

  • aw thank you sis! hahaha paki-hawaan naman ako ng ganyan discipline, need it very badly hehe <3

  • thanks nikki! :)

  • thank you lily! majority of the glowing was from the lancome foundation :)

  • I love your blog layout, it really does feel like I'm entering a cozy room! <3 And I could read the font perfectly on my screen.
    Also, I'm liking this natural look of yours. Your face is glowing, you look beautiful, Shayne! :)

  • great makeup, and very cute pic :)

  • will hunt for it pag okay na akong pumunta ng mall hehehe

  • Loved the new look of the blog. Looking very pretty :-)

  • I'm a huge fan of the no makeup/natural look. Your look is fantastic! ^__^ You're glowing.

  • Oh my!how pretty!!!!!!!!!!! ang cute,cute mo sis!!! love the look! and the changes in your blog is amazing! love it,as always! hehehe been procastinating a lot in blogging too..dami ko nang drafts hahaha
    been so busy studying kasi hehe looking forward for more makeovers sis!

    love lots,

  • let me know when you have it na :)

  • oh good to know! i was concerned that the font was too small for other laptops. thank you melissa! <3

  • thanks andy! :)

  • thanks belle, im glad you like it! <3

  • hehe thanks anna! ^^

  • hehe thanks sis! glad you like the semi new layout <3

  • I didn't have a chance to see it before, but I like your current layout and colour selections. It does make it feel cozy :) Congrats on your *almost* 100th post!

  • Oh…I didn't even notice you had a mini blog change until you mentioned, LOL. But I AM TOTES LOVING THAT NEW BLOGLOVIN SIDE BUTTON. I'm a little torn between whether I should pick up the Collection Lasting concealer or not because the shade variety sucks, but at the same time, the hype around it is unreal. But then again, it is 4 pounds and I am in Britishland, SO…

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    Yes TwT I'll probably have to switch from my room to the old one so I can have better lighting – like the one from my Benefit Birthday Suit post and Big Easy by Benefit. I'm thinking about getting a nice set of LED lighting to my desk but it won't be getting any time soon and I'm getting a bit frustrated with some of the shoots. And the same happens with my face shots, the lighting is never were I want or I end up having a really weird face TwT

    So truee :3
    take care*

  • Pretty *u* I'm really curious with Collection's concealer! I'm thinking of getting Collection or NYX HD concealer wand soon. BTW, I love your hair sis big soft waves hihi tutorial please :D


  • the fonnt is a good size!
    and omgs the burberry blush.
    A Beautiful Zen

  • Love it! Simple, light and natural. Its the perfect look for you. Great choice!

  • Hi sis :) You're really beautiful. I love the way how you took pictures. Parang vintage! hehe. Natural makeup looks good on you.


  • i love what you did to your site.

    ❤ Ms. Kei

  • I feel like every blogger has been procrastinating lately. It may be the weather? I don't know. I always love visiting your blog. It does impart a feeling of coziness and very relaxing. I love it! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  • UGH! You're right: we totally have the same makeup philosophy. I want to do a second Lipstick Week but I'm afraid I already featured all my fave and notable lipticks, hahaha! How are you liking Hourglass? I've read a lot of rants on it :(

  • I love your eyebrows! The shape of them are so perfect! Loving your blog, keep up the awesome work. :-) xx

  • I immediately noticed the change on your blog when it fully loaded. :)
    Your portrait looks lovely. You look effortlessly beautiful with a no makeup makeup look. I wish my acne clears up soon so I can sport minimal makeup too. :)

  • I must say your style of writing is very impressive! You have a fantastic blog and all the pictures are wonderful! Loved everything!

    Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin, gfc, instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blogs and let me know in comments where you follow and I will follow back from both my blogs!! :)


  • The font is not too small at all! I love the little changes you made :) And I love this “no makeup” look! I'm so over the exaggerated makeup lol. You look so pretty talaga <3

  • I really like the natural simple look on you, you look so pretty Shayne :) PS I love the lipstick color on you, I will checkout urban decay lipstick next time I am in Sephora!! Is a pretty shade on you!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ^^ Hugs xoxo Janet

  • I love the look it's so fresh! I'm trying to go for a natural look as well!

  • this is definitely my fave so far among all the looks you tried to put on your face! love how pretty you look with this kind of not-obvious make up dear :)

  • You look beautiful! x

  • i just bookmarked the website! thank you soo much for telling me about it, im going to sign up :3
    i wish i had the option to switch rooms too…or better yet a new apartment would be nice :) i think LED lighting can give out a harsh light on the picture (notsure) but you can always edit it down using photoshop or the computer photo editing app called Fotor :)

  • thanks megan! <3 theres not much of a difference just new sidebar banners and overall its a little bit more pink.

  • i had the same delima, are the shades too light or too pink for you? #1 was too light for me and #2 i thought was too pink. but since it was cheap I bought it anyway. go get it tho <3

  • Ou get collection <3 i havent tried the nyx hd tho to compare but collection's really nice.
    thanks sis! i straightened my hair and curl the ends for this picture, im not very good at doing it tho hehe.

  • so pretty right! thanks jenn! :)

  • thanks ana!

  • hehe thanks sis! :)

  • glad you like it kei! :)

  • thats a good guess jenn! the gloomy weather is throwing me off balance tbh.
    thank you thank you! im glad it does that, means a lot to me! :)

  • haha i get it :) i really like the two corner shades, the middle tho not so good :S will write my thoughts on it soon. i had the same initial reaction with the others “ito na yun?” it felt like it was over rated

  • thanks catherine! i appreciate it! <3

  • aw thanks anna! <3 i bet youll look pretty with minimal makeup :)

  • thanks charu! :)

  • aw thanks kylie! i appreciate the <3!

  • thanks janet! <3 its shade fiend, although i really like naked and streak too maybe you can check those as well :)

  • thanks vee! hope you can post pics <3

  • aw thank you sis! im glad you like! <3

  • thanks fatima! :)

  • Awww, Shayne, you beautiful creature. You look beautiful with that makeup look^^
    I did notice a few changes made to your blog! Also, I'm pretty sure that the comments button was not up there before. I love how much cleaner and more professional it looks, even though only a few changes were made.
    & Yes, I can read the font:D It's fine^^

    You make me want to go out & shell all my money on those products. You enabler, you. AHAHA, I want to try out that collection concealer most but I don't know any place here in Hong Kong that sells those. ahaha. Your blog will always be such a joy to read.

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • Gorgeous look sis! I love how natural it looks.. my version of a “no makeup” look is the complete opposite haha.. i can never achieve such a simple look, i always like to accentuate my cheekbones no matter what lol I'm so jealous of your Hourglass palette, I've been wanting one for soo long, but i'm saving money so i can splurge on Sephora since shipping is insanely expensive to here. hehe.. Love the new clean look of your blog by the way.. very professional yet still cute! And your font size is perfect. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • nice to know you found products that work for you best, I need to check out that concealer! thanks :)

  • thanks charms! It means a lot coming from you! <3
    I tried getting you a concealer but the shade is unavailablethe one they had is extremely light. I dont think youll like it. Sayang :(

  • Wait for the black friday sale sis. I heard they give out nice promos!
    Thank you! <3 ako naman i try to make it less simple sometimes but hirap hehe

  • Its nice sis. Hope you can get a hold of it! :)

  • Lovely, natural look. Whenever I try to do natural, I keep saying 'just a little more, just a little more', until it's anything but. Ahaha.

    Font looks fairly large and easy to read for me. Your design looks clean and inviting as always.

  • Haha i have days like that too. Thanks bethany! :)

  • 'Clean cosy little room'? Mission accomplished! I sort of feel as though I've stepped into a blusher compact.. your blog is sweet and pretty! :) I'm yet to join the club with regards to this Urban Decay palette and that's as far as I've gone so far with regards to procrastinating (but give me time and it'll spread to my blog haha). I love how you've maintained a fresh faced appearance whilst still wearing makeup and oh my GOSH you have such good skin (makeup wouldn't hide bumps or anything).. lucky you!! ;)
    – Thanks for following me on Bloglovin' girl, I've returned the favour! –


  • ahaha thanks for being so observant and noticing the little things i did here! i appreciiate it! <3
    most people say its bec i have small pores but i like to think its an effect of drinking too much water.
    and yes go get the naked palette! <3 they are really nice and versatile, i think youll love them.

  • I know how you feel! Instead, I have decided to take a break and focus more on school.. though I have a hard time doing that. Sigh. It's taking out the fun out of everything.. even blogging. It's been good catching up on yours, though.. and uhh.. you look gorgeous on your lazy make-up days as well!! Natural for the win ;-) x

  • hehe thank you! you've been a busy bee, i hope you get to do a little blog updates from time to time. im looking forward to your come back posts on September tho <3



  • thanks sammie!

  • You look so pretty sis! I love good makeups that do not feel heavy on the face so that you just look natural. One of my dilemmas in wearing makeups before is the fact that they make my face too heavy with everything in there! haha.

  • hahaha i get it, i think the key is to always blend out everything nicely — patiently, it takes a lot of time for me to do this that sometimes i skip it nalang because im too lazy. thanks rea! i missed hearing from you grabe! <3

  • I love your layout!!! :-)

  • thanks erika! <3

  • Ooh, I love your updated layout! ;) It feels cleaner and the font size is just right. :)

  • thanks jean! <3