Mac Viva Glam I Lipstick

Just a quick warning, you may will find this review cheesy. Mac Viva Glam I is the first red lipstick I’ve ever owned. And for a girl who swore that she could never wear such a bold color, it can be . . . life changing ― tada! First sign of cheeziness right there.

why so cheesy?

Big words for a lipstick eh? To make the long story short… For many years I was insecure about my lips. So I stuck with only a few MLBB, My Lips But Better shades and AVOIDED, by all means, any color that would draw attention to them. This changed right after I bought my first red lipstick, and I eventually became a self proclaimed lipstick addict.

Its true what they say “There’s a perfect shade of red for everyone”. I got curious, did what any girl would do, and went review hopping. Thanks to Shari ― who, by the way, is one of the best persons that you will ever meet here, and whose blog inspired me to start blogging Mac Viva Glam I caught my attention. She described it as an old Hollywood red, which was exactly what I was looking for.

classic hepburn red

I promise you, it won’t make you look like a slut, just in case you had that kind of red lipstick mindset in your head like I did. In fact, this color reminds me so much of the classic make up looks of Audrey Hepburn and Lily Collins. It’s timeless, sophisticated, and confident. It can also make your skin and teeth appear brighter. Instant whitening in a tube!

You get an opaque rich color in just one stroke and it lasts all day but with slight fading right after meals and after around six hours. Compared to other lipsticks this has excellent staying power to the point where I need a good makeup remover to completely get it off my lips. Another warning ― enormous picture of my face incoming.

strengths & weaknesses

Did I mentioned it’s matte? Matte lipstick has the reputation of sucking the moisture out of your lips, and I wish I could say this lipstick was an exception, just like the Burberry matte lipstick, but nope. It is MEGA DRYING. You have to moisturize and scrub before application. It can still be drying after awhile but it’s forgivable, at least for me.

That being said, I think this is also the reason why it is long lasting and why it doesn’t show any signs of feathering at all. Creamy lipsticks glide on your lips, Mac Viva Glam I hugs your lips… very tightly. Like it dries up on top and sticks to them. I guess we can’t always have it all.


Color wise, Mac Viva Glam I is just too perfect for my life. I LOVE IT. I believe that it will work very well with a lot of skintones too. And since this is the lipstick that launched my long wishlist of shades to collect, I highly recommend it to anyone. And yes, even if you prefer creamy glossy moisturizing lipsticks, I would still have to recommend you try it, at least at the counter. Just give it a go and see, if like me, you can forgive the fact that it’s drying since it has such a beautiful color and excellent longevity.

  • CJ

    Shayne!!!! PERFECT color. I have something similar as well, I think. It's a deep blue-based red and I haven't opened it yet because I haven't taken a picture! It's been there here weeks. It's a local brand and I got it on sale. ^^ It's pretty good! (When I tried it at the stall)

    I really have to take a picture and finish my pending posts :( I'm using all my strength to not open that tube believe me. UGH #beautybloggerproblems :))


  • beautiful color and pictures! lots of love

  • I really want to get more MAC lipsticks, specially a nice Red.
    I've heard people talking abou Rubby Woo, Diva…but this ones looks like more me. Sad that quite dries our lips, but nothing that a nice lipbalm can't help (I remember Sleepandwater saying that NUXE's lipbalm is amazing for lipsticks like this! ). The colour look amazing on you :3

    Take care dear <3 Have a wonderful day!*

  • I looks absolutely amazing and beautiful on you. Great review have an awesome weekend.

  • Wow, it is very rich. I stayed away from red as well for the longest time but I wear it now. However, I haven't experimented much with the red colours and I am still to find my perfect red lipstick.

    I need to go lipstick shopping because I don't own much, infact only 3 which is very limited for a girl ( I know) that is how good I am with make up :D

  • It is perfect for you! :) Also, full lips are so pretty! :D

  • I think you really suit bold lip colours! This red one especially is super pretty on you^^ I haven't tried any MAC lipsticks before~but I'm going to work hard and save up some money so that I can buy one soon! Thanks for sharing Shayne(: x

  • I always wonder what lipstick you wear as I love your red, now I am not going to wait , will just buy it
    Keep in touch

  • Gorgeous shade :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  • I need a perfect red lipstick. I get you on that lip insecurity! I always feel like my lips are super lopsided and I can never apply the color right. OTL
    Love love love matte though. <3 I'll see if I can get this for a birthday present since my birthday's coming up!
    Thank you for the review. ///v///

  • That is a gorgeous color, I do love a red lipstick! I can definitely look past the dryness as longevity and is a huge factor for me so this would outweigh any drawbacks! Great post, kind of inspired me to go rooting through my stash now to rediscover forgotten favorites!

    x o x o

  • Why were you insecure about your lips? They are gorgeous! Love the shade and I think that darker reds are perfect for every skin tone. It's the orange-reds that are tricky =)

  • LOL “I promise you it won't make you look like a slut”

    I love the colour but I can't seem to wear mac lipsticks without drying my lips off!

  • It is a beautiful color, and it looks quite beautiful on you! I wish there was a perfect lipstick that was both long-lasting and non-drying, but it seems that the longest-lasting lipsticks I have are the very driest and most matte of the bunch. Oh well!

  • This color is just gorgeous! Ah, I really want a lipstick from Mac. Everything just seems so nice!

  • OMG. We have same thoughts about bold lipstick colors! Back in college days, I only wear those nude colored once. I have sort of big lips + braces so yeah. Hahahaha Then when I graduated, I started to like bolder colors!
    I am also planning to buy my first mac lipstick in a red shade. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this! :)


  • I'm pretty lucky I don't have dry lips.

    This is the only red I have right now. I find it a good everyday red because it's not blindingly bright like ruby woo or russian red, but it's red enough to give you that look that only red can give. I'm not sure if I made sense there.

  • Your lipstick journey is JUST like mine, except that I relied mostly on glosses instead of lipsticks. Then I decided to just take the plunge and try to find a flattering red, and I realized it's really much easier than it sounds :)

  • Pretty! It really is an “old Hollywood red” shade. My first red lipstick was Revlon's “Strawberry Suede”, which I loved but unfortunately lost. My very FIRST lipstick though was actually the MAC Viva Glam II, which is the neutral pink-mauve shade. And just like the Viva Glam I, it's sort of drying and clingy, but I love, love, love the shade so much that I'm willing to put up with the slight dryness.

    Thanks for sharing your “cheesy” story. :)

  • I've only used Mac lipstick once all my life and now I'm using a red one from Maybelline and I've had it for a year now. Haha. :) Red lipstick can really give an instant glow that's why I love it.. it's practically the only color I use.

  • I was so decided to get this lipstick until i saw that this is matte! MAC's mattes do not agree with my lips, and they literally kill my puckers! So sad. :(
    But you look great in it! :D You look so classy in the pic.

  • Yup! Definitely suits you! I've only used lipsticks that are a bit glossy and of subtle colours, but you know, you always inspire me to try new things! :)

    Speaking of which, I've finally purchased the EOS lip balm online and I can't wait to get it! Your previous post gave me the push to finally buy it and I'm so excited. Haha! :D

  • This looks super pretty! I am even more convinced now to get a tube of it for myself (need to stop borrowing my bestfriend's hahaha) :p

  • hahaha nako sis i have no patience in that, as soon as i get home i open it asap lol, i salute you for waiting :) hope you can post the pics soon, im eager to see what brand is this if its a nice dupe for viva glam :)

  • thanks rachel! :)

  • ive been looking all over for that NUXE balm lol, i checked luxola nordstrom and sephora and they dont have nuxe! btw diva is under my radar now, i thought it was a vampy red shade but its not that dark :D

  • thanks jackie, you too! :)

  • naaj :D if you have wet n wild there you can try their megalast matte lipsticks, i have one in nude but i feel like buying every shade now because its super inexpensive. i thought if only i knew about them when i was still starting my makeup kit it wouldve been really helpful for me to test out different colors. most of them are dupes of macs best shades. their quality is pretty good as well :)

  • thank you juvy!! ^^

  • aw thank you emily!! :D what shade would you like to get for your first mac lipstick? :) i think mine was the shade brave.

  • hehe thank you! i think this will look ever prettier on you! :)

  • it is :D

  • what is lopsided? hehe :D and when is your birthday?? :) advance happy happy birthday gin! <3

  • ooo how much lipsticks do you have :3 i sometimes think of scenarios like that… what if after year i have too many blushes or lipstick, which shades then will i wear most and completely neglect :D:D

  • i thought they were too big LOL and i have lip discoloration too :D thank you!! and im with you on the orange red shade, so far i only found one orangey shade that looks good on me ^^

  • hehehe idk why i had that kind of mindset about red lipsticks growing up lol. their mattes are really drying :S have you tried their creamsheens?

  • you and me both :D :D long lasting, moisturizing, perfect color, aaaand… not expensive :D thank you rebecca!!

  • i sincerely think this will look super good on you :3 maybe you can try it on the counter sometimes then let me know if you like it :D

  • high five *** :D what are your other color options? :) im curious i also want to buy my next red, but i dont want it to be similar to this color, maybe something brighter naman like ruby woo ^^

  • it made perfect sense to me! :D you just explained something i cant explain. i also use this quite a lot even during the day,something about it that doesnt make me feel overdressed. plus it reminds me of kylie jenner a lot so i feel badass when i wear it haha!

  • if i didnt have a discoloration on my lips i think i would go for lip gloss too :D i really really wish i could wear them comfortably even now :D

  • do you have a review on mac viva glam II? :) im curious, the only two shades i remember trying from the viva glam collection was this and viva glam nicki. i havent tried the other shades :D thank you too for putting up with my cheeziness hehe!! :D

  • true sis, its like an instant teeth whitener :D :D

  • aww sayang :( btw if you prefer creamy shades, two red lipsticks on my wishlist are urban decays revolution “fbomb” or “69” one of them i think reminds me of this shade only its satin-ish creamy type. you might like that :) :) and thank you thank you ^^

  • yay! what flavor did you get? :3 wait for my wet n wild lipstick haul + review, it will take awhile before i buy them but i think you will find that more useful since there will be more shades to choose from and they are inexpensive so perfect for a first try collection :D i have one shade and i really like it :)

  • hahaha plus factor of having a bestfriend with similar makeup taste :D i try to brainwash my friends to love makeup but its not working talaga :P btw is diva lighter or darker than this shade?

  • Girl. This is gorgeous on you!! Wow. I am a big fan of these colors and you wear it well. Also, gotta love Mac's Matte colors.. they are indeed long lasting :) x

  • Sam

    You look stunning, love this radiant shade!

  • I kinda hate you for saying you were insecure about your lips… umm, aren't they the perfect shape? Plump without being fat and you have a really “pout” shape! Sorry for blatantly commenting on parts of your body lol!! But anyways, yes it looks great on you! I love “classic red” lippies too but they always require a full face of makeup for me to balance it out, and often I don't have time to put on a full face so I neglect my red lippies :(

  • Thats a gorgeous colour on you, what beautiful skin you have! Such a lovely tone.

    Have a lovely week,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  • Jo

    This MAC shade of red is exactly like those movie goddess kinda red! Wow… I'm just like you in the past about red lipstick and maybe I really really should try looking for a classy red shade and never look back. My lips are stubborn though. They dry out really fast whenever I apply lip stuff.

    Lol! I used to think it was a filter effect too until more and more peoplw told me London is full of dreary grey skies with people who all dressed in black. I do have lots of friends who also love London despite the dreary grey and I'm one of them!

  • Gorgeous color, and I don't see why you avoided bringing attention to your lips (you so pretty)!!!

  • OMG!! The color is so hooot!!! :) I always love MAC's red shade lippies… super hot kase <3 :)

  • thank you hihi :D :D

  • thank you sam! :)

  • ahahaha i blame it on my puberty hormones! i guess its because back then thin lips were super “in” and angelina jolie wasnt famous yet lol. thank you! thats ok ive seen your buberry post and i believe you will super gorg and sexy even with just gloss on your lips! :D :D

  • thank you lucy! :D

  • it really does sound like going to london is escaping into a movie :D :D that didnt make sense but i hope you get what i mean lol. and im glad you like the color, hope you can try it one of these days, it might be the perfect red youre looking for :D

  • aww thank you thank you ellie!! :D

  • i would think you already have this since you like to wear red lippies on your shoots a lot and they look so goddess like on you pa! :D

  • Ah, you're seriously SO nice :)) I'll definitely let you know if I try on the lipstick. I always feel so shy trying things on at the counter though x)

  • The color is gorgeous and it looks incredible on you! If you want a non-drying matte lipstick, try Chanel Rouge Allure, they have some fabulous matte ones.

    Giveaway on my blog

  • Color looks lovely on you, and it suits your skintone nicely! :)

  • great review dear =) I love red lipsticks too =) say would you like to follow each other dear? =) just let me know hugs..

  • Pity it's a bit drying. The colour is so rich and gorgeous. WANT.

  • Love this red color soooooooo much!


  • Sam

    Happy Monday Darling, hope its an enlightening one.

  • hehe thank you! me too actually but only sometimes now, i got used to it since i almost always do it every time i pass by mac lol.

  • thank you anett! :D :D havent tried their matte lipstick line will do it one of these days :)

  • thank sis! :)

  • thanks nana! :)

  • like most matte lipsticks :D but because of its color and quality you can easily forgive it for being drying :)

  • its really pretty :)

  • thanks sam! :)

  • Laughed at the warning for the big picture HEH.
    I don't think of 'sluts' (I never realised how offensive that word is, hah) when I think of red lippies though, I think of HBIC's and BAMF's, WHICH OF COURSE YOU ARE ;)

    This red is GORGEOUS, but I'm content living in the dark with my tinted lip balms, thanks. ;-;

  • That's a nice shade of red and it suits you. You can never go wrong in wearing red lipstick as long as you've found your perfect shade.

  • Diva is darker. Diva is a more of a vampire red. It's actually like 3 steps away from being reddish black (if I made any sense) hahaha

  • I love your blog

  • This matte red is definitely for you! Not cheesy at all, in my opinion :) I have gone through the same thing, of being self-conscious about my lips…now I'm practicing with the color I'd always wanted to be brave enough to wear…PINK haha I'm your newest blog follower ♥

  • That's such a gorgeous red shade on you Shayne, you suit that tone! :) That's been in my wishlist for the longest time, I've been wanting to collect all the MAC Viva Glam lipsticks. I'm a bit disappointed though since it's drying, but I can live with it. I can never say no to a MAC lipstick. hehe. Thanks so much for the helpful review! <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo


  • I have this lipstick and I love it so much! Definitely my favorite <3

  • This instantly reminded me of my Revlon Matte Lipstick in “In The Red” it has that same old hollywood vibe to it. hehe

  • Great post!! I just started to wear red lipstick recently too and totally agree on everything you said. It's a life changing. Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks :) xx

  • Lovely blog! Maybe want folow each other? If yes, just folow me and i foloe you back :)

  • hahaha i adjusted the width of the “picture posts” then i realized my selfie was too in-your-face in this size. i had to google what those acronyms meant LOL, thank you! i try lol. and yes i noticed you dont review a lot of lipsticks on your blog :D

  • thank you :)

  • thanks zara may i appreciate it! <3

  • welcome to my blog!! :D and thank you!! <3 what exact shades are you eying on? and from what brands? :)

  • thanks judita! :)

  • thanks plearn! :)

  • it does look similar on some swatches online, some swatches shows a lighter shade of red tho but a few of them are spot on talaga :D

  • thanks kylie! :)

  • its nice sis! i think it will look very superstar-ish on you! do you often wear red shades? :D

  • Gorgeous shade it really suits you :)

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  • I like that rosy red
    the shade is pretty
    I like your photos here, they look great :)
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Follow me and I will follow you back for certain
    (leave a blog link at my blog after follow so I can go back ur blog again)

  • I almost bought that lipstick as well. I love the fact that it's not a super bright red, it makes it more wearable. Too bad that's it's so drying. I might try to find a similar shade in a satin finish.

  • Jo

    Thanx for your reply, Shayne! WIll look out for the classic red me-shade soon! Btw, I'm having a 2nd blog giveaway and I'm inviting you, my lovely blog friend to participate if you're keen as it is opened internationally. Hope to see you there!

  • Wow this is such a gorgeous color! I am definitely try it out tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!


  • 'There's always a perfect red for everyone' this is so true sis. I'd been looking for my perfect red shade that I ended up buying even the expensive lipstick brand just to get my right shade. And you know what brand has my right shade? Ever Bilena! Hahaha. Grabe lang..

  • thanks heather! :)

  • thanks!

  • you might want to check UD's revolution lipstick in fbomb :D ive only seen swatches online and i think its a really nice shade. its not too bright either although not also as dark as this lipstick but its pretty :)

  • thank you jo! sure will head on to your blog thanks for inviting me :3

  • thanks melanie!

  • ahaha what shade is it sis? buti ka pa your match isn't very expensive, ive never tried their lipsticks before, matry nga next time :)

  • I heard good things about the UD lipstick, thanks for the recommendation!

  • welcome! :D

  • This looks gorgeous on you!!!! <3 Onga, I agree. MAC's mattes can be drying. But that doesn't stop us from loving their lippies, right? Hehehe

  • Hi Shayne! It was the one bold color I bought for myself! I LOOOVE IT! Happy I just stumbled upon your blog :) I am your newest follower. I saw your new post – I live in the hot, humid weather ;) in south FL. Although I LOVE south FL…it is difficult while being outside with a face full of make up lol
    Anyways, I hope you'll stop by my blog and follow along with me down here :)

    The McGuire Family

  • i guess im going to try the wet n wild dupe first before buying this color, unless is see it on the mac counters. the mac near my place is very incomplete lol thanks for the info! :D

  • true that haha! esp if the color is this stunning :D ty emae hihi! :)

  • welcome to my blog christina!! :) and sure already took a glimpse of the cutest baby ever on your blog! :D

  • I don't have a review up, but I should work on one! I obviously don't have the original one I got, but I received another this Christmas, so I guess it's a good idea to review it before I use it all up again! :)

  • Hi babe! Just saw this and gosh, I'm so so flattered for the kind and super sweet words you've imparted ♥
    I'm glad I inspired you to blog because… HELLO! Look what the beauty world will be missing had you not started one!

    And super nice ng Viva Glam I on you, Shayne! THOSE LIPS!
    I love this red, even if I've dabbled with other brands na, I still go back to VG1 parati. It's my favorite shade of red still!

  • wow you used it all up! must be really good, will wait on your review on this :)

  • thank you shari!! you're the best talaga :D there was a point in time that i wore it straight for a weeks haha. addict lang :) its really easy to wear and for some reason i strangers think im bad ass i have this color on my lips lol