Your Shopping Bag : Victoria’s Secret Giveaway (closed)

Before the majority of my shopping budget started going to my long list of beauty needs wants (a.k.a. before queenofallyousee) I was obsessed with collecting Victoria’s Secret products. I looove this brand. I mean, who doesn’t want to buy the things Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepole, and *insert famous Victoria’s Secret model name here* have and use.

If you live here in the Philippines you probably already know that a lot of good brands like VS are very hard to get a hold of either that OR they’re in the form of an overpriced little stall or boutique. So we rely on our lists of trusted online stores that accept pre-orders or the ones that resell these goodies to us. One shop that has been on my list for around 5 years now is Your Shopping Bag.

meet @yourshoppingbagph

They pretty much become your own shopping bag for US-based brands that aren’t available here in the Philippines… and even those that are here but are too expensive. You can preorder these items through YSB. They also have a nice collection of on-hand items and note that all of these come with free shipping costs within the country.

Some stuff I got from them over years include bags, bikinis, perfumes, boots, VS Pink laundry bags, my favorite limited edition barbie bracelet from Tarina Tarantino, and my vintage style VS lauggage case that I really wanted to show you but its hidden somewhere that requires heavy lifting. Well look at that, I just realized that I bought quite a lot. Anywayz, I’ve had a good relationship with this store and I wanted to share it with you, so ladies here’s a giveaway brought to you by Your Shopping Bag.

time for a giveaway

You’ll get a chance to win the following Victoria’s Secret goodies all new Sun Blissed perfume mist, PINK tote bag, and Bejeweled Eyes make up palette. Just follow the Rafflecopter details below to join. This giveaway will run until April 20, 2014. The winner will be announced and contacted after. And ladies, since YSB is based only in the PH, this giveaway is only open to Philippine residents, international readers can join my next giveaway in May! :)

giveaway over
winner is announced here


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  • Great giveaway doll

  • I love victoria secret, it's not available in Belgium either. They have nice fragrances and lipglosses!

  • Lovely giveaway, for the question to the answer I'd say probably Benefit, or V.S.
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  • Ack I already joined without reading the condition properly. *Cries* oh well, next time. Love the pictures btw :D

  • VS of course! one of my favorite brands :) nice giveaway sis!

  • I wish all who joined good luck! This is an amazing giveaway! =)

  • I like the Victoria Secret pure seduction gift bag..

  • ( I'll comment anyway, not for the giveaway, but as usual)

    Here VS is also hard to get. The only store is in the Airport…on the tax-free area T__T
    I actually have no idea of their prices. My best friend travels regularly to Madeira (she's from there, but she studies in the Mainland Portugal) and she always spends a few time in the tax-free area (MAC apparently has the same prices, so sad T__T ). I'll ask her about the prices of their mists there.

    Anyway, Take care dear have a nice day and good luck everyone!! :3

  • Very nice giveaway! Good luck! ^^

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  • Interesting giveaway dear. Wish to join your giveaway next time as I don't stay in Philippine
    Greetings from:-

  • I love Victoria's Secret fragrances, and Benefit Cosmetics!!! :)

  • what a lovely Entry,
    Keep it up <3

    btw. do you want to follow each other?!
    follow me and I will follow you back,
    if you want :D

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  • I love VS fragrances, and Benefit Cosmetics too! Glad that you shared this site. :)

  • I used to go to VS a lot…to squeeze the push up bras LOOOOOOL don't judge me.
    But I used to go in there often for the perfumes! The first perfume I ever bought was a VS one, and since then, I've added a few other of their body mists to my collection!

  • Good luck to all of the people who enter!

  • nice give away…I'll join…a 1 percent chance to win:)

    VS! I want vs…

  • We finally had a VS open in Vancouver but I love that it's on this website.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • I love the VS product especially .

  • this is awesome :) There's a VS boutique now at Newport Mall Resorts World Manila <3

  • Forever21 for their clothes and accessories, and Benefit for their cosmetics. :)

  • This is awesome giveaway!…
    I love this one…( Anne Klein Tropical Punch Tote Bag )

  • My favorite brand on YSB's website is the Forever 21.

  • Anonymous

    Hello :D are we required to accomplish all of the tasks? or is it like the more tasks you complete, the higher chance of winning? I don't have blog lovin. :(

  • Hello! youre not required to do all entries just the ones you can fill up, thanks for joining! :)

  • i also saw some VS stalls in the airport here but they are soooo overpriced and incomplete lol! times like this i wish we can fly to dubai just to shop, i heard there are no / low tax on most brands there :D

  • hahahha! i only like a few of their perfumes, my nose is super sensitive so most of their fragrances gives me headache =S is your perfume collection as big as your blush collection? :D

  • thanks jackie :)

  • i rly wonder why they still hasn't gone international yet, why vs why :)

  • thanks kallie :)

  • hehe on may :3 thanks natasja! :)

  • thanks angel :)

  • thanks kristine! :)

  • thanks judita :)

  • thanks sis! :)

  • thanks rinako :)

  • aww I don't live in the Philippines so I can't join, but yay Victoria Secret! A store is opening near me soon, I'm super excited!!

    { }

  • thanks belle :) i have another one coming up on may where you can join :D

  • thank you for joining juvy :)

  • thanks amely!

  • im glad you like it :D

  • thank you! :D

  • thanks kim :)

  • thanks angela :)

  • thanks for joining agnes :)

  • i saw one sa airport din but its too overpriced :( thanks sis!

  • thanks czjai :)

  • thanks ann! :)

  • thanks jessica :)

  • Great post dear:)
    Love reading your blog!

  • Nooooooooooooooooo :( I am very sad Shayne

    Just when I was getting all excited and preparing my speech, you had to ruin it, isn't it? I am very cross with you, not fair. I want that please. I'll come back and comment on the post properly because right now i am very upset. I ave been looking forward to this post since this morning •very sad face :(•

  • My fave brand is Victoria's Secret :)

  • Sephora – for all the beauty and skin care products.

  • I enjoy browsing your Sale Section. Ill purchase soon

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales
    [email protected]

  • i love clinique products

  • Wow! Such a fab giveaway dear!
    Of course I love the Victoria Secret gift bag coz I'm a bombshell, haha!

  • Even though I'm in the US, I was really curious about this shop so I clicked over…seems awesome!! I always hear about US products being hard to find or very expensive in many countries. I know there are some brands that aren't well-known here that I'd love to try :) Good luck, everyone!

  • Such a cute giveaway!
    I still want to try the tube lipbalm by Carmex. The fact that it's a pot might be enough for the formula to be a bit a different and you always have to open and close and the whole product gets exposed, just like you said. But truth be told, the Labello one works so well for me, even now that I'm using liptints.
    I was very disappointed about the milk and honey one…
    Take care!

  • Hope I win! Haha! :D

  • I love the VS products! Great giveaway sis :)

  • I love the VS line because it is my wife's favorite. :)

  • hi vicky :) im also hosting another giveaway this may and its international, I hope to see you there!

  • thank you :)

  • aww i feel bad! maybe i shouldav wrote an early warning that it isnt international. im having another giveaway on may tho for my blogs birthday and thats international, i hope you join that one :)

  • thanks for joining kimberly :)

  • thanks for joining!

  • thanks for joining rachelle! i dont own YSB but im sure the owner will appreciate this :)

  • thanks for joining laila!

  • yes indeed! thanks for joining arra :)

  • thanks galaxia :) its quite overpriced here, hoping that someday they will actually open a complete stall here :P

  • thanks xana! :)

  • *fingers crossed* :) good luck jhanz!

  • thanks sis! :)

  • thats very sweet of you to join our giveaway for your wife :) thanks and good luck!

  • Ok, now I am feeling better :D

    This is how I throw tantrums, LOL :D

  • I like Victoria Secret and Benefit.Thank you.

  • benefit, baby phat and victoria's secret

  • Aside from the bags, VS!

  • Joined! Thanks for informing me :) I love the lone bag from Tory Burch :)

  • thanks camelia!

  • thanks for joining :)

  • thanks for joining :)

  • thanks too sis! :D

  • Shame that this giveaway is only for the Philippines, since all the products here look absolutely fantastic! Good luck to everyone who enters! I love victoria's secret products… and I'm envying the winner already!

  • I am in-love with Victoria's Secret! :)

  • i love victoria secrest so much!

  • I like the Victoria's Secret brand and the AEROPOSTALE

  • I love Benefit and VS :)

  • Forever21 & Victoria's Secret!

  • Aeropostale really now! Great everywhere!

  • HAHA nope! Two perfumes + a ton of body mists! PERFUMES ARE EXPENSIVE, YO.

  • old navy

  • Anonymous

    i like Aeropostale

  • Chi

    F21 and VS

  • I'm such a big fan of Victoria's Secret product especially their perfume <3

  • I love Victoria's Secret fragrances and also the Benefit Cosmetics
    Thanks for the chance

  • F21

  • Old Navy

  • I've been an avid user of Victoria Secret since my High School days. So that would be pick for favorite. They're just so versatile in their choice of products. :)

  • Anonymous

    VS products of course!

  • Of course, the VS bag :))

  • all Victoria's Secret products..

  • XOXO XO5646 Bone and Gold Bracelet Analog Watch.Thank you for this giveaway love it!

  • Pure Seduction is my favorite Victoria Secret fragrance. oh i love the aeropostal chain wrap watch and of course their swimwear hehe :) :)

    _and i love your Giveway :)

  • VS is the brand i like. nothing else for now. :D

  • All time favorite Victoria Secret..

  • VS

  • omg. I collect Victoria's Secret as well since before. We be twinning:D AHAHAHA

    Good luck on your giveaway Shayne:)

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • nothing compares to the scent of Victoria Secret..

  • Victoria Secret and Aeropostale!!!

  • I'd always love victoria's secret, so fascinated with their models and the items from swim wear to fragrances..oh so sexy!!! <3

  • I think I'll go with the Victoria Secret Perfumes. They offer it on more affordable price compare to when you buy them on mall. Hahaha

  • For me I like Victoria Secret Fragrance BTW thanks for this giveaway!

  • Me and my mom really love the VS perfumes! We have our own that we use everyday ^_______^

  • I should say Victoria Secret …im a fan ever since…

  • I love VS particularly the perfumes, bras, panties and lotions.

  • I love Victoria Secrey perfumes and the lingerie line :) I always request VS from my relatives abroad because I just love the brand itself thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Khrishia Ronquillo-Sedenio

    I like Baby Phat until now even if Kimora Lee Simmons' reign has ended! :D

  • Luisa Clemente

    I like Victoria's Secret!

  • I love Victoria's Secret

  • Victoria Secret of course! :)

  • I love Victoria's secret products!

  • I love VS's products. I'm currently using their amber romance fragrance mist,emptied 2!I just love the scent.Ordered them online.
    Thanks for the giveaway Ms. Shayne.
    New reader here!

  • Victoria's secret is my favorite! :)

  • Among all the brands listed on YSB's website, my favorite is Coach. I simply love Coach bags!

  • I super love Victoria's Secret fragrances! <3 ^_^

  • thanks pauline! :)

  • thanks for joining nela! :)

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  • it is one of my faves too :) thanks kathleen!

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  • thank you sittie! :) :)

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  • thanks jenny! :)

  • hahaha!! yes we would :P thanks charms!

  • thanks genelynn :)

  • thanks yna! :)

  • thanks debbie! i love miranda kerr most, whos your fave vs angels? :)

  • haha yes indeed, the mall products are very pricey these days, thanks hanna! :)

  • thanks felix! :)

  • thanks for joining mikee! :)

  • thank you! :)

  • thanks wilma! :)

  • i love their lingerie products as well :) thanks roseben!

  • hehe i love her and her show tho :D thanks!

  • thanks luisa! :)

  • thanks lorena! :)

  • thanks kitty! :)

  • thanks zhencire! :)

  • thanks elsie and welcome to my blog! :) amber romance was the first scent i ever owned, its a nice comforting scent :)

  • thanks cherry! :)

  • thanks punki! :)

  • thanks catherine! :)

  • Old Navy ( I like in their tank tops all summer )

  • I must say Tory Burch and Victoria's Secret. Tory Burch's getting into cosmetics and I love the elegance of their make ups. Victoria's Secret, there is a fragrance to every personality. Love love love this!

    fabulous and I'd say definitely a necessity. I just love how it comes with those sorts of straps. Perfect match for any type of get-up :)))

  • I love Victoria' s Secret..
    Thank you Ms. Shayne.
    Panget_xoxo of ig. :)

  • Nasty Gal, Sephora, and Tory Burch. OMG yes! <3

  • Beapot's top 3 picks would be Victoria's Secret, Celeteque & Benefit. Ü

  • Love VS products and Body Fantasies. I remember my sister would shop for us on VS stores abroad. Love the goodies :)

  • ms. shayne all Victoria's secret s all i loved most….

  • VS of course. This is all girls love. <3

  • coach ! love it

  • I love VS, Sephora, and Benefit! But if I have to choose only one favorite, I guess it'll be Victoria's Secret! I love their body sprays and lotions! :)
    BTW, do I need to blog (as in blog post) about this for another raffle entry? Or just put up a banner link on my site? :)

  • I didn't even have to think about the answer, VS! <3

  • thanks tina :)

  • thanks karen :)

  • thanks therese!

  • thanks maria!

  • thanks mishel!

  • thanks bea!

  • thanks! :)

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  • thanks beauena!

  • hi jean just a blog post :) thanks for joining!

  • thanks kylle! :)

  • I love Victoria's Secrets fragrances!!

  • Madel

    Victoria's Secret :)


  • A victoria secret lover since high school days. Victoria's Secret Brand definitely!

  • i love aeropostale and xoxo

  • I'd go with Clinique cuz i'm vain! J/K! Lovely giveaway, thanks!

  • I love Old Navy and Victoria Secret. :) Happy you carry H&M too.

  • Victoria Secret's fragrances! I'm addicted to it!

  • I love Victoria Secret! :)

  • Awesome giveaway you got here. Thanks for the chance. :* I love VS and forever 21. Have a great day!

  • I love VS ;) but sometimes when I'm feeling thrifty, I steer away from it.
    From time to time though, it's okay to indulge :D

  • I ♥ Benefit!

  • Victoria's Secrets fragrances!

  • It's no secret … Victoria's Secret! :)

  • i Love Victoria's Secret much!!!

  • Edj

    I love Victoria's Secret Fantasies the most! And YSB even made this affordable for me.

  • I belong to the crowd. I love Victoria's Secret too. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • I really love Victoria Secret! :)

  • I like Victoria Secret perfume and bikini.

  • thanks for joining ghelo!

  • thanks madel!

  • thanks kim :)

  • thanks for joining!

  • thanks sherry :)

  • hehe thanks joy! :)

  • thanks clarice :)

  • thanks stephanie :)

  • thanks iris :)

  • thanks kaye! :)

  • thanks anne! their stuff can be very expensive, im hoping that one day a local shop that has a similar style as VS would open :)

  • me too :)

  • thanks maricor :)

  • hehe thanks anna :)

  • thanks lovely :)

  • thanks edj :) im glad you like YSB they have really good stuff and the owner of the shop is super friendly too :)

  • thanks anna :)

  • thanks elie :)

  • thanks crystal :)

  • love vs.