Burberry Light Glow Blush in Peony

Hi girls! I am currently on a beauty spending ban, so for extra precautions I’m avoiding all blogs that have reviews on the new MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection. MUST—STAY—STRONG and must stop focusing on these things I want to buy. So instead I’m going writing about things I’ve had for awhile now — the Burberry Light Glow Blush in Peony.

I have a love hate relationship with this blush. Not sure if I’m very happy with it or if I just wasted PHP2300 (USD52) on something I should’ve gotten cheaper in NARS. It’s a basic but still beautiful angelic baby pink blush, something you can find in almost every cosmetic brand.

But the thing is I’m willing to spend more on a color I’ll use more often than the others for as long as the quality is really… really good (pro attempt to justify big splurges).

she loves me . . .

Burberry is popular for their excellent, wearable, natural looking makeup… and may I add all these in super luxurious packaging. How alluring (…aquatic collection dammit.) is that sleek magnetic blush case and that embossed detailing? It also came with a velvet “Burberry checkered” pouch (that I lost tsk!) and a soft brush I regularly use.

Compared to other matte light pink blushes this is a tad bit smoother and glowy-er applied. It lasts almost an entire day on me and it also resembles my cheeks color when they are naturally blushing — a nice no makeup, makeup look effect. Texture is buttery silk but not quite as buttery as I expected it to be based on some reviews. The Balm’s Nude Tude Palette eye shadows (thanks Diane! :) ), and all their amazing Lou Manizers are still creamier IMHO.

. . . she loves me not

The downside of this product… first the price, but this is something to expect when buying from a designer brand. Second is its light rosy perfume-y scent (less stronger than their Lip Velvet Lipstick). I prefer my makeup unscented since I have a very sensitive nose, and although I’ve gotten used to it, it still bothers me sometimes. Another possible downside is that this color may not show up well on darker skin tones. The blush is pigmented but it’s a very light color and doesn’t seem to build up after second application.


I wanted something fancy, high quality blush with a nice subtle color for a no makeup, makeup look / to use with bold lipstick colors. These are exactly what I get from this product THAT AND a little buyers remorse from time to time lol.

You may like this if; you collect luxury makeup, you especially love blushes, if you often sport a natural makeup look, and of course if you’re comfortable with its price. I’m personally still undecided — lol not much of a help here sorry. I was hoping that by the end of this review I’d have a clear answer to share with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love this blush and use it a lot, but a part of me is unsatisfied with it. Like I wish I gotten a similar color from Hourglass / Chanel instead (similar price range). I hope this post was still helpful tho :) What’s your favorite high end blush?

  • The color is amazing it looks stunning on you.

  • You look so comely and fresh on that pictures, I'd love to try that product as well) That rosy shade is just a perfect thing for any women, to my mind;) Awesome review turned out!

  • The colour is so pretty! I have to say that I usually neglect burberry (shame on me know). I really like this type of pinks for everyday wear, specially because they look nice at any occasion.
    ohh and I'm happy that you liked nude'tude's! I can't wait to get my package and share my thoughts on it <3

    Take care, have a nice day :3

  • This is definitely not a unique shade, I'll agree with you on that.I heard such great things about Burberry, but I just can't justify the price. With such a small range it is most certainly some private label.

  • It is absolutely gorgeous! The shade is perfect, but yeah, the price is a bummer. Also, I'm surprised they've “over scented” and it's such a shame.

  • Thanks for the super helpful post! I'm not sure if I will purchase, the price tag on these are super scary (granted, I don't own many high end blushes and all…the majority of mine are drugstore). It is pretty though! I've been hiding away from the Alluring Aquatic collection as well! Spending bans suck -.-
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  • looks like a very good product Shayne, I love how it gives a natural glowing look.
    I think it looks good on you <3 you look so lovely on your pic above :))

    love lots,


  • SUCH a pretty color! I really love this.
    Kallie – But First, Coffee

  • Okay, I love the shade!!! Still waiting to get my hands on my first Burberry blush. Kelan pa kaya? Haha.

  • I can't spend that amount of money for the blush, but if I have a lot, I will. Not only will it make you feel good, but I think the wear time is great. I think longevity is what I always look for in any makeup product. :)

  • So sweet! You are such a beauty! :)

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  • Burberry is too expensive for you to buy something from them and then just end up regretting it. Sayang naman! My staple light pink, barely there blush is just a cheapo Face Shop blush. Works perfect naman :)

  • Sorry to know that you are not satisfied whit it..
    But it's good for a natural look
    Keep in touch

  • Hmm I think that if you don't love a product that's a splurge, it may not be wise to repurchase. Shame about the scent – I'm the same way. My nose is extremely sensitive so I am more partial to unscented products as well so I may have to skip this (even though the color is beautiful and looks stunning on you. And besides, it doesn't show up too well on darker skin tones and I tan soo easily in the summer.
    Great review!!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • at least it looks good on you. so pretty! :)

  • love this! super sweet! <3 anyway, i have an on-going blog giveaway. i would be so happy if you'd be able to join and hopefully, win. http://www.raellarina.net/2014/06/june-2014-giveaway.html

    xoxo, rae

  • I fell in love with the casing of this product! But I'm not sure I'll be spending a lot for this kind of blush. My favorite blush ever is the powder blush of the Too Faced Natural Face Palette. I'm currently looking for a dupe! So far, TheBalm's Instain blushes (Houndstooth) appear to be quite similar. I'm not sure if those brands are high end though haha.

  • I have never tried any make up by Burberry so this is new to me. I wouldn't like perfumed make up either (except for lip products, I don't mind those) because of my sensitive skin.. especially my cheeks. So that alone would be a no-go for me! You look gorgeous, btw :) You have a beautiful smile!

  • It looks good on you! Your skin is so beautiful, Shayne. :D
    And woah, I get amazed with people who are willing to spend thousands of pesos for make up. Haha. #kuripotproblems.

  • this looks puuurrrty! it does look beautiful and natural on you. It's just too damn expensive for something that you can get from a much cheaper brand. Oh well, at least it's BURBERRY. lol
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  • It looks very pretty and natural on you! Although, how disappointing for something so high end! I truly love the Balm's products too! I just love their blushes and powders. I'm on a bit of spending ban too. ;___; I hate it because I always want something! lol

  • I gotta admit, I adore Burberry make-up because of their stunning packaging! It sucks though that if you're paying something that much for a blush, it better be insanely pigmented. It gives such a gorgeous natural colour on the cheeks, but it's no use if you can't even build it up. Might as well get NARS right? or a darker shade.. so you can get more use out of it. And aww.. be strong about your spending ban sis! I know how you feel.. I cry whenever I see the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection :( Thanks for the helpful review! <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • Wow, what a pretty color. And the packaging is gorgeous too!

  • Ang ganda ng color! Looks like a nice blush. I'm also currently on a makeup spending ban, which is hard kase naubusan na ako ng Viva Glam lipstick and I'm trying hard to make do with my drugstore ones for now.


  • You always take such beautiful pictures! :) & this blush looks beautiful, the packaging is very pretty too! sorry you don't like it too much though. I know that when I buy high end makeup, I always feel a bit of buyer's remorse because of the steep prices. I guess you naturally expect more when you spend that much on a product!

  • Looks fabulous on you. Wonderful review dear :)

  • This is a really subtle dilemma that I think only girls will understand bahaha. I agree with you 100% that you shouldn't fall into the trap of thinking “If I'm gonna spend a lot of $$, I should get a unique color.” So I'm glad you got such a pretty, delicate color!

    My favorite high end blush? Easy because I only own 2 blushes lol, and both are by NARS! I have a full size in Mata Hari, a very cool toned pink (that actually matches my natural flush). I just got a (superrrr adorable) mini blush in Deep Throat and I'm loving this too :)


  • I love how you took pictures. ♥ :) Hope I can be as creative as you. hihi. I love the color of this blush btw. It looks good on you. Thanks for always dropping by on my blog. I really appreciate it. :)

    Nica ♥

  • Amazing post !Would you like to follow each other?

  • This is such a pretty shade of pink, it look so natural and nice on your skintone, i will for sure check it out next time I am visiting a Mac store, it a great pink for everyday wear :) Happy Friday Shayne, hope you have a great weekend xoxo


  • thanks jackie! :)

  • thank you alexandra, its a beautiful color :)

  • its ok sometimes its good to ignore these extra expensive high end brands haha… good for the wallet :P
    excited about the posts :D lets do it at the same time next week?

  • agreed. most of their collection atm are more of excellent versions of basic makeup (atleast with the blushes and lipsticks) the eyeshadows & bronzer tho looks a bit more special :)

  • hahaha :) im not surprised that were both trying to avoid the same collection. i feel like im having a change of heart and probably will stick more to drugstore makeup very soon… as soon as the ban ends ha! ^^

  • thank you sis! :)

  • thanks kallie :)

  • hahaha soon! nordstrom anniv sale is up on july i think. baka magsale or at least have a nice promo :D

  • agreed :) that was one of the plus plus factor with this blush. esp since its a barely there color. its impt that it stays there forever (alongtime)

  • thanks rinako :)

  • ay so true, but its a good blush tho. i guess bec of the price i expected something more, and thanks for the reco ill keep that in mind :)

  • thanks pooja <3

  • i wish i tan easily too haha :) thank you deborah! im glad im not alone on being too sensitive to scents, i feel like its both a good thing and a bad thing, in this case bad cause i had to pass on a lot of beauty products just bec the scent gives me headache. PS: so nice to hear from u! :D

  • ay thanks sis! :)

  • thanks for the inv rae!

  • the blams blushes are so ganda sis and they last long. i dont own one yet but ive tried them so many times na haha. some girls consider it high end, which i think it is cause the quality of their products are high end level. and yes about the casing its prettier in person ^^

  • thank you natasja! :) just wanna say that i miss your blog posts, hope youre doing well and good luck on your studies <3

  • thank you sis! haha ako din actually, ewan ko ba bakit i keep doing it. weak self control tsk! :D

  • haha yes and at least its shiny lol oh the things we tell ourselves to justify big spendings. thanks sis! :)

  • the key is to avoid the mall LOL hard but it works hihi. thank you anna! :)

  • hahaha thanks for your support sis. your so cute! :) actually youre one of the girls i thought would own the mac alluring aquatic collection na but it looks like both of us are on a spending diet *hfive for that* :D

  • thank you <3

  • ay parehas pala tayong viva glam babes! V.G.I. is my fave red. i think wet n wild has a color very close to viva glam or to mac diva (only P125 i think). pwede na as a temporary substitute for now :) thanks kylie!

  • its like you read my mind hehe thank you melissa! :) i guess im going to take a break from high end products from now and after the spending ban ill explore the drugstore makeup more <3

  • thanks belle! :)

  • thanks varinder :)

  • i feel like everyone owns deep throat except meee lol. this shade is on my list together with gaiety. the nars nordstrom anniv exclusive palette actually has deep throat in it but i cant spend any time soon so ill pass for now :)

  • thanks nica! i try hihi. the key is to use bright lamps lol, its too dark kase in my room. although i like your pics na, esp the snoe product shots ganda :)

  • thanks!

  • thanks janet :) ya check out the mac alluring collection they are so nice. esp the blushes <3

  • thanks natalie! :) i feel like its only with me cause i have extra sensitive nose but if you dont usually get bothered by scents i think its okay :D

  • HAHA, love how thoughts of the MAC collection managed to infiltrate this post. Honestly, I FIRCKIN LOVE THE PACKAGING, but I don't really like the shades offered in that collection! BUT STILL….PACKAGING IS SO PRETTY ;-;
    Ugh, but the name of this blush is so pretty though. It's a shame that you paid so much for a generic blush shade (yeah, a NARS/Chanel/Hourglass blush would probably have been more worth it), but on the upside, least I know now not to invest in Burberry! ;)

  • gorgeous, really gorgeous! everything is pretty!

  • hehe :) Thanks Shayne. Oh, thanks also for sharing your secret. I will definitely remember that “use bright lamps”. hehe. Will try this for my next product photoshoot. haha

    Nica ♥

  • It's such a pretty color!!

  • The blush looks lovely on you Shayne!!!(: It's too bad that the prices of these high end products aren't so lovely.
    Whenever I splurge on a makeup product I'm always expecting it to be magical and somehow change my life ahah
    I really like the packaging of this blush though, very fancy^_^ Thank you for sharing!!

  • agree with the packaging, i feel like a super successful/powerful woman everytime i look at it lol. and have you seen the alluring collection packaging, that one is uniquely nice too :D

  • haha thanks sis! :)

  • thanks ore :)

  • haha agreed high price = skyhigh expectations too :D so really got to be careful with this high end brands. thanks dianna! :)

  • aw, that was so kind.. thank you so much.. :) Have a bit of freedom now.. before having to study for resits, so I will surely be enjoying that ^^ What about you?

  • hahaha thats good to hear :) as for me havent had time to blog enough and read my fave blogs too been busier than usual but i think ill have more time soon :D

  • This is gorgeous! Love the Burberry packaging too… *Swoon*

    find me on 9outoften.com

  • agreed! :) thanks weng!

  • The farthest I've gotten is Clinique. I'm having that Nars (Orgasm) vs. Bobbi Brown (Pale Pink) blush internal argument right now. Totally agree that it's better to buy a high-quality item in a usable color that'll get you down to pan than something that isn't as versatile.

    I haven't seen a Burberry makeup counter yet. Where'd you get this? :p

  • oh i havent tried pale pink from bobbi brown but i can vouch for Nars orgasm. its very very pretty! <3 i think it'll suit your skintone well!

    i got it online from Nordstrom :)