My Spring Favorites : Top Five

We don’t have Spring in my country. Here, we only have two options sunny or sunnyer lol okay technically it’s sunny or rainy, but most of the time it feels like it’s the former. Our weather is pretty much bipolar so bear with me as I embrace our non-existent spring season.

Thanks to Temptalia’s five shades of green post, I thought of gathering five make up products that ultimately remind me of spring and that I’ve been using a lot lately.

five shades of spring

Sleek blush in Mirrored Pink — Really beautiful iridescent shimmery pink. By the way it is sheerer in person than it is on this swatch above, I had to over apply the blush to make it visible for the camera. The only CON is its longevity. Unlike the other sleek blushes I have, this only lasts for around 4 hours. Shame. But it’s such a pretty color to pass on, so I still use it quite often. Also this blush is only $10 (P450) which isn’t very expensive, and it’s still available in the PH (not sure in other countries).

Burberry Light Glow Blush Peony Probably 90% of the reason why I bought this is because its case is shiny. Whatashallowreason lol. You can’t see it in the pictures here though…. I’ll include more photos in its actual review. I haven’t used it long enough to write my final thoughts about it, but so far this blush is one of the softest blush I have ever tried. It’s a really nice and subtle everyday matte blush that gives my cheeks a healthy “light glow”.

P.S. How pretty is that Burberry checkered emboss?

NARS Orgasm Blush A cult favorite, and rightly so because it’s one of the most beautiful peachy pink blushes that’s ever existed, which is why you’re probably tired of seeing it on my favorites lists. If I could only have one blush, I’d be content with having just this. (It’s a lot prettier in person than it is on my blurry swatch above).

MAC lipstick Brave
another product that keeps reappearing on my faves list. I really like this neutral rosey shade but I don’t like its longevity. It lasts for only 4 hours on me, so I’m currently on a hunt for a good dupe that lasts longer. Any suggestions?

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette the newest member of the Naked Palette family. My Naked (1) Palette, which is also one of my ultimate favorites has taken a back seat since I got this. Some of my current favorite eyeshadow colors Buzz, Liar, and Factory. If you like pink or rose gold I highly recommend you try this palette.

What products have you been loving lately? Also, most TV shows I follow are ending and going on break, actually some of them didn’t get renewed for next season :S Now I don’t know what to do on my week nights lol, any TV show suggestions?

  • You lucky to have sunny weather all the time. :)
    I really liked orgasm
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  • Amazing product love nars orgasm cheek color one of my favorite and of course naked 3 palette.

  • These are great purchases and i love the colour of the lipstick

  • Oehh, I love these all. I especially love the Nars Blush. It looks like a natural soft and beautiful *blush*/glow.. and that's what you want. Especially during spring (even if you don't really have that there). I am loving Brave by MAC as well… what a wonderful soft color to wear :) and Naked 3. I don't think I need to say anything really.. :) UD <3

  • Oh, hm. TV suggestions. That depends on what you like?

  • What gorgeous products! I love love love those blush shades.

  • Brave is so pretty! I must add it to my wishlist!
    Although Spring it's officially on…we still have Winter's weather TwT The past week has been super rainy a cold. I've heard that April will be warmer (I hope so).
    In therms of wearing, Sunny Seoul (I really should do a review about him, and OMG we like the same SNSD member *-*) has been a must along with the NUDE'tude palette and Coralista from Benefit. I've been thinking about getting one of the new theBalm blushes because a few of their colours are more vibrant than what I currently own.

    One of my favourite TV shows is going to end as well T_T (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) and there's another one that I don't know if it will be renewed or not :(

    Take care**

  • Lovely favorites Shayne! I still love the NAKED3 but i haven't gotten it yet because i use my NAKED2 quite a bit! :) Maybe someday haha.
    Mia PlushLuxe

  • love this kind of products! the naked palette is beautiful and the nars orgasm too!
    lots of love

    you have a beautiful blog!

  • Haha I know what you mean! It gets incredibly warm in Taiwan (during the wrong months, too), but I guess it's nothing compared with the Philippines! What lovely picks! I don't own any of the blushes, but I do pull out Estee Lauder Peach Passion often round about now. Still not sure where I stand on the rose gold eyeshadow trend, but the shades swatch real pretty on you!

  • Temptress! I like anything light pink!

  • Rae

    Although lately, I feel like the monsoon season is trumping the summer season.

  • That Burberry blush is amazing. Such a perfect spring color!
    Kallie – But First Coffee

  • The Burberry blush is definitely beautiful. Haha I did that before as I bought few items from Etude merely because if its packaging. LOL
    Ah, the Naked 3 palette. Indeed it's beautiful and I do find its pigmentation is awesome as I swatched it in Sephora before. But I'm not sure if it looks good on my dark skin.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Xx, Mira |

  • Sam

    I love your selection of pretty pink blushes as well as the lipsticks, all of these are going on my wishlist.

  • Such a gorgeous post as usual! Swooning over your amazing photography *_*
    I love the idea of this! I was thinking of doing a top 5 of everything, as I have really switched my makeup up ^_^ the blushers all look so pretty! as does that eyeshadow palette!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  • I love the shades of your eyeshadows! neutral and naked. my type. :)

  • I really enjoyed reading this Shayne! :D And im beginning to get convinced in getting the MAC Brave, what's the finish again? Hopefully not matte.

  • The Burberry blush has such pretty packaging! Love the plaid imprint!

  • So sweet palettes! <3

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  • very beautiful colors and how I wish I could also have them Shayne but my mind is still battling right now if I should give in to much “higher-end” products since I know that before I could consumed a third of the product, I would already throw them because of expiration. I really like the orgasm from nars, it looks pretty on everyone's face…kind of similar with one of Ellana's blushes

  • I love Mac's Brave, it's my favourite nude of life. We are just going into autumn now and you've given me inspiration for a new colour palette

  • So pretty!

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  • NARS' Orgasm blush was my first blush, and I bought it again after I finished the first one. I can't explain what it is about it, but I have to have it in my makeup stash even if I'm not regularly using it. It's like my safety blanket or something.

    I love the rose golds in the Naked 3 palette, but they just don't look very good on me unfortunately. I like my Naked 2 palette though. :)

  • Wow! they look gorgeous Shayne! I love how soft and subtle their colors are. Perfect for summer or for job application (in my case) hahaha
    Thanks a lot for the share, you're a very lucky girl to have them <3

    love lots,

  • Such pretty photos. *w* I want spring to come back. We're just transitioning into Autumn. But that won't stop me wearing those kinds of colours.

  • MAC Brave looks so prettttty! It's going on my wishlist hahaha. And oh, that Sleek blush looks gorgeous too! It's a good thing that they have Sleek available here in Manila na. Will check out if we have this shade available locally :)

  • Great Post and Pictures!

  • Why do you always have pretty pictures, Shayne???!!!! Hehehehe! I'm so inggit!

    It's not a surprise that the Naked 3 is one of your faves. ;) I've yet to try that MAC Brave, though! :)

  • thanks for sharing your faves another group of products to put on my to buy list. eheh. I have been loving braids and bright lip colors for this summer :)

  • I thought the kits look really sweet! I like the natural shades.
    Luxury Haven

  • The peony from Burberry looks good. It's not shimmery and blends in well so if I had to go for one then it would be the Burberry one.

    I'm dine with make up buying for now. My skin is breaking out and has been acting crazy for a month now.

  • The Naked3 Palette is so amazing. I use it pretty much everyday! :)


  • Lovely selection dear. Loved the post and photos :)

  • Canada is still snowing here, wish I can come visit you country and meet you too someday, so nice to have such sunny weather in our country, so jealous heheee, I love your 5 favoirte picks, it is all so pretty, thank you for sharing with us :) I really like the NARS Orgasm Blush, the peachy pink color so nice for everyday wear, btw which is your Urban Decay Naked Palette, they have come out with couple palette, which one do u think I should get hehee :) Thank you for giving me ur advices, talk to you soon, have a good upcoming weekend, xoxo Janet

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  • I like the packaging of the Burberry blush! So elegant and pretty! :)

  • love the colors sis! so pretty :) i agree with the weather, super init lately. good luck saten sa rainy season!

  • its both good and bad for us here, sometimes its a nice warm weather but there are also times of extreme heat that we really really dislike :P +1 on orgasm! :)

  • did you get the N3 palette too? :) i think the smokey eye shadow shades will look great on you!

  • thanks josie! its a nice MLBB lipstick :)

  • one of the best MLBB shades <3 i thought you already have orgasm... blush. really have to be careful with that bush's name. i have this strong urge to send one to everyone who doesnt have it LOL. if only i had oprahs moneyz :P

  • the shows i like are usually light drama comedy shows like Gossip Girl, Once Upon A Time, PLL, Vampire Diaries… damon forever hihi <3

  • im glad you like shannon :D

  • i must send it to you! huhu if only i had more moneyz i would really. there are so many stuff i wanted to include on your box. and yes abt thebalm blushes, tried them several times on the counter and they are very good quality :D i watch that too! actually was sad to hear about that news. im gonna miss anastasia, shes so pretty <3

  • actually surprised to hear that you dont have it yet since i associate the color rosegold with your blogs theme! ^^

  • im glad you like them rachel :D

  • thanks sunny! i wonder if the rosegold makeup trend will die down anytime soon. if it does i would really like to see UD come up with the naked 4 palette… hopefully this time its something peachy orange-ish gold :D

  • :D you and me both!

  • ah i hope it remains that way for us too, the weather is a little unpredictable these days, lalo na the other day suuuuper init =|

  • indeed, nice everyday blush color :)

  • hi mira! :) haha ah that brand etude has the most adorable packaging ever! one of my fave products are their ice cream nail polishes have you seen those? :)

  • im glad you like them sam :D

  • hihi thank you iqra! :) i think those are good and very informative posts :D

  • you gonna like naked 1 too and naked basics lavina! :)

  • satin yay something you would wear! ^^ its a good MLBB shade, i would imagine urban decay fiend to look similar to this :)

  • its even better up front when its closed, will post more pics :)

  • thanks rinako! :)

  • thats very true actually and i like that you mentioned high-er end products :D cause thats how i would classify them too. theres the high end brands like thebalm, mac, nars… then there are the higher ends even more expensive ones like burberry YSL etc..

  • hehe its such a wearble color isnt? :) im glad you like them angelique!

  • thanks!

  • wow congratulations terri! ^^ i dont think i ever hit pan on any blushes before hmm… and i like how you described it as the “safety blanket” cause it really feels that way after owning and using it for a long time :D

  • good luck on your job hunting sis! :) and im glad you like them products :D

  • hehe :D thank you bethany! :)

  • not sure if its available at the counter but it is online at beauty corner ph :) btw victoria i got UD fiend online! so excited for it to arrive :)

  • thanks judita! :)

  • heee thank you emae! i try :D i think your gonna like brave, did you also get the naked3p.? :)

  • hehe thanks sis! around mid april ill transition to the brighter shades na rin like you :D

  • thank you shirley! :)

  • oh sorry to hear that, did you find out what was causing the break outs? :(

  • indeed! :D

  • thanks belle! :)

  • that would be nice janet! and ill make sure to tour you on places where its not so hot cause it gets really really hot here sometimes lol! :) if it is going to be your first naked palette i would really suggest the first Naked Palette, its something that you will use everyday. some people prefer Naked2 over Naked1 though. they are very similar, only Naked 2 is more taupish :)

    heres an old review to help you decide :)

  • thanks liz!

  • its even prettier up close when its closed, ill post more pics soon :

  • nako esp the other day sis, katunaw! :) and yes good luck on july :P

  • glad you like them vee! and good to hear from you again! :)

  • Awesome picks sis!! I'm lusting over the Burberry blush, it looks sooo pretty and the packaging is very elegant!! I've been dying to get my hands on Burberry make-up, it sucks that they don't sell it here! Urggh :”( I'm loving all those shades, definitely my faves! <3

  • Mad Men is starting next weekend!! April 13!! I'M VERY EXCITED AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO :) That's my TV show suggestion hehe

  • NARS Orgasm likewise tops my favorite list for spring blushes! As for TV series, you might try New Girl for happy vibes! :)

  • Loving that MAC lipstick! I may have to hunt for a cheaper version of it. You have so many pink makeup! :)

  • Very beuaitufl colours and products. I'm a bit addicted to pinkish anything, tough i don't like to admit it, and the checkered emboss is a wonderful detail that is enough for someone like me to fall for it and get it.

    The Garnier eye make-up remover has pleasantly surprised me. I haven’t tested it on waterproof make-up, but you know those very glittery eye-shadows that are also really hard to remove, this product leaves no trace of glitter.

    I love my pink Bee, but it’s big and won’t fit most my pockets… But I still use it anyways!
    Take care.

  • Wey, they all look so pretty that I'd probably be scared to use them. LOL :D

  • I hope someday I could just grab anything that I want without worrying about the price tag :D
    I hope you don't mind, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award

  • been months since my last visit here :)) these are great products but do you have any for contouring?

  • I love the shade of the Orgasm NARS blush! Such a pretty pink <3 My go-to make up these days are my L'Oreal foundation and Maybeline Dream Matte powder and my pink lipstick. Full on make up is definitely out of consideration with this mad heat. Haha!

  • Brave and Orgasm look so pretty! *giggles*

    My TV shows are just coming back, thank God!!! haha I like Grey's Anatomy, Community, The Mindy Project, Marvel's Agents of Shield, Trophy Wife…and KDramas! ♥ I also enjoy my dvds of The Border (a Canadian drama), Nurse Jackie and Private Practice.

    I bet your country is so beautiful. I'd love to live in a “usually sunny” climate again :)

  • I really am not sure what the problem is to be honest. It still is bad and I'm going crazy at the moment.

  • Em

    I would love to have the newest Naked 3 Palette too!lol

  • I have to say.. I know Nars Orgasm is a cult classic but I love it for spring. I have been wearing it for years, and I just can't seem to find anything that I like better… Great Picks!!!

  • Oh, if only! I don't have that many blushes due to having rosacea on my cheeks. So I try to avoid putting make up there as much as possible.

  • Suits is great. If you like PLL then “Twisted” may be for you as well. Revenge. Devious Maids. Reign (though I stopped watching it) Teen Wolf (gets better), Hart of Dixie, :)

  • I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring blogger award! :)

    Have a look on my blog:


  • All the shades are gorgeous! great for spring :)

  • right about the packaging sis, main reason why i wanna collect more products from them lol, but i have to control myself cause they are painfully expensiv :)

  • ooo i havent seen any ep of mad men, i should tho some of my frds are watching it… but i know one of the main char is really pretty cause i remember her in an awards show and thought her dress was really pretty, is it very dramatic the show? :)

  • ive seen new girl! ^^ funny show :D btw did they discontinued it?

  • i do hehe, im reaching for bronzy coral shades naman para maiba :) a nice cheaper version is hmm i forgot the shade name amg, but maybelline, has nice neutral lipsticks sis, my only complain about them is their scent :)

  • wow thats impressive now i really really want one haha. as soon as i see them here i will buy it and will let you know if i will end up liking the product :)

  • ahaha ^^ use very light hand sis is the trick although dont think theres a way to preserve the emboss detailing talaga :P

  • hi sis!! so nice to hear from you again :D for contouring i can recommend benefit hoola, ive hit pan on this and it has served me well :) i just recently placed an order on nars laguna heard a lot of good reviews on it so you might like to try that too :D

  • haha its also super hot here lately and some makeups talaga cannot surviva the weather ^^

  • ooo i watch greys anatomy and mindy project :) and i think i will take you on watching agents of shield since i really like the marvel movies. i wonder how the show is going to be because of what happened in the capt amerca movie. (not going to say any spoilers in case you havent seen it yet) :D

  • its really nice em :) <3

  • it really is the best blush ever hihi well at least for me and you <3 :)

  • aw thanks ecass! i appreciate it <3

  • indeed! :)

  • sorry to hear that naaj, wish i can help

  • thank you sis! i actually read the post before i saw your reply here :P and yes also have the same shopping spree dream haay <3

  • teen wolf woohoo <3 i love that show, so many hot guys lol did you watch the season final ep? i dont wanna give you any spoilers but im really sad that certain character/s are gone now :( hart of dixie is back again so im watching that too :)

  • oh okay in the future when i get the chance to finally send you gifts i will keep this in mind :)

  • love this products! im in love….

    Omg, I found out that the department store here that sells Burberry makeup stopped selling Burberry….WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW….-SOBS-.
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the blush though!!
    YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PERSON FOR TV. Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Black Sails, 2 Broke Girls, Elementary are my current favourites. Past favourites included Veronica Mars, Merlin, Happy Endings, Twin Peaks….ok I'm tired and can't remember them all. I suggest having a 'pilot party' aka watching pilots of several shows at the same time, then deciding which one interests you!

  • Hi Shayne! These products are so you :) I still consider myself a newbie in terms of make up so it is always nice to see pretty and useful products here in your blog. Have a great day!

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

  • im glad you like :)

  • nordstrom can ship to canada :) i think! :)
    i like once upon a time a lot, have you seen the latest ep? im liking the new story line for the evil queen and her love story lol. OUAT in wonderland is okay and too bad they canceled it.
    i was going to do the pilot party but after watching 2 ep of merlin i got hooked LOL thanks for the recos! ill check out the other shows after merlin.

  • thank you sally! :)

  • Awww you are so sweet Shayne, thank you in advance, if in the future I do come :) I will for sure come visit you, you are so sweet ♥ Thank you for ur advices on the Naked Palette, I will take a look at your review, you have been so helpful, thank you so much!!! Have a good upcoming weekened!!! Cheers Janet :)

  • Ah, the colors in the Naked 3 palette are SO gorgeous!

  • Yeah, but it's so much pricier to ship to Canada ;-;
    They didn't cancel Wonderland! It was always meant to be one season…the finale BEST FINALE I've seen for a show so far. LOLOL I'm so glad you got on the Merlin train :D

  • J

    Just stumbled upon your blog and i love it! Keep posting please :)

  • ooo pretty choices. you're defs all about the pinks this seasons :)
    A Beautiful Zen

  • Haha so true! :P

    Anyway I use an ugly Nike armband to hold my phone while I run :) (referring to your question on my blog haha). I haven't tried the running belts though! Do you know where they can be purchased? :)

  • Your pictures are gorgeous — and I love all of the beautiful pinks!!

  • Wow, it's sunny all the time? That's the total opposite of me, it's snowy all the time here! Well, not all the time, but quite a bit of it! I love those blushes, especially the pattern on the Burberry. Those are nice, springy shades. Also, I love the shades in the new urban decay pallete. So warm and pretty!

    As for tv suggestions, I started Scandal on Netflix and sort of binge watched it haha. It's so good! I definitely recommend that, it's amazing.

  • I've been really trying to focus on skincare! As for makeup, loving the bright colored lips!

    7% Solution

  • Awesome awesome choices! :D These are really useful especially for those who wanna go on a make up shopping soon! :D

  • im glad you found it helpful janet :D you too and good luck with your finals!

  • i saw some online in ebay international and local, and from amazon. but i fear that they would be too tight / uncomfortable :S so idk i might get the huge armband too LOL is it uncomfortable to use tho? :)

  • i had to google what i ship it so hard meant! LOL im still hoping that they would cast the red queen in once upon at time tho :D her and the nave but ending in wonderland is too nice to meddle with so idk. im on season 3! morgana whyyy :D

  • they are :3 super girly romantic :)

  • aw thanks J i appreciate it! and welcome to my blog <3

  • yez more like all the time haha but im trying to change that now, getting more into the coraly bronzy shades for summer :D

  • thank you taylor! ^^

  • thanks for the reco! im going to put it on my TV show lists :) i recently started the show merlin and im almost done with it kinda so after that ill be checking out other shows. i wish it was a little colder here its too hot sometimes :P

  • nice what bold lipsticks have you been using lately? :)

  • thank you jhanz :) also a quick note the nordstrom anniv sale is coming soon :P and so is the VS sale i think :D

  • Oh very great products!

  • Actually yes, it's very intense. So the good thing is that it's very well written: complex and witty; but the bad thing is sometimes it's a little too intense. Lol. I love it though, if you do watch it let me know if you become addicted like me! :)

  • Wow! All shades are just too pretty!!!!! I need the Burberry blush! The cutest blush ever! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  • Love these <3

  • Everything looks so beautiful:) I'm not super fond of blushes with any shimmer in it because my skin is already oily enough as it is without having to put any more shine on it but the Burberry blush looks and sounds so wonderful:D You always make me feel like going out and buying everything you recommend xD

    HAHAHA, I always love reading your posts. I always enjoy reading the whole thing because I feel like you're giving me advice and little updates in your life xD And I can just imagine us having so much fun hanging out if we ever live in the same country xD HAHAHA I know how you feel about some shows not getting renewed for next season. I always feel so restless and I kept obsessing over how I never will find out what will happen next. I can't wait for your next blogpost:)

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • I recently bought the Laguna and now because of your review I want to buy the orgasm:) hahahahahaq! thank you for sharing!

  • love the colors of this products ! x

  • will do! :) btw i found out that “bobba (tea)” is called “pearls” here. i love those! haha :D

  • thank you sakura :)

  • the emboss is too pretty to use up lol! :)

  • im glad you like lulu :)

  • hahaha :D thank youu and hello miss gorgeousness! i havent read blogs in awhile but i saw your IG photo, you look super pretty in that outfit! will head on to your blog for a very long back read soon! :) <3

  • buy it hihi you will like! :D its very pretty and it goes very well with laguna too! :)

  • thank you rachel :)

  • I love the naked 3 too :) xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Gosh even though I own the Naked 3 Palette every time I see it on a blog, I just swoon! And now I want every single one of those blushes! Great post as always x x

  • its such a pretty palette :)

  • i see your a fellow pink shade lover ^^ thanks sophie!

  • Love all the colors. NARS orgasm is my favorite too :-)

  • thanks belle! :)

  • I still don't own nars blush. Isn't it horrible? I am not a big fan of blush, which is probably why.

  • haha :) if in case you plan to get your first nars blush this would be the best option :)

  • gorgeous choices! i want to try sleek–wish they had in US

  • Yes, I did see it. I am sad about certain deaths… as well.. but it was the actress her choice and I fully understand. It'll just be different without Allison. I wish they would make Derek more interesting, though, because he's so nice to look at.

  • totally agree about the derek part haha! :)

  • thanks elle! i think they ship internationally :)

  • JJ

    The Naked 3 palette is my fav naked palette!!

  • it's a really pretty palette :)

  • I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that you and I have the same lip color favorites… Mac Brave is ABSOLUTELY amazing. And love your blush selections you have here! So jealous that you have a Burberry blush, as well as the Naked 3. Great spring picks dear!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  • hi pauline! im glad you mentioned that cause every time i browse your blog i see something i like or something i already have most of the time, GMTA! :D <3