Most Loved Beauty Products Of 2013

On the first day of 2014 I logged onto my regular bloglovin reads and guess what I saw? Millions of beauty bloggers listing their best product picks for 2013. It’s like watching the Miss Universe Pageant, only instead of beautiful ladies, it’s all about makeup and skincare products. It gives you a nice view of the Best of the Best, which is very useful information for all of us. And so I’ve decided to contribute, jump on the bandwagon, and play my own little role of sharing my own list with you.


If you want to know what makes my face appear glowy and radiant in some of my pictures here, these Olay Regenerist Moisturizers plus the Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation (the beige bottle that seems like it has gone to war) and Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer are some of the beauty products that contributes to that the most.

I’ve had a long and happy relationship with Olay. Their moisturizers are just very comfortable and hydrating to my skin. And I cannot stress enough how GLORIOUS this Lancome liquid foundation is. I’ve been buying from the same line for more or less five years now. Trust me on this, try it at the counter and it will give your face a dewy air brush finish that lasts all day, and for that I think it deserves more recognition in the world of makeup.I’m actually baffled as to why it isn’t very popular.


It’s no surprise that Nars Orgasm Blush is on everyone’s favorites list. It’s color is absolutely attractive and it has just the perfect amount of glow you need to make people notice that you’re blooming. My everyday contour bronzer is Benefit Hoola, it adds a nice warmth to my skin, and I’ve already hit pan on this. Sleek Blushes are my favorite drugstore brand discovery last year. Their blushes are like hidden treasures, its quality is even better than some high end blushes that I’ve used and tried.


I must say, this year I’ve fallen head over heals in love over matte lipsticks. Mac Viva Glam I Lipstick was my first red lipstick ever. You can forgive the fact that it can be drying to the lips because it can give you the perfect and gorgeous old hollywood appeal. If Mac was drying, Burberry Pink Amber Lip Velvet Lipstick is its complete opposite. Very moisturizing on the lips. It is for me, the best matte lipstick consistency that I’ve tried. Urban Decay’s Naked Palette practically made me ignore all my other eye shadows, and this K-palette 24hr Liquid Eye Liner, will always be the best liquid eye liner pen in my book.

Last year, I made it my goal to purchase the key beauty products that I know I will use down to the last drop. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job carefully selecting each item. This year, or at least in the next few months, I am in a new mission of scouting for good skincare products. Any suggestions? :)

  • You have awesome products love how you use a cute comparison to us pageant lol. Love Naked palette and Hoola bronzer

  • Your pictures are so gorgeous! I haven't tried any of these products but I'm going to buy the Naked palette very soon <3
    – Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

    Giveaway going on now!(: 

  • I love Lancome foundations! They're probably my favorite of what I've tried so far. Also, I think it's a great idea to try to limit the beauty products to only what you know you'll completely use up, because it's so easy to go overboard and buy a bunch of stuff that you don't need!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  • I love them! And man, your pictures always amaze me :D UD Naked's palette is one I really love too. Beautiful colors and it stays on well!

  • I really want to try the Nars Concealer. The Nars Orgasm & Urban Decay Naked Palettes are some of my favorites too! <3

  • What an amazing selection <3 I haven't made my 2013 favourites (specially because I'm still narrowing the numbers down)

    That NARS concealer looks amazing. It's one of those things that I would get for sure if NARS were available here (getting concealers and foundations online isn't a good thing for me) and Orgasm is something on my wishlist for ages (although it's not on my official one because it's something quite hard to get…)
    Sleek blushes are really good! I can't wait to get my hands on one of their new trios *-* (specially the one with the “coral” tones)

    I can't really comment about the naked palette. I never regret getting it, since it has some of my favourite colours and tones. And those lipsticks are so pretty! I have yet to invest on MAC lipsticks. And I'm looking for the perfect eyeliner as well…I might look for that one in particular!

    Amazing post as always!
    Take care, have a nice day :3

  • Inan going to try out your base makeup as I loved your makeup always.. And also eyeliner
    Keep in touch,

  • Great post! I've seen a lot of youtube gurus talking about the NARS concealer! Benefit's Hoola bronzer is amazing! I love that it's matte.

  • I am 0 when it comes to beauty products. The only beauty products I use are eye liner, mascara and lipstick, oh and eye shadow. When it comes to blusher, concealer I get all lost. Having said that there was a time I did use foundation and Clinique was the one I settled in the end because it was light and best suited my skin tone

  • hoola bronzer and naked palette is what i have from your favorites…i totally agree that it should be a must have in anyone makeup collection.

    xoxo, K. Lee

  • Viva Glam I! Love this color.

    Coincidence: We do the same thing! Only I mix a neutrogena moisturizer and l'oreal lucent magique and it is my everyday thing.

    I'm a third of the way through with l'oreal lucent magique and I'm thinking of checking out lancome since they're both from the same company. I think I read somewhere that the former is a dupe for one of lancome's luminous foundations.

  • Great choices! I love love love NARS products.

  • Oh Shayne let me just say I love your photos, they are always so pretty and gorgeous! But yeah I think those are some great key products, I think the Naked pallet is a favorite for everyone, it just has awesome colors! :)


  • I laughed too much at your Miss Universe Pageant intro :D (solid, -HIGHFIVE-)
    I THINK YOU MADE ME TELL MY MOM TO GET THAT OLAY CREAM. I CHECKED MY MOM'S VANITY, AND TURNS OUT SHE'S USING THE SAME CREAM, AND THAT SHE LOVES IT (she has backups of it, seriously)(if I recall correctly, you're to thank for!)
    My BFF is currently in the Philippines right now, and here's hoping she manages to snag that liquid liner for me!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  • Ok, ok. I'm really giving in to the hype, i'll get a Nars Orgasm Blush this January!
    Thank you for sharing and you take nice picture! :)
    If you have time please visit my blog, i'm new.
    Thank you!

  • I just got the Nars concealer and I'm loving it so far! their blushes are great as well :)

  • I love the pouch! lovely post :)

    hope you can visit my blog sometime soon.
    keep in touch!


  • Good choices I must say! Been wanting to try out Nars orgasm for the longest time :)

  • hahaha :) thanks jackie! those are some everyday HG items :)

  • thank you thank you! youre going to love the Naked Palette! :) are you going for this same exact palette or perhaps the new rose gold one?

  • woohoo! im so glad to find someone who shares the same love for lancome foundations!! :) and yes i agree with you on this, actually that's one the of the beauty mottos i keep in mind when i shop

  • aw thank you natasja!! :)

  • thanks juvy! you're going to like it, it has a medium to full coverage thats quite brightening :)

  • if you have the rose gold blush from sleek, a lot of girls say it should be very similar to nars orgasm… and i think the middle blush in their Lace trio set is quite similar too, just a little more coral-ish than the nars orgasm :) and yes i cant wait to try on the new sleek blushes, i wonder if their cream blushes are as good as the powder ones! :)

  • aw thank you pooja! you will like it most esp the foundation and concealer :)

  • i noticed that too! :) im happy that the concealer is slowly building up its name in the beauty department, if i am not mistaken its a fairly new product from nars. thanks lupe! :)

  • oooo i wish i can convince you to try other make ups as well :D :D i can recommend some started items if you like ^^

  • thanks keena! its really worth the hype esp nake dpalette as it is something you can use everyday :)

  • ooo i guess we like the same luminous effect on our face, other people prefer matte foundations (which always looks very dry on me) i havent tried loreal lucent magique but pls let me know how similar it is to lancome teint miracle after you try lancome :)

  • thanks shannon! :)

  • thank you thank you nina! <3

  • ahahaha!! ooo your mom is pretty smart of buying backups already! im glad it worked for her. do you use the same moisturizer too? :) btw yes thats a great idea, she can get it from any Beauty Bar store, hmm actually i dont think i've seen any other stores that carry this eye liner aside from some online shops that ships them here in the country. i really hope she can get it for you :)

  • yes please! :) ahaha you will love it, at first i was a bit hesitant to get the nars orgasm blush too but it was worth cancelling out all my doubts, thanks fred and will do! :)

  • yay!! :) its really hydrating isn't it? thanks christel!

  • you can find it at forever21 i hope they still have stocks left for you, thanks and sure! :)

  • thanks sis! :) hope you can try it on they counters soon you might also wanna keep an eye on sleek rose gold blush, lots of people say its a good dupe :D

  • CJ

    Hi Shayne!!! Happy New Year! Great picks. Really like that cosmetic pouch. :>

  • Really wanna try that liquid liner and the foundation! I've been using L'Oreal but I'm ready for a change. Haha! (Though honestly, make-up still intimidates me a bit :P)

  • A beautiful selection!! ^_^
    I too ADORE sleek blushers, they can do little wrong! Loved your description of them haha, I want them to release some more with their next collection (which comes out in a week!! eeek :D)
    Your photography is sooo beautiful *_*
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  • I have heard amazing things about Regenerist. I really appreciate your nice words on my post earlier dear also. :) Hope you have a lovely day!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  • I've always loved Olay body bars so I'm pretty sure I'll love the Olay moisturizer as well. Wonderful list, Shayne! ♡ :-)

  • Sam

    Hi sweety, I absolutely loved this post, I didn't really know much about these products before this, the blushes sound amazing and love the lipsticks.

  • I'd really love to try the Olay moisturizer. I've been eyeing that for a long time now but I need to find some effective ways to insert it into my budget. Hah! :D

  • mac <3

  • Hahaha…. Please do. Maybe a tutorial as well on how to use them lol don't laugh at me please, I know I'm really bad at this

  • Thank you for the follow on GFC. Followed you back because your blog is amazing.

  • Oh very interesting products many lovely pics dear, the Nars concealer is a product than I want try.

  • That Burberry lipstick is gorgeous! Love all the products mentioned here as well :-)

  • I'm really hesitant because of the shimmer. But after reading a lot of reviews, specially from people who loves matte blushes like me, i decided to give it a try this month! :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog Shayne!

  • love your selection of products! I'm dying to try the Naked Palette but my wallet kept telling me no!

  • happy new year Shayne!!! loved your beauty picks!! ^_~ I am so interested with the Lancome foundie and NARS concealer~ Been searching for a nice concealer nowadays =)

  • I love those products!!! and the photos are perfeccttt!!! :D

  • Love Sleek blushes, too! Very pigmented, and they're reasonably priced, too.
    How about giving Korean skincare brands a try? :)

  • Ugh, I love your writing style and pictures. ;v; They're always so chic! I need to go to Sephora and try on some of these products you've mentioned. *A* I've been wanting a MAC lipstick foreverrrrr.
    Thank you for sharing! <3

  • oh my i can see Naked Palette like in almost EVERYONE”S beauty list, i must get myself one because everybody seem to be putting that on their favorites!

  • Im curious with K-palette 24hr Liquid Eye Liner.. :) and it is my first time to hear the brand. sorry ,”)

  • Just by looking at your photos and reading the descriptions I want to try everything RIGHT NOW, haha

    love, Anna

  • Sam

    Thanks for sharing your fashionable thoughts on my last post. Happy Weekend!

  • the naked palette and hoola bronzer are my faves too! :) And i love your blog! and can't wait to read more! I also followed you on GFC!

    Also I'm new to blogging and i'm trying to meet some fellow bloggers so I'd love if you had some time if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think! it'd be greatly appreciated! And maybe even follow me on bloglovin or gfc if you like and want to!

    thanks so much xoxo Randa

  • all product that you have are fantastic. i would say, Olay is my favorite since i did try one of moisturizer. i heard mac lipstick is good one. thinking to try but still doubt to invest any high-in product because im scared to disappoint. hahaha, happy weekend ^_^

  • Awesome list! Been dying to try Nars, but never really had the chance. :)

  • Jo

    I like how you list out your beauty products in a very tasteful style of phototaking. Love the fake roses in the background which really romanticise the whole post about beauty products. Hehehe

  • You have 3 of the items on my to-buy list, hihi. Great choice of products! :)) And I am still very intrigued with this K-palette brand.

  • haha ya i understand, i had the same concern too :) dont worry its not as shimmery as it is on the pan. will look forward to your review on it fred :)

  • haha its okay i know exactly how it feels to not know a lot about makeup, which i still get from time to time now even if i've tried and used them a lot. will note this naaj hopefully i can come up with something thats more informative for you soon :D

  • thanks cj! happy new year to you too!! :)

  • ooo i heard loreal true match foundation is one of the best drugstore foundations atm :) another good dupe to lancome teint miracle is rimmel wake me up, in case you want to check that out too :) dont worry you can just try the ones that you feel comfortable with and slowly build up your makeup according to what you want / need :)

  • oooo imso excited for those too! i heard theyre including some cream blushes. it may take awhile before it gets available here so ill be watching out for your review on them k! :D thanks iqra :)

  • thank you too pip! :)

  • they really are one of the best brand out there :) thank you irene! :)

  • thank you sammy!! :)

  • sis the silver / gray jar (PHP1000.00) is cheaper than the red one (PHP1500.00) :D im still testing out if they have major differences pero looks like they yield very similar result naman :)

  • :)

  • thanks aleyna! welcome to my blog :)

  • thank you sakuranko!! <3

  • thanks dyan!! :) i have a full on review of this lipstick in case you wanna check out more swatches of it :)

  • hihi it is quite expensive :( but its something you will use until you hit pan on it, hope you can buy it soon lily :) thank you!

  • hello gorgeousness!! :) theyre so nice sis, if you can get a hold of collection concealer that one is nice too :) happy new year!

  • coming from you that compliments means a lot! thanks rhea! <3

  • ive been thinking of trying korean skincare too! any suggestions for me sis? im currently looking for a good facial serum :)

  • aww thanks cutiepie!! i bet lots of their shades will fit you well, esp the lighter baby pink shades! :)

  • hehe thats so true, every beauty guru in YT speaks nicely of them :) its worth the hype tho you will not regret it :) thanks ann!

  • i have a full review on that eyeliner in case you want to read more about it janine :) :)

  • thanks! :)

  • thanks! :)

  • haha im glad you like them anna! and thank you for reading! :)

  • yw you too sam! :)

  • sure! thanks randa and welcome to the blogging world :)

  • ah yes i know the fear of taking the risk , once it doesnt work for you, you can waste a lot of money :( will post a review on this lipstick soon so you can read more info on it if you like :)

  • thanks jhanz! :)

  • thank you jo! <3 i hope you girls dont get tired of seeing it yet sincei use it on pictures way too much :P

  • thank you victoria! :) its an asian brand, you can read my full review on this liner in my blog too in case you wanna learn more of about it :D

  • Yen

    Hi Shayne! We have the same name! Haha Your photos are so prettyyy. What camera do you use? Anyway, I must try all of these. I have zero knowledge on make up but after reading your post, I think I know now what to buy! :)

    Shayne (

  • Now I know how to look as radiant as you. Haha! And btw, you take really good pictures. i love the feminine and ethereal aura of your pictures. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  • I have a feeling that it will be more like studying alphabets this time the beauty ones. OMG, I'm really crap aren't I? I'll try my best to fit it Shayne

  • Haha, I don't, only because I've already got my own stash of skincare I need to start using. And yeah, I told her she can get it from Beauty Bar, but hopefully she has time to go out and get it!

  • Hi Shayne, nice pictures!!! I wish I can squeeze in on my budget the make ups you've mentioned above, I only have foundation, lipstick and eyeliner, i agree with you with mac matte lipstick, i just apply a lip balm and wipe it out before I put the lipstick but still I would love to try the burberry lipstick. by the way i am happy with Rimmel wake me up foundation, thanks for the recommendation. hope u can have a video blog tutorial on applying make up especially on eye make up which is a bit tricky for a beginner like me. :) Thanks! keep it up! :)

  • I have seen it a few times at Beauty Bar but never really looked much into it because I cannot understand all the Japanese writings, haha. Checking your review now. Thanks! :)

  • Amazing tips :) I really love your blog, so you have another follower.
    I leave you my blog if you want to check it out.
    xx, Laura.

  • Lancome has a great reputation for foundation but I don't think they have as much love from bloggers because they don't really push reviews on us as much as the other products do. Well, they don't really have to :)

  • such lovely products!! I love the way you photographed them xx


  • I like your pick on the 2013 favourites. I've said before, that i really must try some Olay products. I see a lot of people liking them, but since I jut a bought some new ones, that are supposed to be very natural, and paraben free and not tested on animals, it will have to wait a bit longer. Something that i'm always curious about is if the more organic and natural products actually work as well as the regular ones. I will soon find out.

    I've alwyas had mixed feelings about the book and some of the movies, but I really liked this one.
    I didn't know about that show, but I will search and try and watch.

  • Those makeups have been on my wishlist for months now, lol. I have tried the olay, its quite pricey but really really worth it.

  • Ooh I love the Naked Palette as well! Have you tried Naked 3? I'm planning on getting it soon as I feel like it's gonna be a new favorite of mine haha. Great roundup!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • I love all the items you picked Shayne!! We definitely have similar taste in make-up brands =D I'm controlling myself not to buy any NARS, Benefit, MAC, and Sleek MakeUp items at the moment because I'm trying to save up for them for bulk purchases coz the shipping from US to here is ridiculously expensive! I highly recommend Sleek Makeup eyeshadow palettes, the colours have insane pigmentation and very affordable too. <3 And you'll love theBalm Cosmetics as well. :)

  • not a makeup enthusiast here so what I appreciate the most is how you took the photos. when will i ever have that talent? haha

  • Ooo, I'm definitely interested in a dewy airbrushed look, so I'll have to look into that foundation when I'm at the department store, haha. Happy 2014 to you!

  • Reading about the Lancome liquid foundation, I am thinking if you have a review of it already? I want to try it since I am always using a bb cream and the last one I use doesn't satisfy me anymore.

  • i girl! i saw your blog on another blog and i loveee your blog style and pictures!
    you have a great style and beautiful face! im follow you on google friend connect
    hope you maybe follow me back if you like mine blog too!

    lots of love, and have a lovely night!

    i set your blog by my favorite blogs!

  • Will look out for those! Thank you Shayne! :)

  • I love your blog and your smile is gorgeous! I really like your dog too! Best of luck with your blog. Maybe you can check out mine and give me some advice?

  • You have great taste in makeup, and the pictures you take are STUNNING!! I'm also a bit in love with your makeup bag, loving that blue.

  • Oh my goodness. What camera do you use? your pictures always look so beautiful, Shayne. & as far as makeup goes- great selection! I really want to try that Nars Orgasm Blush.

  • hahaha! ^^ aah once you get the hang of it i bet youll like it your face is one of those faces thats nice for make up cause of your defined features!

  • went to beauty bar yesterday and reminded me of this lol hope i can see a kpalette review on your blog soon! :)

  • thanks czar! :)

  • yea! i know this scenario haha esp in beauty bar they have a couple of racks with products in different languages. so tempting to just ignore them esp if you've never heard of the product before :D

  • thank you yen!! i appreciate it :) i use nikon D5100 and btw you have the best name ever!

  • oooo ethereal :3 thank you sis! i love that word! gawa ako ng post more on it soon :)

  • ooo im glad you got rimmel sis. its really nice i think i have it in soft beige shade. as for matte lipsticks naman wet n wild is a good drugstore brand. i have one in nude and im ordering more colors soon baka magustohan mo din sya, very inexpensive :) thank you thank you! <3

  • sure! thanks laura!

  • thats very true :) they are abit quiet about their beauty products which is okay cause the products can speak for themselves but sayang lang kase not a lot of people get to know how good they are :)

  • thanks laura! <3

  • ooo let me know the about your findings on this. im starting to pay more attention to things like that too :) thanks xana!!

  • thanks leilani! :)

  • i ordered the naked 3 woohoo! sorry i get really excited everytime someone brings up any topic about the naked 3 palette :D its suppose to arrive sometimes this month. get it get it :D :D

  • chrissy! are you here in the PH? i thought you were in the US. i actually went to thebalm recently thinking of how much you like them. ive discovered the betty lou bronzer or was it mary lou? basta yung golden brown hihi i like it a lot :)

  • hehe thank you sis!! practice practice lang ang kayang kaya na sya :)

  • thank you! and happy new year to you too!! <3

  • wala pa sis ^^ ill try to make one very soon :) another good alternative that im currently using is rimmel wake me up foundation. they are not the very much alike but rimmel can also give you a nice dewy finish, you can get it from nyxwholesale :)

  • aww thank you so much rachel! and welcome to my blog!!! :) and sure will head on to your blog now :)

  • thank you savanna! :) i really appreciate and sure! :)

  • its from F21 im not sure if they still have it now but last time i checked which was around december they still had the bigger version of it :) thank you lindsey! <3

  • thank you thank you melissa :D i use nikon D5100 :) and i really think youre going to like nars orgasm :)

  • O.O awesome products <3 I finally got my Naked palette and can't wait to experiment with it :D

  • naked 3 palette? :) :) looking forward to your post on this! i cant wait to receive mine, its suppose to arrive here sometime this month :D

  • That makes me feel better LOL :D

  • It was my first actual encounter with Sleek blushes a few days ago and I find their shades a bit too shocking in person… what shade are you using? And I'm torn between Benefit Hoola or Nars Laguna for contouring powder!

  • Burberry lipsticks are incredibly moisturising. My everyday lipstick is the Burberry lip cover in Rosewood.

    I've recently started a blog:
    Let me know if you want to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin :)


  • Your items are classic. Really worth keeping

  • ^^ !

  • did you like them? :) i have flamingo, which is too loud on the pan and sometimes when applied like you said – it requires a lot of blending skills ^^ i also have lace which isnt too shocking, i heard rose wood should be almost like nars orgasm. as with contour bronzers, that was my dilemma too! i picked hoola, but this year i think im trying laguna for a change ^^

  • nice to meet a fellow burberry lipstick lover! are their lip covers as pigmented as their lip velvets? and sure! :)

  • thanks sis! i think thats a very fitting word for it classic :) most of them are products you can use all year long

  • I'll have to try that Olay moisturizer, I've been looking for a new one! The one I have now is a litttle too moisturizing. I also love the Naked pallete, it's pretty much the only eye shadow pallete I use because it has every color I could want in it. What I'll suggest is the revlon lip butters. They are really moisturizing and have nice color! I have one in like a raspberry shade and I love it!


  • i have one in wild watermelon and youre right about the colors being so pretty! :) unfortunately i cannot use any other colors esp the lighter ones cause it doesn't even out the color of my lips. its too bad bec they are really beautiful.

  • NARS blushes are my all-time favorite!

  • they are so good and they have nice shades as well, which one is your favorite color? :)

  • I've had my NARS orgasm and super orgasm for the longest time and I still haven't made a significant dent on both! haha they are so pigmented and you only need a tiny amount to add like to your face <3 I also love my Naked 1 Palette but my mom "borrowed" it from me and never really gave it back na.hehe

  • hahaha your mom is so funny!! at least now you have an excuse to let her buy the naked 3 palette for you! or lorac pro since i heard that they might have it face out soon :D