Top 10 : Half Year Favorites

Remember when I used to blog my monthly favorites on a regular basis? It was my way of coming out of my big-shell-of-insecurity by posting pictures of myself (thanks for tolerating them) I haven’t done one in awhile because there are months that I don’t have any products I love enough to share with you.

But since half of the year has already passed, it’s a good time to sit down and filter out the really good stuff I’ve collected so far. Things I think that are worth your time to check out next time you hop to the mall. I won’t be including those that were on my last year’s favorites but you can also check that out later if I haven’t exhausted you yet from reading this post :)

skincare & base makeup

“No matter how much makeup you put on your face,
it won’t be as good if your base (a.k.a. skin) is bad to begin with”.

If there was one thing that got stuck in my head the first time I met a professional MUA, this was it. He made me feel the need to (painfully) up my budget for skincare, hence the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Guys, it’s a miracle make-my-face-glow-now serum. It’s amazing on the skin that I actually feel more confident not to wear makeup more often.

I also have NARS Laguna Bronzer, which is as good as my old favorite Benefit Hoola (comparative review soon). It’s my go-to whenever I want a slightly sun-kissed skin. Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer is a high end quality concealer trapped in a drugstore body (a great bargain). And lastly is the Hourglass Dim Light Powder (yup not the entire palette), it’s true what the gurus are saying guys, it really creates that photoshop blur effect on the face.

eyes lips face

Does anybody else have puffy eyelids like mine? My lids can magically make my eyeshadow disappear… I simply look straight and POOF they’re gone, which is why I’m not a big eyeshadow gal. But still, I think these two palettes are worth investing on. TheBalm’s Nude Tude Palette is a good everyday day-or-night palette, while Naked 3 “Rosegold” Palette is something extra special for girly-er days. I’ve also been using my Lancome Hypnose Mascara (deluxe sample) and this is probably the best volumizing and lengthening mascara I’ve ever tried so far.

Even though I wear mostly red lipsticks on my blog pics (cause they make me look like I’m 100 times smarter), IRL i wear MLBB / natural shades waayy more often. The two best ones I have now are MAC Brave Lipstick and Urban Decay Fiend Lipstick these are like Pokemons to me. I just really wanna collect them all corny.

Lastly, Burberry Light Glow Blush Peony. Even though I feel a sharp pain in my wallet everytime I see it, I still love it. It’s a beautiful barely-there pink blush and its packaging is DIVINE, a choir of angels sing in my head whenever I take it out of my pouch.


psst.. a local blog sale

I didn’t want to bother you all and publish this as a single blog post because I know that you’re from different countries. So I borrowed Tellie’s idea and placed it on a separate page instead. For anyone who’s interested, Genzel and I are having a mini blog sale and you can take a look at it here :)


  • Great list! I've heard that concealer is a dupe for the Nars Creamy Concealer. And Mac's Brave is such a nice shade.

  • I really need to be like you and share more fotos of myself. I've “mastered” (not quite, but at least to satisfatory level) how to take photos to the items I want to talk about BUT I still need to work with taking photos os myself. Specially when I'm planning a really interesting thing for this year's Halloween – hint, envolves certain houses from a certain saga I love :P

    The lipsticks are so pretty! I really like red lipsticks for when I want to look polished and classic but I don't have to much time to blend all the eyeshadows (or when I don't want to have it all creasing like crazy…I've yet to find the perfect primer…) it's instant – red lipstick makes me look good. But when I have more times, MLBB are amazing <3 (and that pokemon reference was amazing :P )

    Also, laguna is AMAZING! My chocolante bronzer is currently crying because he found a really good match xD

    Take care, have a nice day >w< <3

  • What great products! I definitely see why they're your favourites.

  • That Burberry blush is gorgeous!!!


  • great products! I like the idea of half year favorites as I tend to stick to certain products months at a time. Totally agree with you with the Kiehl's midnight recovery. It is such an awesome product and really see a significant improvement on my skin.

  • I also love naked 3 palette nice pic.

  • Wow, this is really injteresting Shayne! so blooming in the photo ha! yay, smile ng inspired? ehhhee OMG!!! you and Genzel ara having a blog sale? gosh, should really check it out/!! actually sis I've been reading shared blog sale post recently but the things I love are either not available or already sold. Hope I'll have my luck this time haha <3

    love lots,

  • Your favorites are so pretty like you! :)

  • I hafta get my hands on NARS Laguna and the TheBalm Nude Tude palette!!!! Errr. And blog sale waaaaah

  • Ohhh I always forget to check that concealer you told me about, I'm always naman in ATC -_- Also the UD lipstick is in my list na! Thankies! :D

  • Great favorites dear! Mac Brave is such a staple in my collection, I don't know what I do without it! I definitely need to try UD lipstick, I trust your recs and it looks perfect for me! Hypnose Drama has to be my favorite all time mascara, its fantastic! All of these products have been on my wishlist for some time now, I just need to grab it when I get a chance! Pity that I can't buy anything from your blog sale, still stuck on Project 10 Pan!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  • Great picks sis! :) And oh, I want to try MAC Brave! I have Please Me and it is too drying on the lips. :|

  • Your skin looks flawless! I'm using the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer too :)

    xo, Pau

  • Love all the products here! While I love to occasionally budget my expenses when it comes to makeup, I feel the need to splurge more when it comes to skincare because it really helps to use prestigious products that actually WORK. And like you said, when you have good skin, you won't need to wear makeup as often <3

  • Love 'em all! :) You have a pretty face dear! :)) I must say♥

  • Nako… You're making me crave for the Kiehl's midnight recovery and I already have my monthly skincare planned 'til the end of 2014. GIRL!

    Also, I'm not surprised that you like Naked 3. You were sooo the first person I thought of when they released it!

  • Hi giedre! I actually wrote a comparative review on both of these concealer. Theyre my HG <3 i dint think they are very much alike tho, other than they are both great. Collection is thicker has more coverage, while nars is thin less coverage but has brightening effect :)

  • amagad do i sense a HP makeulook :) im excited for halloween too, i already started thinking about the looks i want to try. one of them is maleficent but i hav no idea how to make her horns. and yes you must show us your pretty face more often hihi
    im so so glad you like laguna cause i was hoping you would get into the nars laguna + orgasm craze with me haha. and thank you for getting pokemon reference i thought noone was going to get that :)

  • thanks shannon! most of them are my HG :)

  • it is, it is :)

  • i tend to be loyal to certain products as well :) thats why i am so picky and careful when i shop cause i want to buy high quality products as much as possible.
    kiehls midnight recovery is my HG skincare product. glad it worked well on you too :)

  • thanks jackie! :)

  • thanks pooja! :)

  • hahaha thanks sis! :) and thanks for emailing me ha, i saw your most recent reply just now. ill check something out lang then give you the answer <3

  • hehe thanks sis! :)

  • yez! lalo na thebalm nude tude, i feel like you will love that palette :) kaso mahal sa beauty bar i think its cheaper online.

  • haha they have a lot of shade #2 pa naman i checked earlier. i wanted to get a back-up din kase but we shall see :) sabay na tayo sephora order for a new UD lipstick!

  • its so encouraging how dedicated you are on project 10 pan! makes me want to stick to my beauty shopping ban even more haha :)
    love that we are once again twining on so many products here! *hfive*

  • go try try <3 its really nice sis, is please me a matte formula?

  • hihi thanks pau! i have clear skin most of the time but here i think my foundation + kiehls serum are responsible for the flawless look :)

  • thats true! :) esp since were not getting any younger, its nice to take extra anti aging stuff hihi

  • hihi thanks sis! so sweet of you! :)

  • ahaha after nalang ng caudalie. i checked and its so expensiv pala but i wanna try the smallest bottle $9 lang :)
    its probably because it matches my blog color haha, minsan i feel like baka naiinis na kayo cause its too pink lol!

  • The lipstick shades are pretty! I love how you take your photos because they are so classic-looking! hehe. Also, that Kiehl's serum is so tempting. I also want to take care of my skin more than just pile up my makeup. I love this list!!! <3

  • gah! I've been lusting over the balm nude tude and naked 3! I'm leaning towards getting Naked 3 coz, it's very different from my Lorac Pro. but gosh, it's soooo damn expensive. lol

  • Ahh I recently bought the Naked 3 palette and it's been my fave – I use it every day! And the Nars Laguna bronzer looks like it'd be flattering on me so I think I'm going to try it! Great roundup! You have excellent taste :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • ay sis go get kiehl's serum <3 i think youre going to like it. and i heard you buy your makeup abroad so its perfect. its a lot cheaper that way than when you buy it at the mall.
    and thank you thank you! im actually planning a blog photo tips & tricks entry for my next post hihi :)

  • it is huhu. but sis you can get it online when its on sale esp at the end of the year, they usually have a big sale at sephora. me naman, i want to get the lorac unzipped, but we shall see i think i want to collect colorful eyeshadow colors for a change, even though they dont look good on me lol

  • ooh nice! isnt the shade Liar flattering <3 its my fave color in the palette.
    and im gonna have to agree with you, i think laguna is going to compliment your skin tone, go get hihi :)
    thank youu!

  • Ahh I'm reading great things about hourglass everywhere! I am genuinely tempted… even though I think my wallet would strangle me if it could!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  • I really love your favourites post sis! I'm glad you love the Nude 'tude palette, it's always my fave! I badly badly BADLY want to try any Hourglass prodcuts, hehe.. they're just so insanely beautiful inside and out.. makes me angry that I can't physically swatch them coz they're not available here.. sucks! Although, im so scared that once I try one.. I'll ended buying a dozen.. haha and it's not cheap! lol.. oh fun blogsale! it's actually a great idea sis, i have so much make-up i barely touched and don't even use anymore.. hehe.. keep those selfies coming, i love seeing your beautiful face on each blogposts! <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • Everyone seems to love the dim light making me think it's worth investing in that alone (if that's still available!)
    love reading your posts,as usual edited flawlessly :) hope you're well!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  • Such a beautiful list of products! I bought the Naked 3 palette at the beginning of this year and absolutely love it!


  • I love the FOTD, Shayne! GANDA! And MAC Viva Glam I is YOUR shade! :) Still my fave red for 2 years now! :)

  • See, I thought the Hourglass powders were just highlighting powders…until I realised that they're setting/'finishing' powders that aren't MATTE….MINDBLOWN.
    Pft, red lipsticks on you make you look 100x more ~BOW CHICKA BOW WOWWW~
    I feel like everytime I go to the Kiehl's place, I chicken out of asking the sales associate for a sample of the midnight recovery concentrate. But then again, I already have so many skincare products. -sobs-

  • The Burberry blush looks so tempting ^.^ Great picks dear :-)

  • Wow! Cool items from your blog sale! Hopefully maka-ipon ako para makabili din! I love the Kiehl's midnight concentrate hehe!

  • Wow, what great choices! I am so jealous because I don't get to come to the blog sale, I am sure I would be able to score some great stuff!

  • Such nice products! I do love the pink blush and I still want to find such a colour to try it out!
    I'm so sorry for not answering earlier, but somehow I got my comments and posts messed up and I've been replying to people that commented more recently, instead of the opposite… I'm truly sorry, I really have no idea how I did this! My brain must be overloading…
    You gorgeous in the picture as usual and red lipstick suits so well.
    Wish you a nice weekend, that is almost here.
    Kisses and take care.

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  • Shayne! I'm not sure how but I accidentally pasted another blogger's blog into my previous comment LOL. I copied the URL because I was going to add it to my Bloglovin feed lol.Please edit it out so it doesn't look like I'm claiming that I own that blog hahahah!

  • hahaha :) hi lily! i personally think its better to buy them separately if you already have a nice collection of other bronzers / highlighters. but if not the palette is very compact and useful. ill write a review on it soon

  • ay i feel your anger. most of the stuff i buy online i never get to swatch them before hand :( its liking buying an item blindfolded.. well kinda :)
    thank you sis! hehe :)

  • it was surprisingly nice haha. i know everyone raves about dim light but i had doubts. thank goodness they were right hihi.
    btw i think thats a brilliant idea, if i had a chance to swatch these before buying the palette online. i wouldve gotten dim light and the bronzy shade separately :)

  • we bought it at around the same time i think! such a beautiful rosegold palette <3

  • thanks shari! hehe :)
    have you tried their viva glam I lip gloss? im thinking maybe its a good combo with the lipstick.

  • go get Kiehl's blue serum <3 you can also get it for mama guavaberry, have a feeling shes going to like it :)
    hahaha! thank you! btw have you swatched the hourglass blushes?

  • its so good belle <3 try it :) and thanks!

  • hehe thank you sis! im glad you like the stuff there, just send me a note whenever <3

  • hehe thank you :)

  • no prob at all xana :) i remember trying something from Thebalm & Nars that looks very similar when applied. i just forgot the shade name hehe. you can also try the nyx blushes.
    thank you thank you i appreciate it!

  • hahaha quinn! so funny! i cant edit it out so i just wont post it haha.
    thanks! go get kiehls <3 its really good, although it might be redundant for you cause its also a brightening serum.

  • aww i would like to try the kiehls midnight concentrate too! is it really that expensive? how much is it and where can i buy it?? and i think it's a plus that it has brightening serum because i have a lot of dark spots :DDD

  • I love your pictures in this post and the Naked 3 Palette is screaming my name ;D haha!
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  • ay go get it yani! <3 its really nice. i got it for around P2600 online, i think at their stalls at the mall its P2800. it brightens dark spots too! it brightens everything except dark undereye areas :)

  • thanks rain! hahaha! it does that, did the same thing to me when it got released! :)

  • OMG, Shayneeeee, you beauty:DD whyyyy you make my self-esteem so low?
    HAHAHAHA, reading your favorites makes me want to buy everything on your list.
    & I will forever commend you on your photography and writing skills.
    I've missed reading your blog because I've been busy to do anything really & I'm so happy I have a lot of your posts to read and catch up on:D Right, off to the previous one:)

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • Yup, matte siya! I'm planning to get Brave or Angel next :P

  • all your make-up are good looking and classy! my goodness

  • checking your “sale” page now…. :) love your photo dear!

  • Jo

    Hi Shayne, I haven't been here for quite a while and it seems like I've got lots to catch up. Firstly, may I just say that your first photo looks just like from a magazine spread? I could almost imagine a line in the middle as the spine of the magazine. As usual, you're a really good photographer. I really like the way you style your photos. All these detail shots with the roses and props are great. I'm like you too; I can't wear eyeshadow at all. They just disappear into my thin crease. I could only wear shadow if I have tape on my crease to hold them.

    If you're wondering if your give away parcel has disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle, I'm ashamed to say that I've yet to send out your parcel. I've got everything all packed but I didn't have the time to go to the Post Office to register the package. I will inform you once I send out your item. That's so impolite of me to let you wait. Excuse me now while I go catch up on your many posts which I've missed. =)

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  • You have a way with pictures :D I love it! You know I am a big fan of Naked 3 too!

  • Wow,you won't have any trouble in the next half year,great.

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    and We also Wholesale Lingerie and Clubwear.

  • Really love the makeup Shayne, i wanna try that Burberry blush and MAC brave, as much as i love splurging, i just dont have enough money to splurge these :( Will work on my skin nalang XD

    Join my Giveaway here!
    Visit my blog:

  • Hi pretty:) This blog is very very good and fascinating;)
    Maybe we can follow eacj other?;) just follow me and i follow you back:)
    Invite to me, kiss <3

  • ay i saw that at the nordstrom aniv exclusives. thanks for the heads up, i was thinking of getting it pa naman. ill skip it nalang if its too drying :) get brave <3 angel's nice too, on other girls but on me it looks zombie-ish lol

  • girl where have you been! i missed your gorgeous self! hahaha. thanks charms :)
    im very late on replying to this, but do you want to do a little gift swap? :)

  • hihi thanks sis!

  • thanks angel! :)

  • haha thats very true! i wish that reasoning can help me avoid collecting more makeup <3

  • thanks iwona!

  • hihi thank you jo! i really missed hearing from you here even tho i get updates from you thru IG :)
    btw how do you find those crease tapes? are they comfortable?
    and thanks so much for finding time to send it! will wait on your update i was actually worried that it got lost in the mail haha :)

  • thank you natasja! :)

  • thats so true :( ang expensive talaga nila, im cutting down on my beauty purchases nga for now so i could buy more fashion pieces naman like you!

  • & I have missed your gorgeous self too!:D July always has been super busy for me so it's so hard for me to squeeze in time for stuff to post o my blog & look through other blogs. ahahaha. Sure, we can do a little gift swap!:DD

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • thats great! i have a little something something for you birthday. whats your email ad? :)

  • ahhaha, awww. [email protected] ^^

  • got it! will be emailing you soon! <3