Spring DIY : Floral Gift Wrap

May I borrow your blogging mojo? Lately, I find myself out of words and not in the blogging mood. But I really wanted to post something today so BEHOLD my secret gift wrapping obsession lol. Fun fact — when I was a kid, I thought that by the time I would be old enough to work there would be a high-paying gift wrapping (or scrap-booking) job waiting for me.

This is how I gift wrapped my mom’s present for her birthday. She liked it a lot and it took her awhile to come to the conclusion that this is in fact not a real flower. It doesn’t look like it would fool anyone on these pics, does it? But I promise you it looks prettier in person. Anyway here’s how you can make it…

1. Cut six 3-inch size squares from a sheet of pink Japanese paper. After that, group these papers into three, and fold each set thrice as seen on the pics above.

2. Draw a half petal on each set of the folded paper in different sizes (small medium large). By the way, I made two flowers and the flower in this post’s last picture doesn’t have any medium sized petals, just the large and small ones. Cut out the petals and carefully unfold them. This part can be quite tricky since the paper is delicate so do it ever—so—slightly (I feel like everyone is saying that phrase lately). And don’t worry too much if you damage the paper a little. Arrange your petals on top of each other, and staple them together.


3. You can conceal the staple by placing a little piece of cut out Japanese paper on top of it. Cut little leaves from a sheet of green paper. Using double-sided adhesive tape or hot glue, arrange and stick both your flower and leaves on top of your gift box. Fluff your paper flower by carefully crunching each petal.

I hope you find this useful. Especially for the upcoming Mother’s Day whichisnotreallyanytimesoon but I hope that you’ll remember this by then!

Any gift wrapping ideas you’d like to share? :)

  • Lovely post dear! I´m a fan of your tutorals!

    Hugs Anni


  • Very creative and cute idea to add to a spring or easter gift thanks for sharing this awesome diy.

  • It looks so delicate and pretty! Thank you for the tutorial; my mum loves flowers and this would be perfect to add on top of a present. ^^

  • cute idea! i love wrapping gifts I'm definitely going to add those cute flowers :)


  • I love gift wrapping as well! I use to do it as part of my job in a luxury paper store. I love the idea of the flower I will certainly borrow!

  • Ohhh this is so pretty *__*
    my wrapping skills aren't really good…T__T I always waste paper …

    I might do those flowers but as decoration pieces for my new room! I really want simple and pretty decorations and this looks perfect *__*

    Take care, have a nice day!*

  • How cute it that! I want to try it!! This will be perfect for gift wrapping! Thanks for posting :)

    Mandy Nicole

  • I am totally going to try this out.. Lovely flower
    Keep in touch

  • This looks lovely, think I may try this for Mother's day :)!



  • Thank you for the DIY! I'm going to make one for me! ^^

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  • Oh wow this looks really pretty! And if only there was a high paying gift wrapping job haha!


  • WWow! Bravo Shayne! Bravo/! That lloks amazing!!!! a real must try!!~Perfect for gift ideas :)) thanks a lot for the tutorial <3 might as well try this one. Good luck to me ehehehe <3

    love lots,


  • Shayne this is so nice. I would be happy if I receive one that's so lovingly wrapped. You're so sweet to do that for your mom :)


  • Shayne! Ganda nito! You're so galing! I'll try this nga. Hihi

  • really pretty Shayne, I always wonder too if there's a pretty gift wrapping shop that can support my living

  • You always have a tutorial for the cutest things!!ahah
    This is really creative, thank you for sharing it with us Shayne^_^

  • Oh my goodness, thats' sooo darn cute sis!! I love doing crafts, they're so relaxing. That's really smart, it looks complicated but it's actually fairly staright forward, so creative! Thanks so much for sharing sis! I always love to doll-up any gifts, hehe. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo


  • Pretty! It even looks easy enough for me to pull off. I really want to try this now. I'll probably end up decorating my walls with these, but it'd look great for the spring time. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  • Umm…. that's absolutely GORGEOUS. It's sooo feminine and delicate! I feel like it belongs as part of the window decorations for those high end boutiques like Louis Vuitton or Fendi. They always have such creative displays, maybe instead of a professional gift wrapper you could do the window decor for brands instead :)


  • OMG!! This is so cute!! I love this tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing sis! :)

  • lovely as always! i love wrapping gifts too, must try DIY next time. :)

  • I love you Shayne and all of your do-it-yourself madness! :D

  • very interesting post. thanks for sharing the idea. i'm not actually good at gift wrapping :P this is very inspiring.


  • Lovely wrapping! Thanks for sharing. I'm a total disaster at handicrafts.

    Jasmine xx
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  • Ahhh this is so pretty!!! I absolutely SUCK at wrapping gifts. Christmas is just a nightmare! Here in Belgium you can ask for stuff to be wrapped in almost every store, which is a life saver! I really should try this though! It's so pretty!

  • So cute!!!! Thanks for the tutorial!

    恵美より ♥

  • This is so pretty! I definitely wouldn't mind receiving such a pretty gift. Love the layers of tissue paper too!

  • I love that it's pink! Like I said, so pretty hihi. (i'm such a frustrated artist/giftwrap-per hahaha)

  • You made that look so easy but when I try, it's definitely going to turn out differently :D

    That is so sweet to add a personal touch to the gift Shayne. Happy Birthday Shayne's mum . Please wish her on my behalf a very happy belated birthday. I will give it a try using a tissue paper <3

  • This is so cute and pretty! I bet your mom was so touched and that she loved it so much:) I love gift wrapping & scrap booking too!:DD I'm still scrapbooking right now & writing diaries. Whenever I read my diaries from 5 years ago, I just go like, omg. I sound so young. HAHAHAHA, if I ever have my own room, I bet I'd decorate it with flowers like these. AHAHA, also, thanks Shayne for your comments on my blog! They were very sweet >///< AHAHA. Also, I just wanna ask the most random question in the history of random questions, would you be interested n reading something like nail confessions or skincare confessions on my blog?:) 'Cause I've been wanting to try something like that but I don't know if anyone would be interested in it :P ahaha ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • omg this is super cute :D i'm going to wrap something like this for my sis' birthday! Thanks for the DIY!! You are brilliant ^^

  • I can't belive it can be even more beautiful in person!!!! So pretty, weet and delicate, any mom would be enchated to receive something with such a presentation.
    I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love your DIY yourself ideas and decorations!!!!! You have a an amazing gift and it's very cool of you to share, so talentedless people like me can give it a try.
    Hope you've been doing well and I'm trully sorry for my absence these couple of weeks.
    Lots of kisses and take care!


  • I hope you find you blogging mojo, it's ok I think I go through that so much myself. But yeah this is such a great idea and seems easy enough, i will have to try this next time I have to wrap a present. It's such a great personal touch for a present, great DIY! :)


  • soooo pretty!! i love diy's like these…I love making flower decorations for my room haha so thank you so much for sharing this!! I don't know if I'll be able to make them as nice as you have here…but we'll see hehe :) I really like your blog layout btw!!

    -Vicky { http://thesmilelog.blogspot.ca }

  • I feel u and the blogging mojo thing. I feel u.
    BUT STILL. I like this post! Never seen anything like it, and I'm definitely going to have to try this out! (Maybe it'll make a cameo appearance in the background of my future blog photos? ;))

  • This is such a great idea! I love DIY projects, and this will surely come in handy soon!

  • Its so cute. A nice personal touch to any gift. It would surely be appreciated.
    I have lost my blogging mojo,too. :( When you find yours, may I borrow?

  • aw thanks anni! <3

  • thanks jackie! :)

  • thanks laura! you can even add more flowers if in case your gift box is bigger too :)

  • thanks steph <3

  • thanks shannon :)

  • oooo i want that job :3 hope you can take pics and share when you do would love to see it :D

  • hahaha i know what you mean by wasting paper :P would love to see that diana when you do! these can be nice room decors or even decor that you can place on your blog pics… thanks to vanessa for this idea :D

  • im glad you like it mandy :)

  • thanks pooja :)

  • thanks rinako :)

  • when you do pls post some pics :)

  • yes indeed haha thanks! :)

  • hahaha thank you sis! :)

  • thank you sis ^^

  • thanks! hihi :)

  • hahaha, hfive sis! *

  • thanks dianna ^^

  • aw thank you sis im glad you like it :)

  • thanks!

  • thats a great idea actually :) if i made youtube vids ill prolly do that for a spring video ^^

  • oooo now thats a compliment i luv to hear :3 thank you quinn!! aah if only i had the right qualifications for that job :)

  • im glad you like it rhea <3

  • thanks sis! :)

  • hihi i love you and all your girlyness too fred!! :)

  • thanks mitch! :)

  • thanks jasmine :)

  • hahaha :P here too but the gift wrapping line is always long during the holidays so some ppl just buy fancy paper bags for their gifts, works well too :D

  • thanks emi :)

  • thank you! ^^

  • hihi thank yousis! ok lang yan sis what you lack you make up really well in medicine naman! <3 <3

  • hehehe :P thank you and will do! btw it doesnt work on a regular tissue paper i tried that too haha, it has to be a japanese paper so its crunchier and stiffer :D

  • hahaha me too actually! but now i do it mostly online na… which is less exciting :P i feel like if we live in the same city well be very good friends lol! and YES i would actually :D that would be nice for your blog,it will have more variety plus well get to know you better :D

  • aw thanks natasja! hope you can share picz :D

  • hihi thank you so much for your kind words! and so i am ive been mostly gone lately but i really miss hearing from you xana! :D

  • hehe thanks nina! :D i guess its a phase that every blogger encounter every now and then but im still glad we remain blogging friends for a long time now :)

  • aww thank you vicky! and welcome to my blog! when you do make these i hope you can share some pics would love to see it :)

  • ooooo that be soo nice :D esp in white maybe like white rose :)

  • thanks tina! :)

  • thank you sis! i hav a few left we can share hehe! :D

  • yes.. if it doesn't look ugly I will haha xD

  • Love this! Thanks so much for sharing! Will come in handy for a bridal shower my friend and I are hosting. :)

  • thanks louisa! congratulations to your friend :)

  • It looks real cute! I am sure going to try it out.

  • This is sooo cute! I will share this with a friend who handles events. This might be useful. Thanks for the tutorial :)

  • Thank you for your vote of confidence! :) <3

  • thanks jenny! :)

  • thanks ruth! :)

  • Oh ok thanks. xx

  • OMG!
    what a great idea!

    my Dressale wishlist: http://brushesandpens.blogspot.com/2014/03/dressale-wishlist-shoes-shoes-more-shoes.html

    keyti of brushesandpens

  • thanks keyti! :)

  • very cute :)

  • thanks! :)

  • Omg. I had no idea, I commented here using my super old google account; the one I use for facebook. HAHAHAHA, oops. Online, still the same thing. AHAHA. I absolutely bet we'd be really good friends:D I can just se us getting along. ooohh, yayy!:D I've had a saved draft of it for a while but I wasn't sure whther to post it or not, but yayy!:D Support from you:) ahahaha

  • hahaha :D hope youll post it soon, looking forward to see it charms! :)

  • Thank you so much for your comments. It's always nice to “hear” such kind words. I am very happy to meet you too.
    I hope you don't mind, but i decided to try out this tutorial for a gift. It didn't turn out as nice, not even close. lack of talent and also the paper I used is impossible to work with. I'll see if I have to courage to post it on my twitter and instagram…
    Take care and Happy Easter!


  • i saw it hihi :) i saw it late tho :( i think its nice and you did a really good job with it. i know how difficult it is to form the flower :D i think if you used a Japanese paper instead of crepe paper ( im guessing that was the material you used?) it would come out very differently but nevertheless it had good workmanship :D happy easter xana! :)