That’s What He Said

Hi everyone, First and foremost, this isn’t Shayne. This is her boyfriend Martin. We decided to do something different and write an article for each other’s blogs. We wanted to have a theme for the posts and this is what we came up with. Here are 5 things women say when they have PMS, according to me. Please don’t kill me.

i’m hungry (all the time)

The number of times a woman eats in a day multiplies when she has PMS. I’m not sure if it’s actual hunger or just extreme cravings. All I know is that money will be spent and wallets will be emptied during PMS season and sometimes at completely random times (3am food run anyone?). In spite of this, this is probably the most positive among these things I’ve listed since it’s something men can relate to and join in on. But what comes after it is a doozy.

i feel fat . . .

This statement is always the follow up of the previous. After a girl satisfies her endless PMS-induced hunger with a good plate of sushi or a whole pizza, they instantly (like a few minutes after eating) start questioning their weight and their body endlessly. They start asking questions like “am I fat?” or “do I look bloated?” and even if you say “of course not!” or even if they’re TOO thin to begin with they’re still going to keep checking themselves in the mirror.


. . . and ugly!

It doesn’t matter how a girl looks – even if they look like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel or a Hollywood Celebrity – they’re going to say this at least once (or all the time) when they’re PMS-ing. For some reason, PMS messes with a girl’s brain so much that they perceive themselves in a drastically different way that it’s borderline delusional. And no matter how much you tell them that they’re beautiful, it’s not going to work.



i hate everything

Do you know the line “girls just want to have fun”? Well, when girls have PMS that turns into “girls just want to burn everything down”. During PMS season, women simply become extra sensitive and impatient. And they hate everything, for no reason. Sometimes it feels like you don’t want to move or make a sound in fear of triggering a PMS-induced fit of anger. “Don’t make any sudden movements”.

And last but not the least…



nobody loves me

For whatever reason, women become super extra “needy” during their PMS and in spite of the fact that during their PMS they hate everything and everyone, they still want attention; they still want someone to talk to, which is honestly like running through a land mine. You want us to listen and talk to you but there’s also a big chance you’re going to kill us.

Well that’s it. I’m sure there are a ton of other things girls say during that rollercoaster season of their monthly lives but these 5 are the ones that I’ve probably heard the most. Maybe you can share some of the things that you say? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this short article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading! – Martin

Hi girls, I hope you enjoyed reading his post. Everything he said here describes me at my finest hours lol. I’m sure a lot of you can relate too, don’t deny! :) PS: let’s please observe my hair on this picture. This is a once in a blue moon shot guys hahaha. I wish my hair is this wavy & smooth all the time. – Shayne

  • Lol love the images of Shayne very beautiful and you are funny. You forgot nothing fits and leave me alone. Cannot trust or take serious a woman you PMS (Pretty Much Silly or Scary) during these month.

  • forte!!!!!:D…..

  • hahaha LOVE this post. This totally describes me when I'm PMSing. PS. Love your hair girl! ;) But where's the link to his blog so I can read your post? Am I blind or something? xD
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  • Hey Martin,
    I agree with each and every words, it's like reading my diary :)
    Keep in touch

  • Love your makeup! You are such a beauty! :)

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  • Hahahaha this is so funny and soooo true! I will always get pissed off at the littlest and most senseless things and my partner would always yell at me for being so “masungit” and then I'll cry and it's like an endless roller coaster of this kind of fuckery for like a whole week haha

  • Ohhh the lip effect is so pretty <3
    Oh I can relate to the “I hate everything”, although it's more “don't bother me, I'll bit you” xD
    And I personally end up not eating that much xD

    this was a really funny post <3 Take care!

  • So pretty! Wow, I can relate to everything here! Haha! Guys, please be patient with us, WE JUST CAN'T HELP IT! *wink*

  • this is so CUTE! hahahahaah and it's frighteningly accurate. :))

  • FUNNY! Hahaha! It's true though, I hate everything but get so needy when I have my period. Ugh. Hate life.

  • LOL I'm guilty! BUT it's the hormones, not us. Haha! :P

  • LMAO I can totally relate :p Like you've just stated everything I never want to admit haha.

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  • Awe what a cute Idea Shayne, I wonder what you wrote on his blog? But I don't 100 percent agree with all of these statements but I do relate to most of them. You look gorgeous in your photo girl! :)


  • blame the hormones! Our hormones is messed up during pms/period time of the time

  • Aw, I don't recognize myself like that haha. I am hungry… meh.. more: “I am hungry, but I am not sure.. because the pain of my menstruation is taking away the pain I would feel when hungry” lol. And I am usually hungry all the time.. has very little to do with PMS-ing :P hihi. Fun idea to switch it up and let your boyfriend write a post. x

  • hahaha. i recently just found out that it is natural for some women to be bloated during pms days i thought it was just me :P

  • grazie :)

  • thank you thank you! hahaha its not posted yet so i didnt include it here dont worry :D your so funny pauline :)

  • thanks pooja! :)

  • thanks rinako! :)

  • hahaha! i can relate, funny thing is lang sometimes in worst case scenario i feel these emotions all at the same time so one minute im angry/i dont care and the next im crying na. cray cray moment :)

  • im glad you like! im starting to like bourjois even more. that brand is so good it should sell internationally. even via US its hard to get a hold of them :D i lold at ill bite you :)

  • what she said! :) haha thanks sis!

  • haha its good to know that some guys are aware and can adjust on these days :)

  • hahaha hormones :D

  • haha true! im actually going to take a test next week to check if my hormones are balanced so i could change my diet appropriately :)

  • haha thanks kay! :)

  • thanks nina :) were thinking 5 things men say when playing games cause his blog is a gaming blog :D

  • agree! haha :)

  • hahaha! :) i actually experience that too but rarely, stomach cramps is the worst thing ever during pms. my cramps used to be very bearable when i was younger but now its insane. thank you!

  • hahaha! this is soooo funny sis! relate na relate ako. btw, about the scissors, i bought mine at HBC ;)

  • I love this post! It's so accurate. I can totally relate to eating non stop. What lipstick are you wearing the in the picture above? It look gorgeous!

  • Hahaha well at least di mo naeexperience yung other side. Since I have a girlfriend, she would get PMS too at ako naman yung magtitiis sa nakakalokang rollercoaster of emotions hahaha

  • Hahah! The “I hate everything” column encapsulate my pms quite well. I would get grumpy and every little thing would piss me off, i.e., loud talkers, slow walkers, walkers playing games/texting on their phone, people breathing loudly, bf didn't make me tea, bf didn't make breakfast, bf didn't clean the house, kids on the train, missing lid on my red pen… and the list goes on. It's exhausting, physically and mentally!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  • Aww.. this is so cute sis! Such a smart idea and fun thing to do with bf! I just laughed all the way through reading it coz I can relate, haha.. it's safe to say that every single girl feels like that when we 'PMS' lol Us ladies are just complicated creatures, guys should just get used to it. haha =D Gorgeous photo too sis, looking fierce with the red lippy! roar ;D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • HAHAHAHA this is so funny! Omg I can totally relate. :))) Oh, hormones. Always knows how to mess us up bigtime. :))

  • M

    Haha wow maybe your boyfriend is a mind reader?! Love your photograph, you are absolutely beautiful!

  • this is so true! :)

  • hahahahah i loved this. i'm just my bf can related. what a great post idea.

  • Awwww!!! this is soooo cute Shayne! hahaha how sweet is your boyf!~
    what he wrote is so true about girls! this is something all boyfriends should read ahahaha

    love lots,

  • Em

    this is so cute hahahha..
    the unicorn icons are so cute either!! it matches every topic.

  • hahaha. thanks for the reply on the scissors, where can i find hbc? :)

  • Hi Erendira! :) i actually used 2 lip products here out of curiosity hehe — mac viva glam I and bourjois color boost in red island. thank you thank you!

  • ahaha! sabi sabi if you hang out with each other often eventually your cycle sched will sync :P

  • hi lily! i lold at — people breathing loudly — hahaha i get this too from time to time, rarely but it happens and when it does i cant shake it off easily ^^

  • hahaha :D we thought it was a nice post just for lolz, were glad you enjoyed it sis. and ty ty hihi :P

  • true true, i remember when i went to an all girls school for awhile we know when someone is PMS-ing haha!

  • haha :P thanks M! :)

  • indeed! :)

  • hahaha we thought it would be a nice thing to write about for the lolz were glad you enjoyed reading it haha :D

  • agree para masanay na sila or they know what to expect hihi. thanks sis! :)

  • hi em! :) its rarity from my little pony, im too old to watch that show but i enjoy it alot haha

  • I first noticed your hair! I love it! :) I think it's beyond cool that your boyfriend is writing this for you. I think he's more sensitive to your needs because he knows. From the above-mentioned, the only thing that I probably do/say is feel hungry all the time! Hahaha :D

  • hahaha!! love it!! This is one of the blog posts that I enjoyed reading and I could totally relate, which females couldn't?
    That picture of you is gorgeous Shayne!! <3

    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  • This post is 98% accurate. I say 98% because I say these all the time, not just when I'm PMS-ing :D
    (….I am a ticking time bomb, I know)

  • #4 is soooo true! I like want to isolate myself from everything and everyone because I just hate all of it! :) I may be conceited but I don't remember experiencing #1, 3 and 4 (or maybe I should ask my boyfriend, too?) Love this post! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  • Love this post, Shayne. I think this is such a cute idea! haha. I started laughing at the “I'm hungry (all the time” part…I can definitely relate to that, and you look gorgeous as always! <3

  • Winner! Hahaha! This post nailed it and it's good to see a guy's point of view. Hello, Shayne's BF! *waves*

  • hi sis! here's their website beauty supplies store sya, if you're familiar with hortaleza vaciador, i think same owner sila :)

  • Live-in couple naman kami ni girlfriend pero bakit di parin nagssync cycle namin? Hahaha

  • I can relate to that stuff even when I'm not dealing with PMS. Ahaha. That picture looks like a professional modelling shot. o.o

  • Hahaha, I love this so much! So funny to see it from the point of view of a guy.

  • This is such a cute concept! Very clever!x

  • Bwahahaha. This made my day, seriously! I'm on my PMS season right now, literally. and Everything Martin said is true, very true…lol I do feel bloated during this time but still feel like I could eat more. hahaha the cute ponies are a nice touch. hehe and love your model-ish photo btw. ^_^

  • Nice one Martin haha, beautiful Shayne.

  • hahaha thank you sis! minsan lang maging maganda ang hair so it had to be posted. and yes he is :D one time he bought me a collection of the chocolates that i liked bec he know that i was pms-ing. he said those were his “ammo” daw haha :)

  • thank you rain! :) and im glad you enjoyed the post, a nice way to sort of celebrate womanhood haha

  • ahahaha!! :D

  • haha thanks jenn! ;)

  • thank you melissa <3 its true tho even with out pms but its really worse with it :D

  • hahah were glad you enjoyed it sis! :D

  • hahaha! oh thank you thats a huge compliment :)

  • hahaha im glad you enjoyed it natalie :)

  • thanks kelsey! im glad you like it :)

  • hahaha ganda ng timing *gives chocolate* :D and thank you thank you sis! ay i bloat talaga every month some of my clothes doesnt fit as nicely :)

  • thank you belle! were glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Hey Shayne (Martin), this is hilarious! I do the “I hate everybody” thing a bit more often, which is why Dr. D knows better than to mess with me for a few days each month LOL

  • Hahahaha natawa ako sa post na 'to. And it's such a cute idea that you write articles for each other's blogs <3 P.S - ganda ng hair mo, girl! So healthy-looking.

  • I say these things even when I'm not PMSing, lol… My boyfriend has learned to ignore them though, much to my frustration. Come on bro, I need you to lift my spirits, dammit!

  • HAHAHA it's fun to read lists like these about women from the guy's point of view! this is such a great idea you guiz! i agree, i often say those things when on my period because ugh the raging hormones hahaha except the fat part coz i've never been fat! haha

  • I’m so sorry for this late reply and for the late visit to your blog. I haven’t been in Lisbon a lot, so it’s really hard to update my blog and comment and check everyone else either!
    Thank you so much for your sweet and caring message!
    I really like the Essence powder, in fact I just a second one, but I’ve never tried the Rimmel one. And when it comes to biological problems, there really isn’t anything we can do, it’s annoying, but it is how it is.
    Awesome post!!!!
    I believe most of the times it’s cravings and I do agree with the post! We do feel fat and ugly and there are times men should keep away from us and be so careful about what they say or there will be blood!!!!
    Loved the post and your hair looks gorgeous. I have a hard time dealing with mine as well…

  • Found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! You have amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?
    will be happy to see you in my blog!

  • LOL “girls just want to burn everything down.” What's funny is, I never noticed this pattern of me feeling this way every same time of the month until I got a boyfriend. Then he picked up on the pattern and pointed it out to me so now if I feel fat, my 2nd thought if always “What's the date?” heheh.

    Cute post :D


  • This was very damn funny and a treat to read.
    Our mood swings and the plight of men around us during this time :-p :-)

  • hahahahhahah I absolutely loved reading this post, Martin did an excellent job and he's bang on. We are like on the edge during the PMS season.

    By the way, you are looking smoking hot in this pic and I know what you mean about the hair, wish everyday was like that lol

    Hope you are doing well babez. I haven't gotten into the blog reading routine yet, still struggling with lot of things but I will be soon. I'm sorry to have disappeared from everywhere but I will be back, hopefully soon xoxoxooxo

  • lol, i love reading this post by your boyfriend, he is so right, i do say that sometime too lol, I love your picture Shayne, the lipcolor look so nice on you :) have a good weekend xo

  • thanks sis! :)

  • hahaha thanks sunny :)

  • thanks kylie! <3

  • hahaha ^^ it usually takes time but im sure hell get there :)

  • ay im so jelly, i wish i never get bloated ever haha :) thanks yani im glad you liked it!

  • its okay xana and thank you! im very glad to hear from you :)

  • thanks!

  • hahaha same, as soon as i notice the symptoms i check my calendar. first symptom is usually when i start craving for random thins in the middle of the night :D

  • hahah glad you like it belle :)

  • thank you naaj! im just so so happy to hear from you again <3 pls drop by anytime you can or send me a msg :D

  • thanks janet! :) its a combination of mac viva glam I and bourjois red island :D

  • really love this post!!lol It tells the truth with a little bit of wit(: I like when he says that girls just want
    to burn everything down, which is very true for me ahah also, love the picture shayne!!always so glamorous!!

  • hahaha im glad you enjoyed it dianna, and SO NICE TO SEE YOU :) ty ty!

  • this is so true Shayne!!! my boyfriend is always confuse on what I really want… ;D


  • hahaha! its funny how most boyfriends can relate to it :)

  • This post made me both chuckle loudly and sigh with relief,
    you mean I'm NOT the only one?! oh thankgoodness!
    such an adorable idea and the unicorns made it even more perfect :')
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe | Bloglovin

  • hahaha! ^^

  • hahaha you are so adorable! im glad you like this :D the unicorn is rarity from my little pony :P

  • Jo

    This is just so cute!!! What a lovely concept. Did your boyfriend also style the post or just the written words? He's too cute.

  • thanks jo! so nice to hear from you again here! he wrote the post but I was the one who added the little unicorn for cuteness sake hihi